[irrelig]In this podcast, we discuss Fred Phelps and the infamous Westboro Baptist Church with estranged son Nathan Phelps. We discuss details of Westboro Baptist theology and practices, how Nathan managed to get the hell out of Dodge, and how he dealt with the aftermath of his upbringing. It’s a rare, fascinating, and deeply personal glimpse into one of the most notorious cults of our time.


27 Responses to “80: Nathan Phelps”

  1. Dr. Scott, D.Irr says:

    Told ya! Prop 8 is a myth!

  2. Duffman_ohyeah says:

    I wasn’t even overly attached to the prop 8 podcast but now I’m annoyed on principle. Therefore I am going to sacrifice 1 Thai child refugee per day to Amun-Ra until the prop 8 podcast is released, be that on your heads.

    This one looks like its gonna be really interesting though

  3. No appreciation for how much creativity it takes to keep screwing the fans in new and original ways. It’s nearly a full-time job.

  4. Moggie Magfeline says:

    Chuck, if screwing us is a full time job for you, then that makes you a whore (potentially from Babylon).

    Regardless, this was a really really good interview and episode. Very impressed by C&L and the guest. Yet another example of how religion can totally and utterly fuck people up, yet reason prevails and they emerge as better for the experience. As much as I really really enjoy your cack funny take the piss episodes, these ones that bring you back down to Earth are great for a whole lotta other important reasons.

    Bring on Prop 8…..maybe

  5. Alright, I’ve been waiting for this episode! But I have to admit, I had no idea that Nathan Phelps was involved with Prop 8.

  6. Great episode; I would be fascinated to hear from a Phelps who left the church after the picketing started, but I’m not sure if one exists

  7. David Peabody says:

    Glad you guys managed to set it up. I passed the Idea onto Nathan but wasn’t sure if it was going forward.

  8. http://forum.edmontonatheists.ca/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=490

    Me and my fellow Edmonton Atheists had a chance to hear and meet Nathan. A remarkable story and a very remarkable man. As far as Prop 8 goes, shame on all you homophobic Americans.

  9. How many times are you going to keep promising, that we´re going to get Prop.8 next week?

  10. Chuck and Leighton, since you have only five fans… According to your latest podcast…. It doesn’t take that much imagination, energy and focus to screw us over. All five of them will love you no less. Although I do like the idea of sacrificing a child per day, but I’m thinking Baal hasn’t been sacrificed to lately… :oD

  11. This was one of my favorite episodes, It is amazing that someone can get out of a situation like that, but then to become the president of a chapter of CFI, that is awesome. I think he shows that there is hope for people in a cult to get out. He might be my new favorite. Sorry Chuck…

  12. Fred Phelps obviously had some homosexual encounter in his youth that he is desperately trying to wipe off of his slate. Methinks he doth protests too much. Great job on another great Irreligiosophy – the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

  13. Good episode but i was looking forward to the Prop * episode… now I just have to live with disappointment. Props to Nathan for getting out of a situation like that. It is always interesting to listen to other people’s de-conversion stories.

  14. Prop 8 is so last month anyways. You guys should wait a couple of months and then tease us with a “ground zero mosque” episode.

  15. Have Nathan on again, C&L – it was a great show and there is no doubt more to tell!!

  16. I really liked this podcast. I knew very little of this group, and it was interesting to hear about them. What a story to break away from the family and have to completely separate yourself from your past.

  17. the “Late on 8” podcast is forgiven for such an interesting interview with Mr. Phelps. Thanks to Chuck&Leighton for this! What a frightening childhood Mr. Phelps had and love that the sister is prevalent, but cannot be in line for leadership due to daughter of Eve status.

  18. Johan™ Strandberg says:

    Best episode ever!

    And there is some stiff(*) competition for that ranking.

    Seriously, this is snappy, informative, and “clean enough to not need a disclaimer”. Not that I don’t enjoy the over the top jokes(**), but it does sometimes restrict who I can pass it on to, since some anti-child slavery bigots might stop listening before they get to the interesting parts.

    God Bless!(***)


    (*) Note the TOTP style pun proving I have listened to all of them, at least once!

    (**) Some of the best jokes in a podcast that I have ever heard — thus proving what a limited number of podcasts I have heard, probably less than a few tens of thousands over the years…

    (***) Wow. I have never written that before and it took willpower to get it out, but a follower — of TOTP, that is — has to do what a follower has to do.

  19. Great Episode!!! Nathan is awesome…and I totally appreciate the hard work that goes into promising something (ie the prop 8 podcast) and not following through…makes you both like god.

  20. Queen of Hearts says:

    I really loved this podcast, and you guys had great questions. Do you subscribe to Reasonable doubts podcast? They are doing a 3 part episode on Buddhism, and the first part came out recently. It is EXCRUCIATINGLY BORING! When are you guys going to do an episode on Buddhism? You guys are 1000x more entertaining!

  21. Mr. One Two says:

    Here’s another vote to have Nathan on again…. you’re interview could have gone on for another hour and a half and I don’t think I would have lost interest. Great Show!

  22. Please bring Nathan back! He’s pretty damn cool!

  23. Prop 8 nest week? Oh yeah sure, and the rapture will come right after.
    I don’t think I will hold my breath.

  24. When I heard the intro for your guest my hackles immediately rose because this group just pisses me off with these picketting military funerals. They are insulting the very people that defend their right to free speech. I see Fred Phelps as no better than Islamic terrorist. Maybe once the legal system fails them, they will turn to bombs, they are fanatical enough to justified it. Imagine that headline “Military Funeral Procession attacked with IED’s by Christian Fundamentalist” Anyway, I listened to the whole show adn I found I like Nathan quite a bit. I am glad he had the courage to walk away from all of that. Turned out to be one of my more favorite Podcast.

  25. Mickmeister says:

    Excellent interview. Nathan is as down to earth and intelligent as the rest of his family is batshit crazy.

  26. I don’t get this running joke about a Prop. 8 podcast. Is it like that awful “Apologies to Matt Damon” joke Jimmy Kimmel tells at the end of each show?

  27. Hmm, I thought I’d posted on this episode already. Just wanted to say that Nathan has my respect and admiration for getting away from his insane family the minute he turned 18, and moving to a country they’re legally banned from. Good for him. I can’t imagine the kind of courage that took, and after listening to his sister, I don’t want to imagine what sort of abuse they had to endure.