[irrelig]Surprise! Kirk Hastings’ recent email drew me out of (semi-)retirement. After recovering from those withering electronic insults, I sat down with expert Hovindologist Matt W to review Hastings’ magnum opus, “What Is Truth?” We examined his many and varied claims about truthology, and how they relate to science and most especially “Darwinism.” In this episode — part one of a three-part series — we discuss Kirk’s conversion process and his absolutely unshocking failure to grasp even the basic principles of science and mathematics while he attempts to take down Darwinism. This series could also be entitled, “We read Kirk Hastings’ shitty rehashed creationist screed so you don’t have to.”

Kirk does get an A for effort, though, and should he succeed in his quest to demolish Darwin’s theory of evil-ution, he may ultimately end up with a Nobel Prize. History (or maybe the next episode, where we finish talking about the science portion of his book) will have to render a verdict on that score.

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  1. Cool!!!

  2. Can’t wait to hear my Trademark style of awkward pauses, talk overs, and yes’s! Also, I might’ve fallen asleep once.

  3. DrPhlebas says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!

  4. HappyLady says:


  5. Thank you chuck.

  6. Yea! Can’t wait to listen!

  7. Mike the unfaithful says:

    Oh my GOD!!!!

    (pun completely intended)


    SO happy to see this is one of three

  8. This is an amazing event, thanks Chuck!

  9. This is the best fucking news since like 10 minutes ago. Thanks Chuck!

  10. Citizen Wolf says:

    Will download it as soon as I can get to an internet connection outside of work.
    Woooo Whooooo

  11. Cunningham! says:

    Well, this certainly came as a happy surprise.

  12. morguegirl says:

    Awesome!! Thanks Dr. Chuck Can’t wait to listen

  13. Fuck you Kirk you dirty cock sucker!!!

    Oh man, that is just too good! He contradicted his own introduction in a book about truth.

    I think he must be R.E. tarded.


  15. A new show! Woop woop!

  16. somewhere in greece says:

    *does happy dance* I do feel slightly guilty though that I am now happy because you have suffered at the hands of Kirk Hastings’ abysmal understanding of what science is

  17. Jack Pollock says:

    Oh my god! And here I was feeling like a fucking tool, obsessively checking this site in the vain hope of a new episode. Wait a minute that still makes me a tool – but thanks for the episode! I can’t wait to hear it!!

  18. primeordinal says:

    Another tool here, always checking the site “just in case.” Sometimes the one true dog says Yes, sometimes No, and sometimes Wait.


  19. mikekoz68 says:

    A new Irreligiosity!!! Well sorta, can it really be called Irrelgiosity without Leighton? Sure it can but its not the same,but it was still awesome- new guy Matt did a great job and Chuck, what can be said about Chuck? Chuck’s the best, keep the shows coming!

  20. OMG, I’m so happy right now I could cry. (yeah I know – I’m easy!) THANK YOU!!

  21. When I heard the now familiar homo-erotic trance music intro to the new podcast, I cried a little too.

  22. Is there gonna be a fight now for the undisputed “one true podcast”? Imaginary friends show tuk yer job! 🙂

  23. Yay!!!

  24. ryrybread says:

    My emotion right now is, Happy.

  25. His email to you seems awfully prideful. Isn’t that kind of a sin in his faith?

  26. Fuck You!!!!!

  27. EtherBunny says:

    awesome to have you back! tell your hovindologist i think he sounds cute and i’d do a 2-year mission with him ANYTIME!

  28. Jay (stronger now) says:


  29. YAY! And I can’t wait for unapologetics.

  30. articulett says:


  31. There is a god because you are back!!

  32. Still think the show shoul have resurrected with Sean, Leighton’s brother, as co-host. He would just awkwardly interject, “I …didn’t agree to talk about this.”

  33. I’m so excited I could shit

  34. Randy Marsh Rocks says:

    Awesome! The One True Podcast lives on. I think Matt did a great job. Now I’ll be obsessively checking for new podcasts every day. Wonder if anyone has broken the news to Kirk Hastings that God hates him? I think the probability of that is 1.

  35. It’s really disturbing Hastings is flogging the Meister “footprint”. The criticism of that print has been extant for years, if not decades. Geez. When evaluating truth, you usually raise your claim, consider the objections to your claim, and then respond as to why those objections are not valid. If Hastings can’t even do this most basic, basic, aspect of scholarship, he has no business setting himself up as some truth guru.

    An amusing aside, these same prints are used by Michael Cremo (crank archeologist) to “prove” humanity has been around for hundreds of millions of years (vs 6,000). Love to see these two geezers go three rounds over how they can both haul out the same (discredited) evidence and arrive at the polar opposite conclusions.


  36. Your review of What Is Truth? just went live on Amazon.com.

    1 Star
    Hastings would not know truth if it bit his ankle, August 30, 2012
    By Charles Morrison (South Jordan, Utah USA)

    This review is from: What Is Truth?: A Handbook for Separating Fact from Fiction in a Propaganda-Filled World (Paperback)

    This book uses the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics to argue against evolutionary theory, which is pretty much all you need to know about it. The first half is simply a rehashing of long-debunked creationist criticisms of evolution with no original thought. The second half is a combination of “Why my version of Christianity is the One True Version” and a lengthy, completely irrelevant attack piece on “Inherit the Wind.” The section on propaganda cites … wait for it … Ann Coulter. Unironically.

    This “book” is expensive and utterly useless. I’d recommend you spend your $25 on something more meaningful and relevant, like porn.

  37. Chuck, this episode was simply delightful! Your humorous tone and juicy sarcasm has been sorely missed. I hope there are more episodes (after the 3-parter) in the near future.

  38. Citizen Wolf says:

    YaY, new podcast – there is a dog after all 🙂

  39. I don’t understand why the hell Hastings had to write that book. Man, just give us a transcript of that 5-hour conversation and every last one of us will become christians by sunday, just in time to go to church!

  40. I am glad to see you return to form for the listening audience. I hope to hear many more in the future. You and Matt make a great team.

  41. Discord.agent says:

    Randy, you’re wrong. The probability is actually 10^50.

  42. Can’t wait to hear this. I have been looking for other podcasts to replace Irreligiosophy
    but nothing beats THE ONE TRUE PODCAST.

  43. Thanks Chuck!

  44. The return od rthe one true love 🙂

  45. and that’s how excited I was that I got all sausage fingers and made up new words

  46. WMccreery says:

    it’s the second coming!

  47. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    Good stuff if not for the whiney voices.

  48. Wow, it’s like a family reunion in here. Hello, everyone I haven’t seen in 9 months!

  49. Citizen Wolf says:

    Hey, seeing as we’re having a reunion, how about a joke. (Apologies to those that know this one already, but I only heard it a couple of days ago).

    Q: What’s the difference between religion and superstition?
    A: The spelling


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