[irrelig]Episode 109 will be the last Irreligiosophy episode. I’m tired, the business failed (spectacularly), Leighton quit midstream and despite his many promises to pay his share, left me holding the bag for all of the debts we incurred. So I’ll be very busy over the next two to three years working hard to pay those back.

I appreciate everything our listeners have done for us, from all of the feedback (both good and bad), to putting up with our shenanigans and even donating your hard-earned cash to support the site. Thank you very much.

Perhaps Irreligiosophy will return some day, like a skeptical King Arthur in the time of atheism’s greatest need. Or maybe like that other fictional character Jesus, we’ll just keep threatening to come back and never actually do it.

188 Responses to “109: It Is Finished”

  1. Queen of Hearts says:

    No!! I will miss you guys so so much! I need you guys 🙁

  2. Jim Thompson says:

    Sorry to hear of the troubles.

  3. The Archangel Michael says:

    Words cannot express enough how grateful I am for the inspiration irreligiosophy has been for me. You should be very proud of your fine work here. You cannot ever be replaced, only succeeded.

  4. Aside from some others, this is the saddest day of my life.

  5. I am so sorry to see you go.

  6. Discord.agent says:

    The world has just become a darker place. Now who will stop the advances of religion? Without Irreligiosophy, who will satisfy our cravings for dark, religious, humor? A sad day indeed.

  7. Geoff Mckay says:

    You will be sorely missed. Also I really hope you and Leighton kiss and make up in the near future. All the best you skunk dicks.

  8. Charles Minus says:

    I told you Leighton was a jerk.

    Best wishes to you and thanks for all the laughs and information.
    Looking forward to your eventual return tot he podlandia. Maybe you can get together with Robert Price for fun and games. you and he had good chemistry.


  9. wtf you guys?

    Looks like old yarweh was just too strong in the end : (

    Anyway, genuinely disappointed to hear of your demise. Cheers for the laughs and the theological education.

  10. Merkin Muffly says:

    Awwwww… Fuck you both – and I really mean that in the most tongue-in-cheek loving manner. The world will be a significantly darker place without your wonderful snark. Hopefully you and Leighton will find common ground once more as well.

    You’ll still be the One True Podcast to me.

  11. What are the costs? Let’s talk!

    Maybe you need a new podcast partner. I could play your dumb sidekick. I am an attorney who is about your age and who was raised Mormon in Upstate New York—the land of the Restoration! I share your affinity for all things geeky. I think we could make this podcast work.

    If you are remotely interested, please send me an email. Or I could start Ireligiosophy 2 and rip you off. But I doubt that any one would listen without you.

    Seriously, if you have nay interest in getting this going again, please let me know. I think we could work something out. This podcast could even turn a profit.

    At any rate, thanks for the fun and the insight. I will even miss your unreliable hillbilly partner. It was one of the best podcasts going. It is a shame that you decided to pull the plug so soon.

  12. Don’t let E4F win!

  13. Hey, you guys did a huge service. You covered every subject under the sun with depth and intelligence. The episodes are still here for all to enjoy and learn from forever. At least you guys didn’t end up doing a crazy motorcycle stunt involving an aquatic predator. Thank for everything.

  14. Chip Cherry says:

    And before you got Mr. Deity on. It’s a shame.

    Thanks for the countless hours that were put into the show. I can’t express my appreciation enough, so I’m not going to try.


  15. Jack Pollock says:

    Goddamnit. I’ve been checking the site every day since Halloween and got so stoked to see a new episode and it’s the last. I haven’t even heard it yet.

    So sorry that things were shitty for you guys. You managed to create one of, no, THE greatest podcast ever.

    You did what other atheist/skeptic casts failed to do; be super entertaining while being informative. You guys weren’t painfully awkward, stuffy, boring or full of self-importance.

    Fuck. You really had something and wish you all the best and hope you come back with something new sometime.

    Seriously bummed, but grateful for what you gave.

  16. Sadness.

    Yeah, there’s pretty much nothing else I can say about it. Sad to see it go, thanks for the hours of laughs on the horribly boring 4-hour drive to my parents’ house that I’ve had to make all too often. Seen my parents lose friends the same way…they all talk again and occasionally see each other, but it’s never really the same.

    Again, thanks. Better to let it hang there on a high note while it was still quality, than try to keep going when it’s not fun, and end up with nothing but a collection of wasted time and bad shows.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish. (Or would that be Chuck’s line?)

  17. talkjawking says:

    Even though you guys have been mostly gone this past year, it still hurts to hear it official. As for Leighton’s back-stabbing, well, that’s just insult to injury (or maybe the other way around?). Either way, thank you for your hours of laughs, insight, new realms of thought, and dick jokes. When I first listened to your podcast, I was a confused ex-Mormon agnostic in need of wisdom. The One True Podcast help adjust and fix my outlook on life just where it needed to be, which I will always be eternally grateful. And I say these things in the name of Leighton’s tiny, tiny penis. Amen.

  18. talkjawking says:

    Oh, yeah, almost forgot, one last thing: Fuck you both.

  19. Thanks for all the fish.

  20. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    Guess we know who’s the Skunk Dick of the Year (two years running).

    I’m disappointed that Leighton left you holding the tab, Chuck. What was his reason for quitting? IMHO, that boy needs some serious time on a couch. He reeks of PTSD.

    I seriously think you should look into finding a replacement. You’ve got a talent and will be missed. Thanks for the education and laughs.

  21. Honestly Chuck, you might have have rolled a 17 for intelligence, but I’d hate to see your wisdom score. Starting a risky business venture with a good friend? You’re old enough to know better. There is no way the fault falls entirely on one person here.

    I hope you can both be the bigger man and find a way to patch things up. Life is too short.

    Your obedient servant,

  22. Well fuck a duck. That sucks. Sorry about getting stuck with the muck. Good luck. Hope you come… buck?

  23. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    Kevin –

    You’re right, life is short.That’s why it isn’t worth wasting time on a dipshit who would leave his friend high and dry. There is no shame in placing trust in a friend. But it’s a selfish, shameful act to fuck a friend over.

    Leighton –
    Unless your side of the story differs significantly from what Chuck put out there, somewhere in NJ those E4F guys are having a congratulatory laugh on pegging you for the shyster you are.

  24. wenchygirl says:

    Chuck! It was a great show. I learned a ton and it entertained me during many long drives and many horrible workdays. It’s not often you hear people mocking the shit out of religion (or anything else, for that matter) in a way that is both guaranteed to offend the average douchebag, and truly, truly funny. Thank you so much for all the work you put into it, and best of luck to you.

  25. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. All i can say.

  26. Dr Phlebas says:

    Is my doctorate still valid then?

  27. Well this just sucks in every way imaginable.

    At first thought, I have to agree with Kevin (above), but at the same time, WTF do I know? It’s just so bloody frustrating to see this happen.

    Chuck, you were the best thing about atheist podcasting and one of the best in podcasting period. It would be a shame if you were to leave for good.

    Here’s hoping that you can come back some time, I’ll be keeping an eye out for you.

  28. Chuck, I’ve always thought that a series of things should end when it ends. It’s been clear for the last 5-10 episodes that your hearts weren’t in it. There’s no point in going forward when you don’t want to go forward (especially when it’s all free). I wish you the best of luck, and I hope that in the future you will produce more podcasts, or even guest spot on other podcasts (like your episode on the Conspiracy Skeptic, which led me to Irreligiosophy).

    Regardless of what you do, or don’t do, I wish you the best.

  29. MetalSeagull says:

    I’m so sorry to hear it. Although all things must end, I hate that it ended badly. We’ll all miss you. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the podcast. It was a real gem.

  30. Wow. I had just been introduced to your podcast not too long ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. While it was clear that you were the primary force behind the podcast, I thought Leighton and you had a nice chemistry that led to some quality laughs. I am really bummed out about this. I hope you will consider making a comeback at some point.

  31. PrometheusWins says:

    Ouch, my joy to find a new Irreligiosophy podcast was cut short rather abruptly. Truly sorry to hear about your trouble. You will be sorely missed. This has been one of the few truly unique podcasts out there.

  32. well fuck.

    do i even want to listen to the last podcast?

    Fuck. Shit. I don’t know. I’m going to go do some shopping and try to listen to it.


    Seriously though, thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the work you put into this. The body of work you put together stands as one of the best podcasts ever. Best of luck in whatever you take on next. But I do hope we’ll hear your voice again one day. If I’m ever through your neck of the woods I’d like to help you violate the word of wisdom and buy you a beer.

    P.S. Part of me thinks your fucking with us.

  34. Thanks for all the podcasts.

    I feel a little sad now.

  35. Kristina Danielsson says:

    The worst Birthday present ever. I understand you can get burned out doing this.
    I hoped – right to the last second – that you both would laugh and say “Fuck you fans for not believing in us! We just need a long vacation – we’ll be back… whenever.”

    What’s even worse is you both lost a friend, that REALLY breaks my heart. I hope we haven’t heard the last of you guys. THANK YOU for all your hard work and all the laughters – take care! *blows huge wet transatlantic kisses*

  36. Oh yeah, it’s over. Just heard the last episode. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuck. no.

    How could you let the Wigglian Way outlive you guys? How could you?!

  37. Rev. John Ellis says:

    I feel worse than Harold Camping on October 22. Bummer.

  38. Mickmeister says:

    Irreligiosophy opened a few windows in the old, dark, stale-fart filled room that is religion. The world will now have to endure the darkness and stench a bit longer.

  39. Bastards! How dare you quit just when I get into your show?! Why am I not shocked that Leighton turned out to be a con artist? What a dick! I don’t even need to hear his side of the story, I can totally believe he’d dick you over like that.

    Well, good luck Chuck. I really did enjoy the podcast and was really impressed with the work you put into it. I was especially impressed with the intelligent and amazing ass-beating you handed out to the Evidence for Faith bozos.(Despite Leighton’s many attempts to derail the conversation.) Seriously, that was awesome. Good luck, man! Hope you come back. The new rallying cry of Irreligiosophy should be “FUCK YOU LEIGHTON!”

    PS You should take Korihor up on his offer to restart the podcast. Although he thinks you’d be able to turn a profit on a podcast, so he might be a bit of a crackpot. In fact I’d say he must be. Come back soon!

  40. NOO, Ive just finished listening to all of the pocasts from 1 to 109 I freaken love you guys. Just another listener from the place they call down under.

  41. More than just E4F.

    You let the Wigglian Way outlive you. LEIGHTON HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US

  42. Chris Raiti says:

    Fuck you Chuck and fuck you Leighton. Who the fuck am I gonna listen to now on my train ride into work. I curse your mustaches! I’ll never laugh again. That is all.

  43. No way! I was just listening to one of your Book of Mormon podcasts and thinking how much I hoped you did more of these. Thanks for all the lulz. Good luck in the future.

  44. agentsarahjane D.Irr says:

    I am so sorry…. I could tell your hearts weren’t in it anymore but it was good while it lasted. Your uniqueness was in your chemistry so it won’t be the same with anyone else. Best of luck and happy trails

  45. I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done. I don’t know of any podcast as strong, informative, and entertaining as Irreligiosophy, so losing it is really dissapointing. I’m kinda doubting the non-existence of Jesus right now!

    Hope you can solve all your problems so you and your family can be all right.

    I’ll keep active my itunes subscription and my bookmark to the site to check back from time to time. Hope to hear from you in this or another podcast some time in the future.

    Fuck you and good luck!

  46. ambulocetacean says:

    Wow. I’m spewing. I’m really gonna miss you skunk dicks. I hope you two can be friends again some day.

    Thanks for all the many hours of fun and information. =(

  47. Crap. Is it too late to donate a Hamilton to help cover the debts? I don’t think the beer thing works. Sorry I didn’t donate sooner, but I only found your show a couple of weeks ago. So long bros!

  48. Moggie Magfeline says:

    So so sad in so many ways. You have no idea how much you have enriched my life, you dicks. I have learned so much and laughed so hard and done things I never even contemplated because of your encouragement and support. I have also made good friends that I would never had met had it not been for Irreligiosophy. I will miss the podcasts, but the things I feel worst about are the business and the friendship. What a fucking skunk dick of a way for things to end.

    All the best, good luck, take care of yourself and thank you.

  49. Thanks for the laughs, Chuck, and best of luck moving forward. We’ll all miss you. 🙂

  50. That was supposed to be an encouraging smiley, but the emoticon looks a little smug. Sorry ’bout that.