[irrelig]Episode 109 will be the last Irreligiosophy episode. I’m tired, the business failed (spectacularly), Leighton quit midstream and despite his many promises to pay his share, left me holding the bag for all of the debts we incurred. So I’ll be very busy over the next two to three years working hard to pay those back.

I appreciate everything our listeners have done for us, from all of the feedback (both good and bad), to putting up with our shenanigans and even donating your hard-earned cash to support the site. Thank you very much.

Perhaps Irreligiosophy will return some day, like a skeptical King Arthur in the time of atheism’s greatest need. Or maybe like that other fictional character Jesus, we’ll just keep threatening to come back and never actually do it.

188 Responses to “109: It Is Finished”

  1. I’m so sorry Chuck. Don’t get downhearted. You have changed the world significantly. Thank you for everything. I owe you so much for my current sanity. Take care.

  2. Citizen Wolf says:

    Aw, fuck-a-duck! Noooooooooooooooooooooo

    I’m really sorry to hear about the bad tidings. You’ll be sorely missed. If you’re ever in Ireland send me an e-mail and I’ll definitely buy you a beer or 10, and treat you to dinner, and give you a guided tour in payback for the hours of entertainment you gave me.

    This is only my opinion of course, but I just want to say Chuck, that you carried the podcast. You were insightful, intelligent and well informed, not to mention well versed in good logic and weren’t afraid to throw the spotlight of reason on the dark crevices of bullshit that abound in our world. And I also thought that you had a good radio voice. I had hoped that someday you might team up with someone like Matt Dillahunty or Robert Price, because heck that would have been one hell of an entertaining podcast.

  3. You’ve given hours of entertainment, for free. If it’s no longer fun for you to produce the podcast, then that’s just tough titties for us. I’ll have a look around for other atheist/skeptical podcasts, but they’ll have to go a long way to entertain me as much as you two have.

    Thanks for what you’ve done, and good luck in the future.

  4. Oh no! Very sorry to see the end. Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into the podcast, it was one of my favorites.

  5. I enjoyed the podcast. Good luck.
    *Rummages through the archive for missed shows…*

  6. Chuck,
    Thanks for the shows. Too bad things went south but we all appreciate the effort made.

    It would be nice to hear you as part of someone else’s podcast as others have suggested. No offense intended to Leighton (anyone who publicly fights against religious influence gets a pass) but your commentary was 90% of the value of the show. Perhaps commentary on someone else’s podcast as a guest contributor or occasional host would be something that would remain fun.

    If not, I’ll miss your words. Have a great one.

  7. Tim Danaher says:

    Aaah, shit, so sorry to hear of all your troubles… thank you SO much for what has been one of the most consistently funny, scurrilous – but definitely well-researched – podcasts out there. You’ve often had me in paroxysms of laughter. I will miss you guys… hope to see you back sometime, thanks again… diolch yn fawr, ychan (thanks, mate) as we say in Wales…

    Damn, your ‘Buy Us a Beer’ link isn’t working, or one’d be winging its way to you… :0(

    Take care, Chuck.

  8. Jason Testerman says:

    You guys have carried me when times were hard, you have given me much to ponder and laugh about over the years. I feel like I have lost a close friend.
    Keep your head held high, recklessly pursue your dreams and remember to keep love and truth always before you. I will be praying that King Arthur returns because we need more guys like you in this world.
    Fuck you!

  9. Great podcast, and I didn’t care much for Leighton anyway, but it is tacky of you to post like this about someone you worked with for so long. Thanks for the great episodes.

  10. exCatholicRob says:

    Well we all knew Leighton was a retard with a microscopic penis.

    You took me from being a confused agnostic leaning Catholic all the way to atheism. I spent hours driving listening to you two make jokes and sense. I couldn’t wait to hear who would show up as skunk dicks that week. You helped get Glenn Beck off the air (not really but hey take credit for it).

    I’ll miss you.

    And fuck you. Fuck you all.

  11. Bugger.

  12. morguegirl says:

    NO So sad!! Sorry you got fucked Chuck. It’s a great show too bad. Thanks for the informative podcast…thanks for the laughs. I’ll miss you!!

  13. Well fuck.

    I started listening to Irreligiosophy as an awkward 15-ish ex-Southern Baptist still kinda lost about the whole God thing. You guys gave me the balls to become the fire-breathing Atheist that I am today. And for that I thank you. My family hates you of course, but fuck those guys.
    I’ll probably just go listen to the E4F debate, eat ice-cream and watch a sad montage of tiny penises now.
    Seriously, Thank you Chuck and Leighton, you’ve changed my life immeasurably for the better.

  14. You guys had the best podcast on the internet. Thank you for everything.

  15. BlueIndependent says:

    Ugh! This is *not* what I expected when I saw the short podcast in my iTunes list. I figured it would just be a “BTW here’s what’s going on”, not a “BTW, we’re done”. Very sad to see this – apparently – end. I honestly appreciated your combined post-Mormon perspective, as many a fellow atheist I told about your show thought 2 former Mormons discussing their experiences in and out of that religion was a breath of fresh air, conceptually, for an atheist podcast.

    Here’s to hoping all the wrong finds a way to go right for you sooner than later, and that you’ll find time to bring this podcast back as something you enjoy, with Leighton (probably unlikely) or whomever else.

    You will be missed. At least the E4F debacle served as a good, though unlikely, candidate for the slow ride into the audio sunset.

  16. Mr Saturday Nite says:

    Thank you for almost 3 years of entertaining and informative audio. And thank you for giving me something to laugh at through some of the most boring jobs on Earth. The One True Podcast will forever burn in my bosom!

  17. Aww, man 🙁

    I don’t even know what to say. Sorry, thanks and good luck.

  18. Thanks so much for all the hours of entertainment and information. You were an integral part of my boyfriend’s deconversion, especially Chuck’s encyclopediac knowledge of Biblical history, and you got me through many otherwise excruciatingly boring work days. Sad as I am, I will continue to listen to the old podcasts until I have them memorized. They’re that good.

  19. You went into business with an atheist and got screwed. Why am I not surprised.

    Fuck you! Go away, and never come back… you never did shit for me anyway…. (sob)

  20. Jesus Fucking Christ says:

    This is fucked up. Can’t you guys just hug and kiss and maybe jerk each other off and call it good? You know, make-up sex. Though I guess Leighton is moving on with a female now…

    This is discouraging. I’m going home to get drunk and watch Dexter. Good luck, guys.

  21. Sorry to hear you guys have had a falling out. It was absolutely the best podcast around.

    Fuck you both!

  22. Well, it’s delayed a bit, but I am happy that I managed to get an honorable mention on your show due to my itunes comment.

    I am sorry that you guys ran into issues, just had a friend falling out myself – perhaps things can be repaired over time, perhaps not. I’m not sure I’d hold my breath if I was waiting on Leighton. :)-

    Best wishes to you both, and thanks for all the hard work you put into the show.

    Hugs, kisses, hearts, and flowers

    Sara aka sandrewsbibliophile

  23. Well as the saying goes, all good things must come to end. With that said, you guys really did make a big difference in my life and I really appreciate what you’ve done. Even if you aren’t exactly friends anymore, I wish the two of you the best.

  24. The only way this podcast can be saved is if we can figure out a way to pay back the losses from the Haunt. Chuck, this is going to work!

    Have a listener party. Charge prepaid admission of $100 so we get to meet Chuck and Leighton and the listeners get have a Q&A session. As a special gift, Leighton will be required to wear his biker shorts/leather jacket outfit for the party.

    Raise more funds at the party by charging people $20 to throw a pie at Leighton’s face. This will raise more money and allow listeners to take out their frustrations on the show being cancelled.

    Raise even more money by having Leighton participate in a spanking line. Listeners get charged $50 to get a paddle to spank Leighton’s butt.

    Lastly, if everyone donates more than $1K in a special fund, Chuck and Leighton will have to literally kiss and make up. When I say “kiss”, I mean on the mouth and for more than 5 seconds.

    Notice that the prepaid admission will allow Chuck to know how many people will show up. Also, I’m sure that the listeners have been dying to meet the infamous hosts and fuming that Leighton screwed Chuck and thus ruined the show. This is a win – win for everyone. Let’s make this happen and keep the podcast alive, and maybe even save that fat bastard slave child Inchil!

  25. Thanks to both Chuck and Leighton for their podcast. I agree with all the other posts about how wonderful the show was and that the humor got me past many difficult times. I am selfish and really hope that everything can get settled quickly and somehow the show will return. If the show does not, I hope for the best for everyone, except for those E4F assholes!

  26. Wow… What can I say that hasn’t already been said. You guys will be missed- maybe you can reconcile in the future & come back, we all believe in miracles, right? Oh shit, we don’t……fuck!

  27. 4tune8chance says:

    Very sad when friends have a falling out.

    I will miss the one true podcast, best of luck to you both.

  28. Chuck, we know you’re upset….but seriously, let some reason kick in!
    What you’re doing here is really important. What you’re doing here is really important. What you’re doing here is really important.
    You’ve got a gift and it shouldn’t be wasted.
    Maybe you need some help putting this thing together. You can find another co-host. I have never donated any money to this site but I’ll start kicking in some bucks if it takes that for you to hire someone to do all the editing. Get some help!!!!!
    This is your calling 🙂
    And of course, fuck you very much for the laughs and insight!

  29. Living in a country were atheism is the norm and I only go to church for christenings, weddings and funerals this has been an amazing way to learn a bit more about what it’s like to live in a community where people try to push religion into daily life.
    I feel sad for all of us who won’t get to hear the two of you making fun of idiots and crazy beliefs. It’s really awful that you had a falling out over money, such a stupid way to lose a friend.
    I hope our donations will help a bit, as my co listeners have already stated our contributions are long overdue and we are more than happy to help out in any way. Of course it won’t mend your friendship but hopefully it will help keep the debt collectors from your porch.
    Go away now and enjoy life with your angel wife and kids, there is no doubt about the fact that you need some time off.

  30. So sorry to hear about the troubles, just discovered and started listening to your pods,,up to #24 or so and find them very informative,,,I do hope that you return to the casting world at some point as I find your insights very helpful. Wish you the best in all your future endeavours.

  31. What business failed?

    I am so sad to hear this bad news. Chuck, take some time off. Regroup, lick your wounds, let the healing happen and come back in the future when you are ready.

    Your audience will await your return.

  32. I was excited to hear a new episode. As I was listening to it, I kept on expecting the whole thing to be a joke…

    The show will truly be missed. Here’s to the future…

  33. Arghhhh … I didn’t get a chance to check my podcast subscription until yesterday and I saw it was the end. I thought that perhaps this was a joke – then I checked here – and it’s not. I can truly say that you guys are the reason I’m an atheist. No joke.
    So – I understand that you, Chuck, need to concentrate on your family – good on you and if ever you feel like posting a little podcast one day, I’ll keep my subscription open.
    Leighton – the skunk dick award goes to you.

  34. Just heard, and I’m so gutted. I’ve been listening for at least a couple of hours a work day for months. Very sad.

  35. Ironbandit says:

    Just when I was thinking that you all were going to set your sights on the MORMON-FairCast.

    I had taken a hiatus from listening to your podcast, to catch up on a few others that I stumbled upon since the last Podcast Awards. Most notably, Chariots of Iron, Atheist News, Technorama and the Skeptics Guide. I’ll be sorry to hear you go.

  36. What “business” did you guys start anyway? does Leighton have the means to repay anything he has promised? As someone who is consistently working, yet more consistently broke, my best intentions often don’t work out. Just some more obvious advice, but maybe dumping huge time and money into a haunted house wasn’t the best idea for a stressed financial partnership? Or was that part of the business? It’s really not any of my business. I was never the biggest fan of your guys’ weak, forced penis jokes. But when I could get past that, there was some damned fine content in there. Thanks for all that.

  37. Stupid question, but what really happened? Did Leighton fuck Chuck on something? Did he go back to being a mormon?? WTF happened?