[irrelig]Never say we haven’t suffered for you. We spent two miserable hours listening to arguments from ignorance, special pleading, and flat out making shit up, just for you guys and gals. But here it is, in its original form, warts and all, completely unedited. Pretty much I just want the last two hours of my life back.

For those of you averse to iTunes or rss feeds: part one & part two.

And now Leighton and I are headed to St Louis for the annual Haunt Convention. Road trip, suckas!

99 Responses to “98 & 99: Evidence 4 Faith Redebate”

  1. Dietrich says:

    Ugh… stop punishing yourselves after this one.

    And P.S. #100 coming up. You doing anything big, or are you bending your fans over the headboard as usual?

  2. I’ll take “bending the fans over the headboard” for $200, Alex.

  3. Rasputin says:

    I stopped listening to the first chat with them as soon as I heard the “how does something come from nothing” bit.

    How you put up with this stuff is beyond me.

  4. Ironic Name says:

    Jesus Christ! How the fuck are these guys functioning? Have they even read their magic book?

  5. Moewicus says:

    I’m looking forward to this. Chuck and Leighton are master redebaters. If only my midterms didn’t start tomorrow.

    Oh, hell, I haven’t been studying anyways.

  6. They bit the bullet with the morality bit. I’m surprised. Their morality is either warped or extremely fractured.

  7. Always fun when christbots haven’t read their own bible.

    Golden moment:
    “What’s your evidence for that?”
    “I’ll have to look it up”

  8. Donovan says:

    I must say, listening to them was an exercise in analyzing cognative dissonence…

  9. Chuck is wrong on the color blue. The ‘frequency of light’ is just as abstract a concept as blue.

  10. I like the part were Chuck turns into a cyborg.

  11. Fuck you guys says:

    Wait, I have to listen to TWO whole hours of you guys circle jerking each other?

  12. Cancer Larry says:

    How do get that bad ass opening song?

  13. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    SEAN CONNERY: I’ll take THE RAPIST for $100, Alex.


  14. Moewicus says:

    I love Count Chuckula. Nine, nine planets, haha!

  15. Chuck is wrong on the color blue. The ‘frequency of light’ is just as abstract a concept as blue.

    If there is one take-home lesson from this podcast, it’s that Chuck is never wrong.

  16. Moewicus says:

    Chuck is never wrong. Chuck can count to infinity!

  17. Well, Chuck was wrong about bringing Kalam on to the podcast.

  18. I am filled with even more shame than usual for living in New Jersey, the same state as these asshats. It is viscerally painful to listen to these E4F morons try to argue that you can have an abstract without someone to think of it. And that’s just the first bit. I think the rest of the debate has been blocked from my memory from sheer idiocy induced trauma.

  19. Well, Chuck was wrong about bringing Kalam on to the podcast.

    Okay, I’ll cop to that.

  20. Moewicus says:

    It occurs to me that the whole “empty tomb” thing is basically just a spooky story.

    The call was coming from INSIDE THE TOOOOOOMB! *ghost noises*

    I was going to say I was surprised you didn’t slap them harder on the issue of “four different witnesses,” but then I realized you actually did and they just didn’t acknowledge it. Or they didn’t realize it.

  21. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    UFOs: Fake. Zombies and angels: Real.

    Now excuse me while I go rape my future wife.

  22. Dietrich says:

    Who could afford 50 pieces of silver in this economy?

  23. Discord.agent says:

    Greatest moment:
    Leighton – Who did you get your information from?
    E4F Douche – From a couple of archaeologists during a couple of conferences… at the ummm… at a conference where there were some archaeologists.

    What the fuck!

  24. harayda says:

    I read once that 30 pieces would be about $14,000 ($467) which when we do some simple math (which exists outside and inside the universe) would be $23,350…

  25. Gliblord says:

    “Undesigned coincidence” has got to be the most awkward turn of phrase. As though accidental incidences of perceived harmony were impossible.

  26. I think ep 100 should be the gameshow. I’ve only had it ready for a year now!

  27. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    The topic for ep100 should be the Apocalypse and it should air on May 21.

  28. Moewicus says:

    Herb, think about what you’re saying. That’s more than a month away. The world could end by then!

  29. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    @Moewicus: I’m sure the E4F gusy would agree with me when I say, “I refuse to think about what I’m saying.”

  30. Herb (12th Apostle) says:


  31. Moggie Magfeline says:

    This is just like banging your head against a brick wall – it feels really good when you stop. This is embarrassing and just plain…..sigh, yawn, face palm. Between this and Hovind the last 2 weeks, I am all dumbed out.

  32. Gliblord says:

    I’d like for E4F to do an episode on why giving over women to marry their rapists is not, in fact, morally repulsive. I’d like to see if they could bear the desperate squeals of their own souls attempting to jump ship.

  33. Discord.agent says:

    Once again Atheists know the bible better than theists. I loved how Chuck would say “the bible says blah blah blah.”. E4F says “no it doesn’t.” The passage is read, Chuck is proven right and the E4F guys say “well, that’s not what it means. It actually means the opposite of what it literally says.”

  34. Neverheidae says:

    I gotta say, when the E4F guys started their “Let Leighton talk!” chant, hoping for some soft, fwuffy wuffy question from the guy that only researches using Wikipedia…and then Leighton dropped the Biblical Inerrentist’s (is that even a word?) Annotated Bibliography of Doom bomb on their unsuspecting heads, their horror was audible, and I laughed out loud. This was problematic, as I was at work. In a silent office. Blarg, you guys.

  35. seleucid23 says:

    I’ve heard Christian/atheist debates before, but not like this. You hit them time and again and they had nothing in return; it was a massacre.

    Please tell me they’re going to post this on their site. Seriously, it’ll put doubts in so many people’s minds. Even the hosts don’t sound like the sort of people who can ignore the mountain of evidence put in front of them.

  36. BlueIndependent says:

    Wow. These two hours are the best you two have ever done. I liked the second part most, and especially when there was pure, dripping silence when you asked them to defend themselves on a few different points. You basically walked with impunity through their arguments, be they about old points or new ones (the archeological research bit was a special kind of awesome). Man alive every atheist podcast should be such an atomic elbow drop as this.

    BTW, you should forward the E4F hosts the link to The Skeptic’s Testament podcast. They’ll find all of their points regarding biblical authorship, research, archeology, etc. thoroughly discussed…and roundly destroyed.

  37. robotaholic says:

    because marrying the raped shows god’s holiness- WTF! – That is the most twisted thing – who could listen to their moral pronouncements after that?

  38. articulett says:

    Look, if they want to say their god exists the way numbers exist– then I agree. Their god exists as a concept in the mind of human beings.

    I just don’t know how “numbers” are supposed to create matter, time, and space– or what it would mean to say “numbers” love us.

  39. wabbitwawwen says:

    ohgod — Ive only listened to 10 mins and its excruciating already

  40. I will never forgive you for “Jesus is a friend of mine”, ugh-the earworm from hell, so to speak.

  41. Moewicus says:

    Episode 100 demands a dramatic reading of the fanfic thread. Chuck and Leighton have to act their parts and there must be dramatic music. The gods of Time and Chance have spoken!

  42. Discord.agent says:

    I’m gonna get my dick of a relative to listen to the E4F broadcast of this with mild hopes that he will realize religion is as George Carlin said, “It’s all bullshit and it’s all bad for you.”

  43. Ironic Name says:

    “Many philosophers”? I’d like to know which ones. You guys are way too nice.

  44. Gliblord says:

    Moewicus speaks wise, wise words.

  45. Grantimus says:

    Fuck you guys. The next Skunk Dick award should go to Chuck AND Leighton. After listening to these E4F ass-hats, I feel nauseous . You guys subjected us to two hours of this bullshit!!! Sure I could have stopped listening, but there was something inside of me that couldn’t. I guess I was having trouble accepting the fact that there are christians out there who are really that mind numbingly stupid.

    The worst part is, I don’t even have any new masturbation or misogynistic jokes to show for my times wasted. Assholes!!!!!

  46. I really enjoyed these two hours, but detested every second that Leighton interjected.

  47. You guys should debate a dirty diaper next, or maybe a gaggle of geese.

    Props, though. The re-debate had to be done. You guys were too nice in the first one.

    “It exists self-existently.”

  48. I don’t think they will broadcast this on the E4F show. Best case, they will do an “analysis”.

  49. I don’t know if anyone shares my sentiments, but some of the funniest episodes were the ones when Chuck and Leighton read Chick Tracts. If that could somehow happen again I’d love to be able to randomly burst out in laughter while listening to my podcasts in public (not that this isn’t already the case). It always surprises me to see people ignore such strong arguments against Christianity. Hopefully they’re not douches and do another analysis behind your backs.

  50. articulett says:

    These were awesome shows–

    I’m with Moewicus– a dramatic reading of the e-mail exchange is in order.