[irrelig]Author and atheist Ray Garton comes onto the show to discuss his involvement in the “Haunting in Connecticut” drama, as well as his personal experiences with Ed and Lorraine Warren and the Snedekers. Along the way we touch on such heady topics as atheist vs biblical morality, selling out, the Ten Commandments, and why all demons have a predilection for anal rape.

Also, Skunk Dicks.

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  1. Hey, I think Ive got the first comment. Awesome.
    That’s all I’ve got to say.

  2. My stupid RSS feed isn’t updating fast enough. I almost missed this show coming out before work!


  4. Queen of Hearts says:

    Don’t perpetuate the myth that Pit Bulls are vicious 🙁 My dog King of Hearts and I don’t appreciate that!

  5. Wow, this episode was way more interesting than I thought it would be. Great to hear directly from the author.

    All the ghostly anal rape caught me by surprise.


    What the hell? Someone donated 103 dollars, overshooting all the previous “contributors” by like 80 bucks.

    And to think, he could have used that money as a donation to the church.

  7. Wow $103. That beats by $2 contribution from last week.

  8. moggie magfeline says:

    Chuck, you’re a cereal rapist

  9. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    That was a much more satisfying episode. Think I’ll go get me a box of Wheaties. Who’s on the cover?

  10. I was saving the Haunting in Connecticut episode for this Halloween, but apparently you guys can’t stay consistent so now I must listen to two podcasts. It was great interview, although I thought you didn’t really delve into the issue of ghostly anal rape. Way to drop the ball, guys.

  11. Damn, I wish you would’ve spent more time talking about that Dave’s Insanity escapade 🙁 I’ve tried some of the stuff and it is great (for burning your sinuses clean off and giving you headaches for hours).

  12. Fuck you guys says:

    Oh great. ANOTHER interviewing podcast.

  13. Clearly the hosts are losing their mojo. During this podcast, Ray tee’d them up perfect on multiple occasions by pointing out that Loraine’s story was “full of holes.” He used this phrase over and over again, with absolutely no response as to the types of “holes” that her story was “filled” with. While Leighton’s “half-joking” remarks on his preference for beastiality and necrophelia were par for course, the failure to catch the “full of holes” comment shows some clear slippage.

    Get your shit together, guys.

  14. duffma_ohyeah says:

    Where is the audio from the radio show with loraine and Ray???

  15. Oh, and speaking of absolutely nothing at all, here’s a random comic about faith-based football. http://amultiverse.com/2011/01/24/any-given-sunday/

  16. SDA Apostate says:

    Great podcast guys! As a former Seventh Day Adventist it is always a thrill to here from one of your own! That was hard hitting!! Eating meat leads to beating meat! LOL!!

    I can’t wait to hear Ray’s thoughts on separation of church and state. Seventh Day Adventists typically WANT separation of church and state because they are afraid of a Law requiring them to worship on Sunday and outlawing Sabbath worship (Fri sundown – to Sat sundown) – a delusion left over from the 19th century “Blue Laws”. SDA’s are waiting for a “Sunday law” (Still) – that will proceed the Apocalypse. It is expected to go 1) Sunday Law, 2) A period of tribulation for the Saints (Sabbath Keepers), 3) Second coming of Christ, 4) 1000 years in heaven 5) Evil on earth resurrected and destroyed in lake of fire – That us!!! Not eternal torture though! – you are annihilated in a time period appropriate for you level of wickedness. My guess is that Leighton burns the longest before annihilation!!

  17. SDA Apostate — It’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow Sadventist survivor! I think the separation of church and state is a great idea and I keep hoping the United States will give it a try. I’m not afraid of the “Sunday law” — although I grew up in abject terror of it. I was educated entirely in the Sadventist school system, so I got a daily dose of “time of trouble” fearmongering. When I was a kid, every time a TV show was interrupted by a “special news bulletin,” I had a panic attack. I always expected the newscaster to announce the passage of the Sunday law. We were taught that it was always in the works in secret back-room deals going on in Washington and that one day, it would be sprung on us when we least expected it — sort of like the Spanish Inquisition (“Nooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”)

    The separation of church and state is given a lot of lip service in the United States. Meanwhile, we’ve got god on our money and in the pledge of allegiance, we’re pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into stealth Christianity programs like “abstinence only before marriage sex education” (an oxymoron’s oxymoron) in our public schools, politicians can’t seem to talk into a microphone without saying “god bless America,” and we allow enforced Christianity in our military even though it’s denied again and again. We’ve got prayer breakfasts and prayers in civic meetings, we give money to private religious schools, churches are still tax exempt and even though the Constitution prohibits a religious test for political candidates, we do exactly that in election after election. People in other countries — where they do NOT have the separation of church and state — see America as a land of wild-eyed religious fanatics, and they’re not too far off in thinking that. Only 28% of high school biology teachers teach evolution and we’ve still got well-funded morons who keep insisting that the story of the magical creation of earth be taught in public schools alongside evolution. The majority of Americans think that an ancient book in which animals talk, bushes burn without being consumed, seas part so people can walk across them, the sun stops in the sky during its orbit of the earth, virgins get pregnant and give birth and dead people rise from the grave to go back about their business is a historical document! And these same people say that same book, which endorses slavery for labor and sex, child abuse, torture, rape, incest, murder and genocide, is the source of all morality! And we expect to be taken seriously on the world stage?

    Don’t get me started.

  18. Dr. Scott, D.Irr says:

    Great show… enjoyed the interview with Ray, and look forward to the one about his upcoming book.

    I always feel a combination of feelings when I hear about the wackiness going on in SDA, Mormon and other religious organizations… on the one hand, I feel glad I didn’t have to deal with that as a kid, on the other hand, I feel excluded now because I don’t have any ‘war stories’ to swap.

    Ghostly anal rape.. no wonder those ghosthunters always get scared!

  19. Don’t bend over for the ectoplasm.

  20. Moggie Magfeline says:

    Bending over + ectoplasm = ectogasm?

  21. I don’t understand the Sunday Law. Does it affect people who live in countries outside the US, whose governments has no such law on the books? Or was Ellen White just ignorant of the fact that there are other countries in the world?

  22. Spragga — The story goes that the Sunday law will begin in the United States and then become global. I was raised to believe that the entire planet would turn on Sadventists. No mention was ever made of the fact that Jews and Muslims — neither of which worship on Sunday — would also be affected, and that there are a HELL of a lot MORE of them than there are Sadventists. The whole story is very Sadventist-centric. They fear it, but at the same time, they look forward to it with a masochistic kind of glee because it means they will have the spotlight on the world stage. Which is unusual, because the Sadventist cult — and it is, by any reasonable definition of that word, a cult — tries hard to blend in so it can avoid the spotlight. The internet has done a great deal of damage to the cult because it has made readily available the ugly truth — and by ugly, I mean Ellen — about Ellen White’s plagiarism, alcoholism, masturbation obsession, rank hypocrisy, wild inconsistency, and general batshit-craziness.

  23. Ray Garton – I know about Ellen White. I dated two Seventh Day Adventist (one of them was married at the time and is still married). The other, made a mess with me. Ellen was a very touchy subject to both of them. What I found, is the more evidence you provided them about how vile that woman was, the more they have faith in her. In fact, in my dealings with Seventh Day Adventist in Saint Lucia, Ellen White is almost a semi-divine character.

  24. There’s a medical term for that condition, Spragga — brainwashing. Ellen White is the pope of the Seventh-day Adventist cult. At least the child-raping Catholics (who the Sadventists believe to be the Beast of Revelation despite their many similiarities to Catholicism) have the good sense to get a new pope when one dies. Ellen’s been dead for nearly a century and she’s still sitting on her throne wearing her funny hat. She cannot be questioned or criticized. Sadventists are taught from childhood onward that any information that contradicts or questions Ellen White is nothing less than Satan working hard to smear and bury the truth. If you want to make a Sadventist angry, all you have to do is start telling the truth about that power-hungry Victorian-era plagiarist and liar.

  25. I think my all time favourite is the racism. The woman (Ellen White) was a blatant racist, but a bunch of black people think she is semi-divine. I try my best to point that out the them, and what is more shocking, the ‘ministry’ in Saint Lucia (a country with a predominant black population) was created while she was alive.

  26. But Spragga, she was only a racist because god TOLD her to be a racist. Ellen claims that god showed her in vision that the existence of “certain races” was proof of amalgamation. Amalgamation was the idea that, long ago, human beings had engaged in sex with animals, and the animals had given birth to … well, “certain races.” And this came from god! Bring THAT up in a room full of Sadventists — preferably one that includes a number of black Sadventists — then sit back and watch the fun. Bring a snack. Something vegetarian, of course.

  27. agentsarahjane D.Irr says:

    Great show guys!! I was not so hot on Ray Garton becuase I did not realize it was he who wrote for the “Haunting in Connecticut” but I don’t regret listening at all and hope he comes back on again.

  28. I’ve heard Garton interviewed before so there was a strangely deja vu aspect to the interview as he repeated stuff I had heard him say before. But this was the best interview, the others werre warm-ups. Garton is a terrific fit for the show, please add him to your panel of experts and frequent guests. What? You don’t have a panel? Good time to start.

  29. Eating meat leads to beating meat … I’m going to remember that one. I want to read Ray’s book, too! I’m glad he’s not a sell-out. Yet.

  30. Your best inteveiw so far.

  31. Or possibly interview. . .

  32. Abby — Give me time. And a good offer.

  33. Leigh-Anne says:

    Someone needs to tally the number of times you guys say ‘anal rape.’

  34. Please get this guy back on again. SGU listeners (Leighton that refers to the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast… the most downloaded of skeptical podcasts) are no strangers to the Warrens. The hosts of SGU cut their skeptical teeth investigating the Warrens. So it was great to hear some more behind the scenes details about this woo-y couple.

    Anyway, great job guys.

  35. impatient bear says:

    Where’s the new podcast?

  36. Discord.agent says:

    First off, this was the best interview by far. Secondly, get off your ass Ray Garton and get that fucking book about the United States of Jesus out! What kind of douche teases a group of anti-theists with such a delicious sounding book but does not produce (Chuck & Leighton are disqualified)? Seriously Garton, I need something to pass the time while these dickwads at Irreligiosophy delay podcasts.

    Furthermore, Ray’s upcoming book sounds similar (but more awesome of course) to a book called Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism by Michelle Goldberg. It would be nice to have the same type of book written by an atheists as opposed to Goldberg’s book which is written by a member of the Judaic nation.

  37. Discord.agent — LOL! Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve had to focus on meeting a few deadlines of late — none of which I’ve met, by the way (as Douglas Adams said, “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”), but I’m almost caught up. As soon as that’s out of the way, I’m going back to work on THE UNITED STATES OF JESUS and I’m not going to stop until I’ve found a publisher. Michelle Goldberg’s book is wonderful, but I wouldn’t want anyone to think my book is that intellectual or journalistic. Mine covers some of the same territory, but in a much crankier, more smartass way. It’s got chapter titles like “Genitals for Jesus” (about abstinence-only-before-marriage “sex education,” which is nothing more than stealth Christianity being funded by our government and shoved down the throats of public school students) and “All You Need is Pedophilia” (about the pope “forgiving” the Beatles — “Whatever the Beatles may have done, they did NOT fuck any kids!”). I hope to make a deal with someone this year!

  38. I’m guessing all that “anal rape” was actually IBS. Take a poop, Lorraine.

  39. infinite monkey says:

    Are those demons taking applications? When I die, I want to come back as an anal-raping demon and haunt the men’s locker room at a gym!

  40. Bradolf Pitler says:

    Chuck and Leighton!!! Stop fantasizing about being analy raped by the ghost of Ellen G White and her ectoplasmic dildo, and put up the damned Podcast Already!!!!!!!

  41. Podcast now please.



  43. Discord.agent says:

    The Warrior Transition Course?

  44. Yes, give us the podcast, you bastards. Long live the ungrateful leechers.

  45. Moggie Magfeline says:

    Come on Chuck, ping that bitch.

  46. Love to, but Apple doesn’t allow pings to their iTunes server any more. But it’s up, you ungrateful bastards.


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