[chuck]Well, Kirk Hastings has noticed our recent podcast series. He gave his own book a 5 star review on Amazon, with the following commentary:

★★★★★ READERS PLEASE NOTE!, September 1, 2012
By Kirk Hastings

Please note: For the interests of all fair-minded people out there, I would like to point out that almost ALL of the reviews posted here so far about my book have been put there by a coordinated group of disgruntled atheists at Irreligiosophy.com, a website dedicated to insulting and putting down anyone who believes in God. You will notice that all of these reviews contain nothing specific about what is in my book, but only generalized insults and condescending name-calling, which are the kinds of “reviews” the Irreligiosophy people specialize in. These people are principle-less haters, and full of prejudice, bias, and bigotry. Check out their website if you don’t believe me. Don’t be fooled by this biased hypocrisy.

Note that we’re not unprincipled, just “principle-less.” Kirk has now copy-pasted this “review” as a reply to every 1-star review on his book. Considering the material in the book itself, that seems so … appropriate.

Anyway, look for part 2 of our biased and hypocritical review on Tuesday.

20 Responses to “The gift that keeps on giving”

  1. Hastings called you coordinated? He’s either a liar or a lunatic. But it was nice to hear that old, familiar, shrill…music?… signaling a new episode. Great review, too. Both of you. Can’t wait until Tuesday.

  2. In addition to downvoting the replies to his “review,” Kirk just took on his critics:

    Kirk Hastings says:
    You’re a liar, Jeffy. And a totally dishonest one at that.

    Because usually liars are known for their honesty?

    Kirk Hastings says:
    You’re a parrot and a lair. Nothing here was posted by any of my friends. Get a life.

    Kirk, I know it’s hard to miss because FOR OVER A YEAR IT WAS THE ONLY REVIEW OF YOUR BOOK ON AMAZON, but here’s a reminder:

    5 Stars, A Must Read Book, January 20, 2011
    I read this book when it first came out because the author is an old friend of mine.

  3. “Get a life” says someone who reviews his own book. Love the irony.

  4. Egads… someone who critiqued Kirk Hastings book is both a parrot and a “lair”.

    (So when is he going to start praising you, Chuck, for helping his book sell like hotcakes?)

  5. Yeah, where’s the thanks for all this publicity?

  6. St Aelphaba says:

    First post – please be kind.

    I spend an enjoyable couple of hours reading and responding on Mr Hastings book on Amazon. A friend loaned my the book and then sent me over to read the reviews when the fun ones started. I left one too, so now I am apparently a member of your cult. Who knew?

    Anyway, I appreciated the reference to this site by Mr Hastings. My google-fu is not the greatest and this is the first I have come here. I have listened to just a few of the earlier podcasts and I am impressed sir. I hope that you will keep up the good work and if you move to a new podcast, I will be following.

    Excellent work sir and I salute you. I will know stock up on wine and popcorn and return to Amazon later to enjoy the show.

  7. You know what would be hilarious? Challenging Kirk to marshal up some neutral party readers to post honest reviews of the book.

  8. Oh yeah, and the delicious hypocrisy of accusing you of dealing only in generalized insults and name-calling, and then doing that precise thing the very next sentence

  9. Chuck, I was so glad to hear your dulcet tones again! Loved Matt’s input as well. Isn’t this guy a twat nugget?!? What a piece of work…

  10. somewhere in greece says:

    *shakes head* He sent you a copy for you to review and then he gets pissed because you review it?

    This is starting to get into DSM-IV territory.

  11. Here’s the thing, I personally did not write a review of the book, because I didn’t read it.

    It will not be reading it in the future for the same reason that I will not be reading any of Dinesh’s writings, or Michael Behe – the previous materials from the author’s do not warrant further evaluations of the current materials. If I taste crap in a pie that I am eating, I do not need to taste subsequent pieces to validate there is crap in those also.

    Previous comments, postings from Hastings have exhibited a complete lack of any ability on his part to use the OTF in his thought process.

    The first review of “What is Truth” was awesome Chuck and Matt. I look forward to listening to the second later today.

    I have also decided that “twat nugget” needs to be added to my daily vernacular. Thanks Annie! 🙂

  12. Kirk’s 3 questions every “dawrinist” and atheist needs to answer. Geez.


  13. Damn you Karl! I am now dumber for having read the 3 questions. It actually lowered my intelligence.

  14. The exchange was a good one though!

  15. Jack Pollock says:

    I think Kirk means unprincipleful.

  16. Will download tonight and listen!

  17. Well, I hadn’t reviewed his book, but after reviewing it himself I guess I should.

  18. Citizen Wolf says:

    Yesterday I followed that link that Karl posted and left a comment to Mr hastings rubbish.

    Today the page no longer seems to be there. Probably totally coincidental to my post but I’ll nevertheless take the credit for driving Mr hastings away 🙂

  19. Kirk’s latest post, a reply to my review:

    Chuck, your “review” is just as ignorant and hate-filled as your website is. Guess I’ll be “helpful” again here and mention that there now happens to be a FB page that specifically questions Irreligiosophy’s intellectually dishonest tactics (like all the fake “reviews” you’ve had your mindless minions post here recently in order to artificially lower the ratings of my book). Incidentally, if you’re so smart, when are YOU going to write a book giving us YOUR “evidence” for atheism? (What there is of it.)