2.21: Skunk Dick of the Year

Matt was sauced and Chuck nearly comatose for this, our first episode of 2014, wherein we review the Skunk Dicks of 2013 and choose a winner for the Skunkiest Dick of the year. The results may surprise you. Or maybe not. Probably not.

15 Responses to “2.21: Skunk Dick of the Year”

  1. Pope talks shit, does same.

  2. The pope fawning discussion reminded me of this song I can’t stop listening to. NSFW (language).

  3. Great episode, even though Matt was trashed and about as coherent as Sarah Palin on thorazine. Anyways Kent Hovind just received his second PhD From Patriot bible university, and for those of you who’d like to read this, can do so here. Thanks Dr Hovind²

    *I couldn’t open this in safari and used Firefox instead, just in case you run into any problems.

  4. And this one has pictures!!

  5. Reasonable Doubts!?! I’d rather listen to your 20 minute penis dialog than that… Who would dare put Reasonable Doubts before the One True Podcast? We must think of a punishment worthy of this crime… Plague of boils? Holy hemorrhoids? Attack by she-bears? No… They deserve the whole Job treatment!

  6. Oh geez, I love your podcast and please don’t stop skunkdick, but the Pope? The guy can only change so much so fast, its a big ship. Let’s hope he isn’t 2016’s skunkdick.

  7. somewhere in greece says:

    I knew almost of all the Skunk Dicks and I was making cupcakes while listening to the podcast. I don’t know what this says about me

  8. I wholeheartedly agreed with your selection of Skunk Dick of the Year! Growing up in a mostly catholic environment, having to go to a private school run by nuns… I “was taught” to worship the pope. This new guy may be pandering to the masses, but it’s the same old crap. Good job, guys!

  9. I wonder if Leighton listens to the podcasts, lol

  10. Lucy Harris says:

    Mims Carter was robbed. I fucking hate that motherfucking fucking asshole. 🙁

  11. Hey, guys. I’ve heard you mention Mims Carter so many times, but really never taken the time to see who he is. I couldn’t believe, it when I saw that he lives in Biloxi, MS. This is just two towns over from where I grew up…Long Beach. Crazy! I’m definitely going to have to listen to that episode, now. He may be a dick, but I have to give him some props for being an out atheist in the Dirty South. Peace.

  12. AnthropoligstUnderground – why were they masturbating on the battlefield? That’s a tactical error right there.

  13. Anders, BYU Idaho has updated their post to claim that it’s not anti-masturbation, ’cause that would be crazy…. it’s actually anti-porn addiction. Which I always thought was code for masturbation anyway. Either way, watching porn and/or masturbating on the battlefield seem like poor soldiering choices to me.