[irrelig]Episode 109 will be the last Irreligiosophy episode. I’m tired, the business failed (spectacularly), Leighton quit midstream and despite his many promises to pay his share, left me holding the bag for all of the debts we incurred. So I’ll be very busy over the next two to three years working hard to pay those back.

I appreciate everything our listeners have done for us, from all of the feedback (both good and bad), to putting up with our shenanigans and even donating your hard-earned cash to support the site. Thank you very much.

Perhaps Irreligiosophy will return some day, like a skeptical King Arthur in the time of atheism’s greatest need. Or maybe like that other fictional character Jesus, we’ll just keep threatening to come back and never actually do it.

188 Responses to “109: It Is Finished”

  1. FalsettoChildOfGod says:

    That’s a shame. Hopefully you and Layton will rebuild your friendship. It was a fun podcast.

  2. I was afraid this was coming. I’ve loved the podcast, and still like listening to ‘reruns.’ Disappointed you’re calling it quits, but understand. I wish you both the best, thank you!

  3. Thank you for keeping the podcast going this long. You’ll be missed.

  4. I was so happy to see there was a new podcast up. Kinda weirded out that it downloaded so fast. Then crushed for the nex two minutes it played. I will forever be gay for you mormons.

  5. seriously chuck, put a donate button back on the page and at least let us defer the cost of keeping the site up and the old episodes online. They’re just too precious to lose. There’s still people out there that can benefit from them.

  6. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    Ironic. Gay penguin couple is being separated. Life can be so poetic.

  7. Well this sucks ass. But best of luck to you both anyway. It was fun to burn through the entire podcast archive while doodling comics and drinking Mad Dog. Thank you.

  8. Like all the others, I think this sucks. But, I thank you for all the hours of entertainment and information. You will be sorely missed and I can’t help but hope for a reconciliation somewhere down the road. When old friends have a shattered relationship, it’s always a sad day. Best of luck to both of you and your families. Hope to hear from you again someday.

  9. Sorry to see this podcast go. Sadly, I am not surprised, I could hear then tension between you guys in the later episodes, especially #108. I will continue to listen to the existing episodes, and I will miss you. Thank you for all the work you’ve put in to this. It was worthy and great.

  10. Discord.agent says:

    Not the gay penguins too!!!

  11. I looked forward to Irreligiosophy more than any other atheist podcast. Thanks so much (and PLEASE keep the episodes you have done up on the web). I do hope that you and Leighton make up. I hope you will post something here if you do.

    Just a suggestion, why not use the website as a blog, a place to vent, even briefly, about whatever religious irritations that you feel like writing about?

  12. Joseph (Winston) Smith says:

    I will really miss your show. Thank you (and thank you to Leighton is he is spying here) for everything. I wish we could meet up in Hell, but it does not exist so I guess this is it.

  13. Art Oefinger says:

    As everyone has said thanks so much for the show. I started listening when you interviewed Tall Penguin. I was immedaitely hooked (I am a recovering JW)
    I am going to start from ANN and listen to them all

  14. …it can’t end this way…

  15. It sounds like a lot of us are willing to make donations, not out of pity, but out of gratitude for the last few years. Chuck, I hope you make this a possibility. At least set up a paypal account and contact those of us who have expressed an interest.

    I’m sorry the business didn’t work out. I hope you enjoy the break, and the time with your family.

    I sincerely hope this is just a “break,” because you’ve got real chops and true talent for radio or podcasting. You’re smart, witty, and you’ve got a great voice for it. I don’t mean to add to the collective dump on Leighton, but the truth is there were plenty of times when I thought that maybe you’d be better off with a different co-host. :-/

    Take a break, enjoy it, but then come back with a vengeance. Sell out a little and do some advertising to help pay the bills for Christ’s sake.

  16. Yeah, I’d like to donate as well. This was always my favorite podcast and I’ve listened to almost every episode several times. This podcast really helped me get in shape as too, though I almost had a bike accident when Leighton said he had been ass-raped, then said he’d rape himself too, since he had the ass of a Greek god.

    Come on Chuck, Leighton has issues, especially past issues being in business with his family etc. Let us raise you some money. It could be like the end of “It’s A Wonderful Life” only without the miracle bit, just a big coincidence.

  17. Albert Wolf says:

    Thankyou for all the laughs, this was one of my favorite podcasts. It will be missed.

  18. Good thing it ended before it turned to shit. Oh wait, too late.

  19. I realize that it must have taken a tremedous investment of your valuable time but what business failed? What investment is required? I am just curious.

    Sorry to hear that you have decided to wrap this up. Irreligiosophy was becoming a must listen for a wide audience of skeptics.

    A follow-up post spilling all the dirt would be greatly appreciated. I’m just going to listen to the podcast now so perhaps you’ve given some adiditonal info. there. Best, TAM.

  20. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    I’d be happy to contribute a Benjamin to help you out Chuck. My wife and I have listened to this podcast since March 2010, and our tithe is long overdue. I imagine you deleted the contribution link so Leighton can’t lay claim to any of that money. So please contact those of us who are willing to contribute and provide us with your Paypal info. No shame, man. You deserve it.

  21. I actually removed the donation link about a week or so back because I didn’t want people donating to a site which I was pretty sure wouldn’t be putting out any more content. I have been overwhelmed with requests to restore the donation button at least temporarily, but I feel bad about accepting money and not giving anything back in return.

    I’ll have to think about it.

  22. Irreligiosophy was my first ever athiest podcast, and I went on to many others because of it. But this remained my favorite, especially because it made me laugh so damn hard. It is the only podcast where I listen to old episodes over and over again. Best ones? The masturbatIon episode, of course (I remember listening on headphones at the office, and having to swich it off because I was starting to laugh to much in the otherwise quiet room!), the Crazy Bible Stories, and of course the infamous Rudolph episode. Solid, godless gold.
    I too hope that you guys come back. Your show was unique, and stood out from the rest.

  23. I’ll never forget the countless hours spent on the original Mount & Blade game with the music muted and playing all of your old irreligiosophy episodes in the background. Those were some good days.

    R.I.P Irreligiosophy
    Sorely missed, but never forgotten.

  24. crazedcatlady says:

    so i’m not the only one who got screwed over by leighton…shocker… 😛
    best of luck to ya chuck!

  25. crazedcatlady says:

    wrong face…

  26. Chuck, I’d also love to donate to at least keep the old podcasts and forums up. If you could use folks to help pitch in with the hosting, please let us. ^^

  27. I can’t even imagine how much time you guys have put into this over the past few years. By far my favorite podcast out there, it will be missed.

    Thank you for all the hard work. Thank you for giving the voice of reason a voice. And thank you for reminding me there are some who still value cognitive integrity – and penis jokes.

    Take care!

  28. I was so excited to see my favorite podcast have a new episode, just to be crushed by a 2 min “ending”. What I dont understand is you said the business was going well on the update. What happened that made the haunt flop? Restore the donate button, Id like to make a donation to the podcast, the haunted house, leightons debt… whatever.

  29. chuck, dont think of it as taking donations and not giving anything in return. You gave up front, we skunk dicks are just a little late in getting our dues in.

  30. ryrybread says:

    Wow, I am speechless. That is why I write. Thanks for everything Chuck and Leighton… it’s by far my favorite podcast.

    Chuck, I may be a poor student, but I’m willing to donate something to help out. Even if you just need a beer!

    Good luck with everything you two.



  31. kentman71 says:

    So sorry to see you go. Thanks for everything.

  32. Barbara Treadwell says:

    I’ll third or fourth or fifth or whatever for restoration of our donation privileges. Chuck, I’ve never met you, but you’ve been a guest in my home many times. Put the donation button back up. As one friend to another, and as thanks for all of the laughs and fun times, I’d really like to buy you a beer for your trouble.

  33. Thanks so much for everything, Chuck and Leighton. I know it doesn’t mean much from a pseudonymous stranger on the Internet, but you both have my fondest wishes and I really hope that the friendship so many of us got to witness some small part of can be repaired.

    So it goes.

  34. Rocco the squirrel says:

    Hi Chuck,

    I would have sent this privately, but I’m sure your in-box has been inundated.
    What you and leighton did was much more important than you may realize. You need to read at least the first quarter of this book –
    Join the Club: How Peer Pressure Can Transform the World, by Tina Rosenberg.

    Movements die without leaders. You were a leader who inspired others to become leaders among their peers. You helped us to cast off the fear and shame we felt for being different. We wanted to be like you. We wanted to be your friend. That is the magic that makes movements work, and you have it. Just like I did with the old George Carlin records I had in high school, I took your jokes and observations and repeated them to my friends to make them laugh. We all did that. Your words had a reach beyond just the podcast.

    Among the young — the most important demographic for anyone trying to affect change — you were far more effective than Dawkins, Hitchens and their ilk. You made people laugh while helping them learn. That’s incredibly powerful. If you want to break the stranglehold that religion has on our society, then build on the significant accomplishment you’ve already achieved. Please read that book.

    I hope we cross paths sometime. And I hope to hear your voice on the air sometime too, beyond podcasting. The world needs you brother! People like you have the power to heal the world from its terrible mental illness! You’re a doctor, dammit, show us the greedy side we all know you doctors have. Get off your pride and let us pay you for your services (and pay down Leighton’s debts too. We also owe him, you know…)

    One last thing – Don’t you get it man! You abandoned us to run off with some two-bit “haunted house” whore, and she dumped you. But we don’t care. We forgive you and we want you back. We’ll even pay off the jewelry and new car you bought that bitch too. Man, if that isn’t love, then what is it? (pathos maybe?)

    Whatever. Now go get some rest. We’ll be here in the loosely tied nightgown and half empty bottle of wine when you’re ready.

  35. Sad news, thank you for everything, especially all the laughs. Your podcast was one of the first ones i listened once i quit church and kept me sane through all the shit. Chuck I hope to hear you again when/if you’re up to it again (maybe on the second law with joemma that would be cool)


    Goodbye Chuck, Goodbye Leighton.
    Goodbye everyone.

  36. AbbeyRoad says:

    This is 90% as shitty as when my best friend from childhood moved away.

    It actually might be worse. We were 6. Mud pies cannot compare to the ONE TRUE PODCAST.

    I love this podcast so much, this news ruined my day.

    Best wishes. Hoping you return someday, in the twinkling of an eye…

    Fuck you, (with love), a fan.

  37. Hey, Chuck, I’ll also volunteer if you need a co-host… you know for the future when you get a hankerin’ for being back “on the air.” I’m an ex-mormon, skeptic, atheist, humanist (going on two decades without religion!) living in Salt Lake County.
    If all else fails to convince Irreligiousophy to come back, maybe some of us could start up an “Irreligiousophy Memorial Podcast” and discuss our memories or “The Unauthorized Irreligiousophy 2 Podcast.” I’m no where near as knowledgeable on mormon doctrine after being gone for so long, and I’m not up-to-speed on most of the bible, but I can bring the Star Trek, and Babylon 5 knowledge that is so important to the show.
    I really hope this thing with Leighton is overblown. Were there mitigating circumstances for him bailing? If not, he better sack up and bring the skrilla.
    Just remember, jesus h christ himself is carrying you through this rough patch… or was he killed by an iron chariot hundreds of years back? I don’t recall.

  38. Well ballZ.

    Like someone else mentioned, this was also my first atheist webcast, and led me to a lot of others, most of them not in the same league, and to The Bible Geek, which is one I couldn’t live without. It’s even where I first head of Pharyngula, which in turn lead me to some of my favorite blogs I read now. Most importantly, you gave my ferret a doctorate. She actually passed away last month- maybe it was a sign from the great jerk in the sky.

    Like someone also mentioned already, I hope you consider keeping the blog and using it. There are no shortage of atheist blogs or webcasts, but there are a shortage of entertaining ones. It may never be the same without Leighton, but I valued your thoughts on science and the bible and all that shit. Hope you’ll still put them out there in some way. You do great interviews, so maybe a new podcast just doing interviews like Think Atheist and Conversations From the Pale Blue Dot? Even if it was on an irregular basis, it’d still be great. You could just bull-shit with Dr. price every week, that’d be awesome.

  39. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this podcast, I will miss you Chuck. As for Leighton, well, meh.

    I’m going to go continue weeping softly in my corner now.

  40. i think we all knew somehow that Leighton would be the eventual death of the show. I dont know why we’re all so surprised.

    Anyway thanks Chuck for all the laughs and for making me feel a little less alone as an atheist in Utah.

    May the gay penguin live forever in your devoted fans shriveled black hearts.

  41. Very sorry to see the show end; Think it was PZ that first tuned me into you guys, now I’ll have to go back and download the earlier shows I skipped over. I always looked forward to new Irreligiosophy eps and would listen to them FIRST before any of my other atheist shows….I loved that your show was rude & crude but also incredibly well-researched and thought out…at the same time. Kinda blew my mind.

    Just a thought, but I would LOVE it if Chuck would consider approaching the Chariots of Iron guys…I love Eli & Lamar, but that show just hasn’t been the same since they stopped being their own “Four Horsemen” act (with Brother Richard & Joe, who went to do their own thang on Atheist News, which is also now on hiatus apparently)…before I found Chuck & Leighton, I rolled with the Chariots of Iron, and those 4 dudes were f*cking hilarious with great chemistry. Irreligiosophy got awesome about the same time Chariots of Iron started to jump the shark a bit. And I’m sure I laughed hardest for Irreligiosophy…funnier than any other atheist podcast out there.

    I would even giggle at the way you’d blind call interview subjects out of the blue, from John Loftus to Richard Price and just launch right into the show and let the interviewee stumble and get with the program PDQ. You Dicks 😉

    But before anything else, Chuck, DO indeed take some much deserved time off…you sound burned out and understandably so. Maybe do a few guest appearances on The Second Law (hopefully that one will keep going!) … or other parts of the atheist internets.
    Chuck, you were definitely the brains of the operation…and you could still go toe to toe with Leighton in terms of crude jokes and humor.

    The naively hopeful part of me remembers that line from the musical CHICAGO, where Renee Zellweger’s character says to her rival “But we hate each other!!” and the rival says “Baby, in show biz, that’s the one biz where THAT….doesn’t matter!”

  42. Fuck

  43. primeordinal says:

    So very sorry this happened 🙁

    Please put the paypal button back. What you’re giving in return is all the hours of enjoyment I’ve already had and never paid for, and also (I hope) keeping the site up and the podcasts available. They’re treasures!

  44. Chuck,
    I only came across your show about 2 months ago. I almost instantly liked it. I’m truly sorry to see you go and hope that you will be back some time. Thank you for the many laughs and all the information. As im sure you can see with all the comments above, you will be missed.
    Again, thank you for everything

  45. If in anyway possible, please continue the podcast when you have had a long and well-deserved break. You were always the star of Irreligiosophy and you can find another sidekick, perhaps someone who does more work as well. Leighton was ok in the beginning, but the being “lazy and stupid” got tiresome in the long run.
    Whatever you decide to do, thank you (and Leighton) for all those super-interesting podcasts!

    Mathias, Finland

  46. Chris in Awestraya says:



  47. Han Solo Says Relax says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! This is the saddest thing I’ve ever read!

  48. 2Moral4God says:

    Yours was the first podcast I ever listened to and had always remained one of my favorites. I sincerely felt grief come over me when I realized there would be no more. Thanks Chuck for all your hard work, and I hope in future you’ll be able to return to this amazing podcast. You will be missed.

  49. Chuck,

    Put the donate button back on (even though I fucking hate Paypal). You’ve already given, this would be payment in return. Remember we don’t have to be religous to know what is the right thing to do. You spent hundreds of hours on podcasts….time for pay day!