Joemma are back with a chimera of a podcast about Pythagoras. He was a bad ass/arse possibly batshit crazy guy who led a cult with some really weird ideas. Despite being a brilliant mathematician and philosopher, his views on beans, chicks wearing gold and the square root of 2 will amaze you. This is not a dude you wanna piss off, but he’s handy to have around if you’re about to be mauled by a raging wild animal or want to know how long a hypotenuse is. The first time we recorded this podcast it sounded like we were 13 year old kids with ADHD on speed. So we recorded it again and sounded like 80 year old half dead philosophy professors. We have tried to combine the best of both worlds via the joys of editing – hopefully you’ll love it as much as a fat kid loves Pi.


7 Responses to “Episode Pi: Pythagoras”

  1. The Red Mist says:

    Wow, for a minute there I thought Chuck and Leighton were scheduling the 2nd Law.
    Good to finally have you two back!

  2. Moewicus says:

    Jesus multiplies; Pythagoras squares. I know who I’d go with.

  3. Moewicus says:

    Also, as I’ve heard, in ancient literature “thigh” when referring to a man’s body part is usually just a cipher for “penis”. E.G. Zeus keeping Bacchus in his “thigh” in Euripides’ The Bacchae.

  4. Fuck you guys says:

    Here I am thinking I finally get a new fucking Irreligiosophy but instead I get these retards.

  5. Gliblord says:

    Does that mean penis meant thigh

  6. Moggie Magfeline says:

    A corked “thigh” – yowch (I presume).

    This also explains where the Catholic priests got confused: “Little altar boy, come and sit on my thigh” sorta got lost in translation somewhere.

    @ Fuck You Guys: I agree. There’s nothing worse than expecting 2 particular retards and getting another 2 instead. Retardis-appointment at its worst.

  7. 265:153 is an approximation of the square root of three, another irrational number.