2.40: Acts II, Take One

Whew, that took a while. In episode 40 we finish our scholarly study of the book of Acts, covering chapters 10-28 which is basically a lot of boring stuff about Paul. Also, we talk about some Skunk Dicks, launch into a new Matt’s Anthropology Corner, get a sponsor and reveal a Special Announcement. All packed […]

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2.39: Acts

In this long-time-in-coming new episode, we talk about Luke: Part II, also known as Acts, or sometimes, the Acts of the Apostles. Crazy stuff abounds, people get healed by shadows, thousands of people convert after a single sermon, tongues are spoken in, and people’s heads catch on fire or something. It’s a little hard to […]

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Striped Skunk2cmp

2.38: The Skunkies 2014

Curious who most made a skunk dick out of themselves in 2014? Who smelled the worst? How much of 2014 Chuck can remember? All this and more in this, the skunkiest of episodes.

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Skunk Dick of the Year Nominations

Time for the Skunkies! Use this thread to nominate your favorite Skunk Dick of 2014. Know of someone who fits the phallic mold? Someone who has been extra stinky this year? Someone, perhaps, who looked in their Kringle-filled stocking only to find a lump of coal? Well don’t hold out on us. For baby Jesus’s […]

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37: Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town

And once more we delve into the realm of crappy stop-motion animated holiday films with Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town, a Kris Kringle origin story that purports to explain the Santa mythos. That mythos, apparently, involves some suspicious lap-sitting, our own gay penguin, and lots of inappropriate scenes involving children. Yep, sounds like Santa […]

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2.36: Presuppositionalist Apologetics

Episode 36, wherein we have a debate with audio clips of Sye Ten Bruggencate, which as far as I can tell is exactly the same experience as having an actual debate with Sye Ten Bruggencate. Which he refused to do any way. So listen up if you want to be able to tackle the extremely […]

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Posting Here vs Facebook

I would like your feedback on a question that’s been nagging at me for the last few days: the utility of this, the main Irreligiosophy site. When we started in 2009, this was the only place a person could comment apart from iTunes reviews, and we got to a point where the discussion was pretty […]

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2.35: Annabelle

And here we have our Halloween episode, for the first time I think released prior to the holiday. How about that! This one’s about a little doll that is either possessed by a cultist named Annabelle or maybe possessed by the demon who possessed Annabelle, I don’t know, I’m not an expert on this stuff […]

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we can do it

2.34: Feminatheism

In episode 34 we talk about the recent and not-so-recent allegations of sexism with the atheist movement, specifically the three prominent atheists Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Michael Shermer. All three are in hot water over sexist comments or questionable behavior, which raises the question, just how rampant is sexism within the atheist movement? Guest […]

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33: God’s (Not) Dead Part II

We skip skunk dicks and dive head-first into finishing our critique of one of the finest pieces of Christian cinema this side of Fireproof. Will freshman and unflappable Christian extraordinaire Josh Wheaton convince the class that God’s not dead? Will atheist asshole Professor Hercules treat his girlfriend with respect? Most importantly, will the Oscar-worthy salutatorian […]

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