In this episode we interview Roger Nygard, director of the newly-released-on-DVD documentary, “The Nature of Existence.” Roger traveled all over the world in search of answers to such questions as why we exist, what do we do about it, is there a God, is there a Heaven or Hell, why we masturbate, what about gay people, and most importantly, why is Orson Scott Card such a humongous douchebag? We also discuss one of Roger’s previous efforts, Trekkies, because Leighton is such a huge Star Trek nerd.

12 Responses to “88: The Nature of Existence”

  1. Moggie Magfeline says:

    OK, the last one didn’t last long enough and this one’s come early. You boys need to stop getting so excited about Jesus’ birthday.

    Will listen shortly. BTW, is this a “ninja” fuck you fans month again? Two interviews in a row makes me very suspicious…..

    Looking forward to another great episode.

  2. Mattias Larsson says:

    Your are spoiling us lately. We are undeserving, but nevertheless appreciate your efforts. Please keep it up!

  3. It is mana from the sky. Praise the great ones.

  4. Sounds like Chuck is a little repressed in discussing masturbation as well. Maybe Roger should have turned his questions on Chuck instead of the other way around.

  5. The Christian wrestling group baffles me. Just so you know, regular wrestling has done crucifixions:

    Nice to know in wrestling you can abuse kids and women, but offending religion crosses the line…

  6. I would fuck up Jesus in the ring.

  7. AngryBudgie says:

    I’m glad to know I was not the only one traumatized by a family medical encyclopedia as a child.

  8. put his movie on my Netflix and moved it to the top.

  9. Awesome interview!!! (Seriously…your best). I added the movie to netflix.

  10. Yes Yes, it was good and all~ where the hell is my next podcast??? It IS tuesday, I believe

  11. Ok, this is the fifth time that I’ve heard Nygard being interviewed because he’s apparentl called every single fucking atheist/skeptic podcast that’ll have him – but by far, this one was the most entertaining! Good job guys!

  12. Did Chuck really say “unlike real wrestling”?


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