[irrelig]We return with an interview with the inimitable Bob Price, who has recently written an eBook called “Latter-day Scripture,” which is all about Price’s look at the Book of Mormon as a work of pseudepigrapha, or “false writing.” Price compares Joseph Smith’s 19th century work with some of the pseudepigrapha in the Old and New Testament, such as Daniel or the Pastoral Epistles, and emerges with a new appreciation for an old hoax.

No Skunk Dickery this week, unless you count what goes on inside the podcast.

32 Responses to “106: Bob Price on the Book of Mormon”

  1. Spragga says:

    Final-effing-ly, a new podcast!

  2. harayda says:

    Honestly, I think this is one of the best podcast you guys have done. Just three people who know their stuff and riffing on some great topics. You had great chemistry, and you three really meshed well together. Great Job!

    Seriously, if this episode alone does not get you the podcast of the year award it’s either rigged or not worth caring about!

  3. Moewicus says:

    Enjoyable interview, although it was kind of unsatisfying for some reason I can’t explain. Please be sure to pimp the Bible Geek podcast properly next time you have him on, as I’m sure there are a lot of people who would enjoy it but have managed to be unaware of its greatness for as long as I have. He’s done nearly two hundred episodes since the last time you interviewed him. Although I don’t think he knows it, he actually addressed a point from the E4F debate on his show: someone asked him about the claim that the people who copied the New Testament counted and summed every letter, figured out which letter was exactly in the middle of the document, etc, and Bob said he’d never heard of such a thing before (it was probably specifically from the E4F debate, as the writer mentioned a debate between two atheists and three theists). Definitely looking forward to the good Doctor Doctor’s next appearance on the show.

  4. Dietrich says:

    This is why I love this podcast. You get someone on the show who knows what the fuck they’re talking about… and then devolve the conversation and talk about Leighton’s ass.

  5. Aric Parkinson says:

    @Spragga The hell are you talking about? This is the shortest time between updates in a long time. lol

    Good episode – really enjoyed it. I’d love to see him on more in the future.

    That said, I’m really curious what this Q thing is – get to that one ASAP 😛

  6. Finally, a new podcast. It gets 5 stars and I haven’t even listened to it.

  7. Great podcast. I really want to hear the podcast about the resurrection you hinted at towards the end of this one.

  8. VonRoyer says:

    I just downloaded the Bob Price Vs William Lane Craig debate, and I was wondering if there was any other atheist/christian debates you would recommend.

  9. Any debate with Dan Barker.

  10. But whatevere you do, don’t listen to any Dan Barker’s songs without your insulin handy.

  11. Dr. Scott, D.Irr. says:

    Love the interaction between you guys and Bob Price… I miss his ‘Bible Geek’ shows on iTunes, and his taking questions from the unwashed masses…

  12. You should have Dr. Price on you show as often as possible.

  13. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    I wonder if the haunt you guys are building will follow the same downward path for production value as this podcast. Achieve some noticable success and then coast on it.

  14. God, I hope so.

  15. Arallyn says:

    There wasn’t nearly enough about Leighton’s ass in this podcast. I’m serious. There usually isn’t enough, but the smart and interesting chit-chat in this one totally suppressed most possible mentioning of genitalia or ass. Just out of curiosity, is Leighton someone who would get restraining orders against stalkers, or does he, um, “take care of it” himself?

    Wait! Podcast. That’s right. Interesting stuff, but I always miss Skunk Dickery when you guys don’t do it. Really interesting subject to hear about, especially given that I’m not especially inclined to read much about the subject. Love history, but bible study books…so boring. And it’s only been like two weeks since the last podcast! Woo-hoo!

  16. Chris Knight-Griffin says:


    I just sent an email with John W. Loftus’ information. I think he would be a great interview and an excellent addition to the podcast. Robert Price speaks highly of John and his new book, The End of Christianity, was just released. He is available.


  17. Anyone have a link to the Price Craig debate?

  18. Once again, Leighton proved himself to be an idiot.

  19. Hey Herb (12 Apostle),
    When are you launching your own podcast? Seems to me you’ve achieved some notable success in posting dickish comments.

  20. Chris Knight-Griffin says:

    Here are a few good debate sites:

    There are actually a lot of debates available, but check the sound quality. Some are audience recordings while others are from soundboards.

  21. You should just change that Egyptian-looking icon-eye thingy to a snapshot of Leighton’s bare ass. That would be a far more appropriate symbol for the podcast. Or maybe a cartoon skunk with a raging boner? How about three cartoon skunks with raging boners having a sword fight? Whatever you feel would be more offensive.

    I liked the episode, but I had to pay attention to keep up. I’d like to see Bob come back on as well.

    I do miss you guys debating idiots though. Some new douches need to take the place of the E4F crew. Maybe Leighton could smoke some weed in the middle of Sacrament Meeting or something to try to get excommunicated. That mock trial thing they do would make a superb podcast. I’m trying to think of a way to get excommunicated myself. I don’t think they’ll want to do it unless they think I really want to stay a Mormon. Reverse psychology and all that. Guess I would have to start going to church again and then masturbate in the restroom or something……… Fuck. They don’t make it easy.

  22. moggie magfeline says:

    Leighton’s arse is OK , but not all it’s cracked up to be. Looks even better when it’s getting whipped in a game of pool.

    Enjoyed the podcast BTW.

  23. Gliblord says:

    Tee hee hee

  24. zrx1200mn says:

    this lady needs to be checked out, or checked into rehab.
    the following is from a columist, Mary Hunt – going by the title of Everyday Cheapskate

    God is still in the business of doing miracles. If this is what you are to do with your summer, God will make it very clear by raising the funds you need to make the trip. His riches are beyond compare, and I am confident that he will use money to direct you in the way he wants you to go.

    I am praying for you, that you will have clarity of thought and peace of mind as you face the coming weeks.

  25. zrx1200mn says:

    and this Mary Hunt deserves a Skunk Dick of the week award

  26. One or two to remmeebr, that is.

  27. *getting help for negativity* says:

    Does anyone else find mormanism incredibly fucking boring? I like hearing about the hosts’ experiences growing up in their religious families and also their process of deconversion …. but the rest?
    Like, I suppose all religions, it takes itself quite seriously, but I’m sure 1/2 of the fucking world would not even know it exists, and come on, some fundamental element of Christianity happening in America 1800 years after Jesus existed? Why not the Behamas …..or the Ukraine? How could anyone actually take that seriously?

    I must be in a crappy mood in order to rant this, but it does seem ridiculous. The real reason I am irritated by it probably is because I didn’t grow up knowing much about it or even being aware of its existence, but irrespective of that it does seem quite contrived.


  28. Because America is God’s favorite country.

  29. Discord.agent says:

    Dan Barker knows his stuff, but he’s a relatively weak debater. He’s too passive. Check out all the shit by Hitchens. Search for great god debate and you’ll see three or four hitchens debates and all are worth the listen. There are also a few debates between Christopher Hitchens and his brother on iTunes U that are well worth the listen.

  30. Discord.agent says:

    Here’s the link for the Price v. Craig debate:

  31. Now I’ve calmed down I thought I’d just add a bit of a calm perspective on my rant above.
    By saying Mormonism is boring and ridiculous because of it’s claims, I know I shat on about 3/4 of the content of this podcast as well as about 18/19th’s (?) of Leighton’s family – but growing up in Australia where the only main religions I was exposed to was Anglecianism and Catholicism – the claims and practices of American Mormonism seem like they come from mars.

    Wouldn’t you say that MOST moderate Christians, in Australia at least, perhaps Britain and a significant part of Europe as that is where a lot of our religious heritage comes from – would consider the actual content and practices of Mormonism, alien at best and ridiculous at worst? Does this not concern Mormons?

    Coming from an outside perspective and also a moderate Christian background it seems odd and even heretical to Christian belief that this pocket of the Uninted States purports to hold such claims on Christianity, and claims the majority of the rest would consider absurd.

    I know I’m probably ignorant at the extent of mormonism, but I’m just thinking of what my nana would say.

    Ps. Leighton, how are you even vaguely normal given you’re past, let alone upbeat and optimistic
    PPs. I think it is a shame, but I am touched that Hopoate has postponed his nrl career for a mission.

  32. skummel says:

    Hiello Guys,,, just want to say that you guys are the funniest podcast i have listened to…better than S G: U.. and others,,,I know somebody said it before, but I can`t get out of my mind that phrase about ” Fingering Jesus” .Big hug from a Colombiam Lamanite living in Norway.. You guys ar the best.