This week’s podcast resulted from a listener’s suggestion, so if you have any ideas for future shows, send them in!

We discuss various methods of stumping and/or embarrassing those eager young LDS missionaries who knock on your door in a futile attempt to get their hands on 10% of your income. Foil even the most persistent among them by listening here.

2 Responses to “27: Fun with Mormon Missionaries”

  1. Maybe glue Hair on your palms open the door banging into the walls(blind you see) and scream as you wave your hands in their faces.

  2. When I was teaching in Korea, I was with a friend of mine who used to be mormon, and then decided to stop fooling himself. He went on a mission though, in Korea of all places. So, ten years later, there we were, teaching english in korea, making good dough, drinking and carousing with the fine fine and promiscuous women of s. korea, and every now and then we would run into missionaries, I would always point to my buddy and say, “see this guy? That’s you in 10 years… if you’re lucky”