Joemma were both having weeks from Hell, so we thought giving Satan some attention might get him off our backs. In this episode, we return to the wormy core of the Earth to discuss Satan (our sweet, forsaken Satan). From Genesis to Revelation, Enoch to NIV, this adversary, slanderer and liar (well, sort of) makes his presence known. Whether it be serpent, multi-headed horned beast, Santa Claus or brother of Jesus, this dude is everywhere. The Satan and his fiery stones are not to be messed with. If you do, they can screw up your audio (blame him, not us).


15 Responses to “Episode 666: Satan”

  1. did you guys really use the town theme from Diablo?? that is AWESOME!

  2. Courtesy of one Rizuken.

  3. I have not listened yet (and won’t until SGU24 is finished) but if there is no lesbian goat in this episode I will be very disappointed.

  4. Rest assured, her episode is next.

  5. Moggie Magfeline says:

    Tort, we dos speak of a goat and I make goat noises – that’s as close as you’re gonna get this time.

  6. baaaaaa!!!

  7. shattered.

    one yak seer?

    I had a look to see if JIS says anything about the church of Satan:
    He says that since they are obviously evil they are less of a threat than false christians like the catholics. My favourite is the bit where he talks about the NIV he mentions that the NIV is obviously false because Harper Collins owns the company that publishes it and publishes The Joy of Gay Sex and The Satanic Bible and “There is NO WAY that God would preserve His word (as He promised in Psalm 12:6-8) through a company which also sells a book on how to have enjoyable gay sex.”
    Still not as funny as his other rants. Maybe he’s getting old and losing his edge like Eddie Murphy after Raw.

  8. I love the way Emma says “Yahweh”.

  9. The JIS guy has a point. Lucifer > Luces > Lucas > George Lucas. That tricksy devil is up to things, I just KNOW it. No doubt the conspiracy to create and then ruin Star Wars goes all the way back to bishop Lucifer Calaritanus.

    Was that Emma saying “systematic theology [etc]” over that synth piano music? And isn’t it time this was on itunes already?

  10. Moggie Magfeline says:

    @ Meowicus: We are on iTunes. If you can’t find us, look up Irreligiosophy and you should see us up the top between the Irreligiosophy icon and the E4F icon (lol).

    Write our first review! (but only if it’s gonna be nice).

    And yes, that was me talking over the religiousy music. Sorry if I scared you.

  11. D’oh, I have been searching for “the second law” all this time, wondering when I was going to see good Ol’ Steaky in between the legal podcasts. That’s its name, right? Steaky?

  12. Moggie Magfeline says:

    Actually Meowicus, his name is “Beelzububbles”. But, because he is Welsh, it’s pronounced “Frank”.

    Also, can you shoot me an email at ? Joemma have something to discuss with you……

    Oh, and if anyone else wants to email us at the above address with comments or suggestions, please do so.


  13. I’d leave you a review but itunes won’t let you leave a review unless you give them your credit card details and fucked if I’m going to do that. Here is the review I would leave:

    It is sad and makes god want to go vomit
    5 Stars

    If someone else who uses itunes is willing to leave that review for me I promise I will love that person for ever.

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  15. Wait, is this episode related to Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan? Sorry, Michele Bachmann made me say that.