22: Norse Mythology

In this podcast we discuss Norse mythology for some reason, I guess for all of those who are constantly pestered by Norse missionaries. Matt takes the reins and puts his anthropology degree to good use, covering everything between the beginning of the formless void Ginnungagap to Ragnarok, the end of the world (kind of). We also discuss recent dicks of the skunk variety.

19 Responses to “22: Norse Mythology”

  1. Bastards… I was going to get an early night. Now I have to stay up and listen to this.

  2. Bastards… I was going to get an early night, thank god your podcasts arent worth the listen.

    Joking, now I gotta knock this out 🙂

  3. Tiamat is in Hindu mythology? I think Matt may be drunk after all.

  4. No, I was talking about Tiamat the Swedish metal band. Not the, erm , Mesopotamian chaos monster. Yeah.

  5. Not Jesus says:

    Beta Ray Bill. The comic dude who tossed around thors hammer was a horse-faced alien named beta ray bill 🙂

  6. The reason why Loki seems to be here, there, and everywhere is because he was transmogrified by the Christians to be the Norse Satan. Let me clarified what I have learned: He isn’t related to Odin, other than through Ymir, but he went into a blood pact with Odin to become brothers because Odin saw him as being useful; the only way he was accepted into Aesir society was through that blood pact. Loki and Thor were only brothers in the sense of camaraderie since Loki would often ride alongside Thor in his adventures. Loki is married to two women, one being Angrboda the Jotan and Sigyn the Aesir, and the only child that he sired by himself was Sleipnir, which was the result of Odin getting into a bet and sought out the help of Loki to distract a very powerful stallion (he morphed into a mare and got pregnant).

    The reason why Bauldr was killed was because Odin was in conspiracy with Loki to have him killed to preserve him for when the time of Ragnarok; all the gods would die in battle but since Bauldr was slated to become the new All-Father he needed to be secured in a place that wouldn’t see much of Ragnarok. At the time of his birth, Frigg went to all the things of the earth and have them swear to never harm her son but neglected the mistletoe because it was only a sapling at the time and thought it irrelevant; mistletoe was Bauldr’s Kriptonite.

  7. This was like Leighton’s Hindu episode. Need I say more?

  8. At least it wasn’t an interview.

  9. I’m a huge fan of Ratatoskr, I hope you have done him justice – will find out soon.


  10. I was really hoping that you’d dive into (or at least mention) Ásatrú/ Odinism/modern Norse heathenry. There are still people who sacrifice to the Norse gods, a subset of whom are non-believers who still adhere to the system of ethics. And there are white supremecists also, but they suck Slepnir’s balls.

    Is a show on Neopaganism and reconstructionist religions a possibility?

  11. Fivegoldenrats says:

    My poor Nordic ears… Now I know how an English speaking person feel when I try to speak English.

    When will you do an episode with all the antisemites favorite gospel, ie St John?

  12. John’s in the works, maybe up next after we finish the podcast on the Nye-Ham debate.

  13. Citizen Wolf says:

    Feckless is a word. The adjective ‘fecker’ is also used a lot by Irish people.

  14. Citizen Wolf says:

    Tsk, I shouldn’t post when tired. The word fecker is used as a descriptive noun. It’s not an adjective.

    Eg: Ken Ham is a total fecker.

    US translation: Ken Ham is a skunkdick.

  15. Now that was a manly religion… You see what Christianity did to the Scandinavians? It turned those virile, blood-thirsty, raping and pillaging barbarians into peaceful, Volvo-driving, Ikea-loving socialists… I think Fox News and the Republicans are backing the wrong religion!

  16. somewhere in greece says:

    Could you do episodes on the Nye/Ham debate and the “documentary” (blecch) “House Of Numbers”?

  17. Well, you’re in luck. I’m editing our episode on the Nye/Ham debate right now. Should be up later today.

  18. Don’t call it “Nye Smokes Ham”… It’s taken!

  19. “Ham on Nye” is much better than RD’s “Nye Smokes Ham”. In fact, it’s so good I’m not sure what it means… Is it a play on “Ham on High” or is it “Ham on Rye”, perhaps referencing Charles Bukowski? Or is it a play on “Man on Man”… Whatever it is, it’s excellent. And yes, fuck Australia!