[irrelig]Episode 109 will be the last Irreligiosophy episode. I’m tired, the business failed (spectacularly), Leighton quit midstream and despite his many promises to pay his share, left me holding the bag for all of the debts we incurred. So I’ll be very busy over the next two to three years working hard to pay those back.

I appreciate everything our listeners have done for us, from all of the feedback (both good and bad), to putting up with our shenanigans and even donating your hard-earned cash to support the site. Thank you very much.

Perhaps Irreligiosophy will return some day, like a skeptical King Arthur in the time of atheism’s greatest need. Or maybe like that other fictional character Jesus, we’ll just keep threatening to come back and never actually do it.

188 Responses to “109: It Is Finished”

  1. Discord.agent says:

    In all seriousness, this show gave me the courage and inspiration to accept my atheism (I never wanted to admit it for some reason) and to come out of the skeptical closet to my friends & family. This show has helped me change my life for the better, and I’ll never be able to repay you guys. I wish you the best of luck on your future ventures, and I hope at some point you two can mend what seemed like a great friendship. Now there’s nothing for me to do but wait until Irreligiosophy’s second coming.


    P.S. is this when irreligiosophy’s schism is supposed to occur?

  2. Matthew, Apostle of Christ & Gospel Writer, D.Irr says:

    And all good things must come to an end.

    Thank you for all that you have done – the education, inspiration, and entertainment. Irregiliosophy may have come to a conclusion as a podcast, but it will continue to live on as a way of life for your 6 or so fans. (8 if you include my cats.) And thank you for the opportunity to have earned my Doctorate in Irreligiosophy. I will continue to carry the title with honors.

    God bless you. (cough, cough). I mean, Sainara.

  3. Hey Guys, I’m a long time listener (since early 2010) and it really bums me out that the podcast has to end like this. I’ve never commented before, but always admired your wit and entertaining education. I was kinda thinking about contacting you guys since I live in the Netherlands and thought you might like to interview somebody who grew up in an atheist country but i guess that is pointless now.

    I was really looking forward to you guys coming back, and you guys breaking up like this breaks my heart. I don’t want to turn against Layton though, ’cause the thing that was most clear about Layton (except for his inability to be politically correct concerning the word retard) is that he is always there for family and you guys certainly seemed like family. This would seem really out of character, but I guess it’s true that sometimes people aren’t logical beings.

    Please don’t break it of guys, you seemed to be really good friends. Please Layton, make up with Chuck, we’ll take you back. Please guys, let this be a joke. I can’t think of anything that proves the non-existence of God anymore then this fantastic podcast ending in such a sad and depressing way.

  4. Fuck you guys says:


  5. Because I don’t want to become a retroactive Skunk Dick I hasten to say that I meant to type Leighton. No, scratch that, just come back and MAKE ME A SKUNK DICK!!
    Come on guys, mock me for not having the brain cells to type or doing a 5 sec google search etc. Please?

  6. Thank you for all the good times. You entertainingly drove down the sales of my books and you were the one podcast I’ve been on that I wouldn’t dare let my mother listen to. You will definitely be missed, and if you ever get a chance to podcast about the subjects you never got to, I promise to be right in there supporting you.

  7. Well that sucks. I’m changing my review- dialing it back to a one star!!

    So long and thanks for all the skunk dicks, and remember it’s doesn’t matter where you go, there you are!

  8. Sorry to hear it. This was one of my favorite podcasts.

    Aside from audio equipment and a domain, what debts have you incurred? I can’t imagine it would cost very much to run a weekly podcast. I’ve thought of doing one myself, except I doubt anyone would listen to it. Blue Snowball microphone = $40. Domain registration = $10. What other costs are there, besides time spent on editing and marketing?

    Anyway, I hope you keep your archives online. You didn’t waste your time. This was a great podcast, and both of you were great co-hosts.

  9. DemiPope Chris says:

    Sorry to hear about the problems that have befallen you. I would like to thank you for the years of dedication to the podcast and the inspiration you have been to me. I hope to carry on your good work at the Church of Awesome. If you ever need an arena to vent, our podcast is always open to you.

  10. AngryBudgie says:

    I feel like a little piece of me died today. This was the podcast that really got me into podcasts. And a little part of me thinks this is a super late April Fool’s.

  11. Abby, I’m assuming the business they’re referring to is their Halloween project, not the podcast. Haunted house real estate costs money; Wikipedia is free.

  12. So sad 🙁 Thanks for all the great and hilarious work you did.

  13. thanks for everything chuck, you will be missed. You’ve got a lot of knowledge to share. I am thankful to have had the privilege of learning from you.

  14. Damn. I was hoping you’d hold a SLC fan party soon. I’ve enjoyed your words. Bummed that it was your turn to get hit with a shit pie. Peace.

  15. Hi Chuck,
    I’ve loved the show and it helped me in becoming the atheist and skeptic I am now.
    I realise that the show was mostly for your own benefit, to help you complete your de-conversion and learn about religion, but thank you for letting us all enjoy the experience with you.
    Sorry to hear things went sour for you, Leighton and the business.
    Best of luck for future and I really hope we do hear from you again if you feel so inclined

  16. Somehow, I knew this would happen. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was my precognition, untestable and wonderful. Or it was just my cynical stance towards every single business venture ever. Even the ones that succeed.

    Hope to see you guys back at some point, and to see all your debts repaid.

  17. Fuck u, fuck u… Can’t remember last time I felt like crying over a podcast (actually, never. No podcast left me feeling like this!). Actually, I do feel like crying. Darn! Too bad about all the crap and I hope Leighton will redeem himself and you two get to work things out. In the meantime, Leighton, you, you…%$#@! (insert worst insult u can think of right here). As for you, Chuck, thanks a bunch! Loved your podcast. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Darn! I’ll have to learn without my dose of irreverent ex-mormon humor!

  18. Queen of Hearts says:

    Thank you for everything guys. you will be missed

  19. Well, I guess nothing last forever. I always looked forward to a new episode of Irreligiosophy. I will keep my iTunes subscription to Irreligiosophy in case you restart it. If you start a new podcast, please post a quick message to the Irreligiosophy feed so that I can give it a try. Best of luck and thanks for all the good podcasts.

  20. Rob The One says:

    In the true spirit of Irreligiosophy and all that you two stand for, I hate you all, I never liked any of your podcasts … in fact, I disliked them so much that I listened to them a second time to confirm and reinforce my disdain. I hope you never come back, and if you do, I will listen once again so that my scorn and derision will be reinvigorated like an engorged phallus. I’ll look forward to seeing you both in Hell where we can swap stories about that Jesus buffoon.

  21. OHDEARGODNO! Please tell me this is some kind of April Fools joke. I just found your podcast last month, loved it, and have been telling everyone I know to listen. Fuck. This podcast helped me seal up the last little bits of religiosity I had in a rusty steal drum and dump it into the swamp of skepticism. Thank you for helping me murder that self-righteous Mormon asshole I used to be. I hope we’ll hear from you again soon, in some form or another.

  22. Chakolate says:

    I’m so sorry the two of you had such a bad time with your project. I will miss the podcast.

  23. Well, there you go. There is no God.

  24. I’ll keep your RSS feed open, hoping you’ll return one day. Even if you don’t, thanks for 108 great episodes… and for the hours upon hours of entertainment and enlightenment. Fuck You.

  25. Kimberly Dutton says:


  26. Zachary Aletheia says:

    I agree with what everyone has said. I have listened to all non-interview podcasts basically to the point where i can recite them from memory. They are hilarious and informative. You will be missed.

  27. The RSS feed is still open, waiting for you to come back. It was a fabulous journey and thank you for everything. Fuck you too

  28. Zachary Aletheia says:

    To everyone who listened is it worth listening to or will it just make me cry?

  29. Great joke… now on with the fucking podcasts!

  30. I just got this feeling that this may not be a joke.

  31. somewhere in greece says:

    Terrible news. This, too, shall pass and I hope better days come sooner rather than later.

  32. Leela the Blessed says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that your friendship is in trouble. You guys were great together, and hopefully you’ll be able to be that way again.

    The greatest acomplishment of my life will always be that you guys said my name on the show.

    Be well.

  33. Damn… that was a kick in the balls! Bye guys. =(

  34. Well. It’s been fun. Best of luck, Chuck, you’ve garnered several years worth of good will from this pocket of the internet and you’ve got a fanbase that isn’t *totally* comprised of whiners and annoying berks. You need but shoot us an email and we good fans shall do everything we can to repay the favor.

  35. Hi Guys,

    Thank you both for the time and work you did for this podcast. I want you to know that it meant a lot to me personally. You may not have scored any ‘conversions’ but I suspect that by being the funny and intelligent voice of atheism you helped strengthened the convictions of many.

    I’m sorry that your personal ventures did not work out. I suspect that many of us would be happy to chip in to help ease the load especially nearing such a holy time of year what with Festivus coming up. Alternatively you could wander over to the Bible Geek podcast and team up with Dr. Price as too cash strapped scripture nerds, begging for donations while you pontificate in terrible and hokey accents.

    Best wishes and thank you again.


  36. Disappointed says:

    Wow! That sucks! Hope to hear a show in the future. ;(

  37. Manolo Matos says:

    You said thank you, but it’s me who should say thank you. Your podcast served as an inspiration to start my own atheist podcast in Spanish called Ateorizar. http://Ateorizar.com. You guys were my favorite podcast (and there are plenty to choose from). I am sad for the end of the podcast, and also the friendship. I hope that if the podcast doesn’t come back, at least you two Breach the gap and become friends. Thanks for the great information, the laughs, the interesting guests and as I said, for the inspiration to start my podcast. What a shitty day this one turned out to be. 🙁

  38. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon it but this was really the first podcast I followed. I’m 26 now and I went to a Christian college and I think I really transitioned out of a lot of my anger through these episodes. I always told my friends you guys weren’t just angry atheists but it seemed a bit like comparative religions, if you could get people on to talk about Hindi, Mormonism, 7th Day Adventists, whatever you would. Sure, we knew your stance but it wasn’t just about let’s hate religion, but it was about let’s think critically about it…which I think you really showed in your Evidence for Faith. I’m sure I’ll be listening to them all again sometime. Good luck to you two, even if your paths separated.

  39. articulett says:

    Your Haunted House looked so awesome! Damn! But I secretly didn’t want it to do well, because I thought if it was successful you’d abandon the podcast.

    And now…


    And I was just thinking how cool it would be if you guys could be a part of freethoughts blogs– they have The Atheist Experience and Reasonable Doubts– but you guys were my favorites.

    Kick Leighton in the balls for me.

  40. Guys, stop blaming Chuck, Leighton or both.

    Clearly Incheol and Pahkdi didn’t work hard enough. Lousy asian child slave labor.

  41. Rnegade87 says:

    No one here wants you guys to go. Surely there’s something we can do to reverse your decision.

  42. ill miss you guys

  43. Shit, shit, shit! Well, at least I had just gotten used to not getting any new episodes. That sucks about Leighton, but I suppose that’s the price for ignoring the common sense that dictates one should never go into business with or live with a good friend. Of course, that’s a bit of common sense I think we’ve all ignored at some point in our lives. If I weren’t in the middle of looking for academic posts and starting up my own podcast for the philosophy department here, I’d gladly offer my (undoubtedly undesired) services as ersatz Leighton. Best of luck to you (Chuck, that is), and go fist yourself, Leighton.

  44. Hey man let me make a donation to pay off some of those debts. I benefitted from hours of entertainment at your expense, its only right I offer to help out when times are hard. Its the moral thing to do. I’m serious. Drop me a line by email.

  45. If this is true, it is a real shame. Irreligiosophy paired two uniquely funny, irreverent, and very different people against the insanity of religion in a no holds bar, politically incorrect, iconoclastic, side splitting lambasting highlighting the ridiculousness of believing without evidence. The podcast was intelligent, informed, ruthlessly logical, hilarious, and unrepentant. I will miss it greatly.

  46. Sad to see the podcast go. You should be proud to have made something so informative yet so utterly contemptuous toward all standards of human decency.

  47. gunsandpickups says:

    Well fuck you both then. I am going back to the Jesus.

    Seriously though thanks for producing a podcast for atheists who spent their time fucking (well trying anyway) and drinking rather than dressing up in spandex and speaking klingon.

  48. Just adding to the masses to say thanks a ton. You guys brought true greatness with your podcasts. I stumbled across Irreligiosophy just a few months after I first got an I-Pod (December 2009). Nearly spilled a drink at a Thai “all you can eat” place in Osaka when I laughed aloud. This was probably the first podcast where I thought “This doesn’t sound like most of the other shit I’ve dug up so far on I-tunes. Better download a few more.” I’ve been a regular listener ever since.

    I’ve listened to a number of them over 5 times. My favorites (in terms of personal enjoyment, not informative content) are: both Jack Chick episodes, Role Playing games, and the original “Podcast Awards” podcast takedowns. Great great stuff…

    I’m an ex-lawyer (still licensed, but fuck that shit) and living in Japan. Sorry I couldn’t find a simple way to donate (horseshit Japanese-language computers and what not). Hell, if either of you or both ever make it to central Japan, send me an e-mail. I’ll buy you a beer, sake or whatever you want.

    Thanks for everything and I hope it all works out for the best.

  49. Just listened to the final episode. Too Much Joy made me all misty eyed. So appropriate for ending that podcast, irreverent, kinda nasty, very silly, and very poignant. No matter what happened at the end, you guys created something great that I think may stand as one of the greats of the podcast medium, and of the new atheist movement. Thanks.