2.51: The Skunkies

Once again we come to the year in review / Skunk Dick of the Year official award show. Come join us for a romp through 2015 where skunk dickery abounded everywhere, but most especially in the southern United States for some reason.

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2.50 Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas

As a special Christmas gift, we bequeath you episode 50, which reviews Kirk Cameron’s “movie,” Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas. What happens in this movie, you might ask? Well, Kirk Cameron saves Christmas, mostly from a Christian named Christian who is upset that a lot of yuletide stuff isn’t found in the Bible. But famous 80s […]

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2.49 Do You Believe Finale (Part 2)

So in this one we talk about some more skunk dicks and then plunge into the conclusion of the detailed review we started in episode 47.

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2.48 Chris Matheson and The Story of God

For episode 48 Matt and I discuss “The Story of God”, book written by Chris Matheson of “Bill and Ted” fame. We talk about the book, which is a version of the Bible written from God’s point of view, and also a wide variety of topics, including Republican primary politics. Also, skunk dicks and iTunes […]

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We’re on the My Book of Mormon podcast 100th episode

Yes, the circle is now complete. Once David was but a learner, now he is the master. David and Bryce (of the exceptional Naked Mormonism podcast) have Matt and me on their show to discuss Doctrine & Covenants Section 6 and I rediscover how much I loathed the D&C in my youth. My Book of […]

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2.47 Do You Believe Finale

Following a brief skunk dick segment and Matt’s Anthropology Corner, we dive into a detailed review of the conclusion of Do You Believe?

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2.46 Founding Fathers III

Our series on the Founding Fathers of the world concludes with this episode on John MF Adams, Thomas MF Jefferson, and James MF Madison, all intellectuals and all to varying degrees heterodox or even (in the case of Jefferson) an outright heretic. Also we cover a few skunk dicks, including Planned Parenthood which seems to […]

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2.45: Kentucky County Clerks

Or specifically, one clerk in particular named Kim Davis, who refuses to perform the basic duty of issuing marriage licenses because she’s a bigot. Bereft of any legal grounds, out of appeals, and in direct violation of the specific court order of a federal judge, she continues to refuse, citing “God’s authority” and ends up […]

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2.44: Do You Believe?

Every once in a while, we post a podcast here. This one is about the movie “Do You Believe?” from the same Pureflix guys who brought us “God’s Not Dead.” Is it amazing? Why yes. Yes it is.

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2.43 Founding Fathers 2

Continuing our epic series on the US Founding Fathers, this time we talk about George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, two good friends who had very different views about religion and politics. Also, a few skunk dicks.

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