2.58 Mother Teresa For Real This Time, Maybe

So third time’s the charm, maybe? Or maybe it’s just another collection of Skunk Dicks and Matt’s Anthropological Corners with not even a mention of the recently sanctified Mistress of Unnecessary Suffering? I mean, really, what have you got to lose?

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2.57 Mother Teresa, Part 2

We figured we didn’t pack quite the amount of information into our previous Mother Teresa podcast that we could have, so we had another run at it. Also skunk dicks and another episode of MATT’S ANTHROPOLOGICAL CORNER.

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2.56 Cara Santa Maria

In this episode we talk to science communicator Cara Santa Maria, of Talk Nerdy and Skeptics Guide fame, among nearly a million other things that I’m not going to go into because the list is constantly changing. Join us for a roller coaster ride that touches on nearly everything under the sun, from Cara’s Mormon […]

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2.55 Mother Teresa

So what can we say about this holy woman who supposedly devoted her life to the poor and downtrodden of Calcutta? Well I guess you should tune in and find out! Also, Skunk Dicks and a couple of Matt’s Anthropology Corners. Here is a link to the Stanford rape victim’s impact statement. Please read every […]

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2.54 Egyptian Mythology

Lots of sideways walking, head shaving, funny hats and cylindrical beards in this podcast, where Matt dives deep into the primordial waters of Egyptian mythology. A couple of skunk dicks too!

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2.53 More Skunks

Hey here’s another episode about Skunk Dicks, because 1) they’ve been piling up in our absence and 2) these episodes don’t require much work. So, yeah. Here it is.

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Do you whore after other podcasts?

Well then you’re in luck! Bryce Blankenagel of Naked Mormonism interviewed me, Chuck, for an episode of his podcast all about polygamy, polygamists, and growing up fundie. You can find it here, if you dare.

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2.52 Scalia’s Greatest Hits

So now that the old douchebag is dead, how long is considered a respectful wait before we start dragging up his bones and insulting his corpse? Well if I hadn’t procrastinated so much it would have been a lot sooner. On March 11th 2016, what would have been the fat bastard’s 80th birthday, we talk […]

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2.51: The Skunkies

Once again we come to the year in review / Skunk Dick of the Year official award show. Come join us for a romp through 2015 where skunk dickery abounded everywhere, but most especially in the southern United States for some reason.

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2.50 Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas

As a special Christmas gift, we bequeath you episode 50, which reviews Kirk Cameron’s “movie,” Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas. What happens in this movie, you might ask? Well, Kirk Cameron saves Christmas, mostly from a Christian named Christian who is upset that a lot of yuletide stuff isn’t found in the Bible. But famous 80s […]

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