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Podcast Summary, Episode #10: Mormonism 101

Mormonism 101

  1. The basics of Mormonism(LDS) religion is discussed in this first of three, possibly four podcasts dedicated to the fallacies of this particular sect of Christianity.



  1. Joseph Smith is discussed this including stories of his early days, first vision, receipt of the golden plates(Book of Mormon), creation of the LDS church, and his ultimate death.


Main Story

  1. In Joseph Smith’s early days he was allegedly afflicted with a bone cancer or infection and refuses alcohol to numb the pain while it is cut from him.
  2. Joseph Smith has his first vision telling him that no church is correct and then after several visits from an angel is shown the golden plates wherein he is able to translate the Book of Mormon.
  3. Joseph Smith enlists the help of a scribe; Martin Harris. The question arises, why would Joseph Smith need a scribe when it comes to translating? Wouldn’t he just be able to copy across the lettering?
  4. The first 116 pages of the Book of Mormon, the book of Lehi, are demanded to be seen by Martin Harris’ wife and then under unusual circumstances the pages disappear. Instead of re-translating the scriptures they continued onward and translated the book of Nephi, Lehi’s son.
  5. The restoration of the priesthood is restored to Joseph Smith by the apostles of Peter and John appearing and conferring the priesthood on him. From this he was able to establish the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
  6. The voting power of the mormons possibly the main complaint against the early church. Through this there was conflicts with the locals of Missouri.
  7. The revelation of plural marriage, polygamy, comes forward about the time Joseph Smith is sending away men on missions to bring more to their church and then marrying their wives. Joseph married roughly 30 women and kept this along with the revelation secret lest their be trouble.
  8. The firsthand account of Joseph Smith’s death can be read in the Book of Mormon written by John Taylor. An accounting of it is given in the podcast. Brigham Young takes over the presidency of the church.
  9. Polygamy is stopped due to a manifesto, but branches broke away from the main church and continue polygamy to this day. The main church may still be technically practicing polygamy in a spiritual sense.
  10. The African Americans(blacks) getting the priesthood is discussed. Technically not a revelation.
  11. There are votes concerning revelation given to the church, but this is a complete sham.



  1.  Next week we begin to pick apart the entirety of the LDS religion pointing out the flaws, falsehoods and blatant cover ups.

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