[irrelig]Continuing our hard-hitting inquiry into the nature of Truth with Kirk Hastings as our guide, we cover the following chapters: “Sixteen Additional Problems with Darwinian Evolution,” “What Does Microbiology Indicate?”, “Is the Concept of Intelligent Design Scientific?”, and “Superstition, Philosophy, and Religion.”

Do Kirk’s arguments fare any better than they did in the last episode? Could they possibly fare any worse? Has he gained any scientific understanding at all? Does Chuck answer more of your questions from Facebook?

Find out here.

And if you can’t get enough of those lovable Evidence 4 Faith guys, check out Joe and Emma’s E4F takedown podcast on Meat Mutant.

40 Responses to “112: What Is Truth? II”

  1. somewhere in greece says:


  2. Woo hoo! It’s so nice to hear you again, Chuck. I was finally able to listen to part I last night, and you and Matt were great!

  3. Citizen Wolf says:

    Thanks Chuck šŸ™‚

  4. I felt really happy when i saw that this new episode came out.

  5. Ah, so that’s it. We just need to get Kirk better documentaries.

  6. Chuck, how about a wine?
    Next time your in New Zealand I mean.

  7. You’re

  8. I remember learning about chirality in high school as part of the AP Biology course I took.

    I guess my teacher and the scientists who wrote the textbook we used didn’t get the memo from the Evilutionist Cabal saying that they weren’t supposed to talk about it.

  9. kikkoman114 says:

    Where’s the donation button? I feel compelled to tithe.

  10. Jay (stronger now) says:

    I miss the “skunk dick of the week.” Did that go with (He who shall not be named)?

  11. Chuck! I’m so glad that you’re podcasting again and I hope you will keep it up!!

  12. Jack Pollock says:

    Great shows! I just got to listen to them both, one after the other on my iPod. I can’t tell you what a joy that is.

  13. Discord.agent says:

    The unfortunate thing about these last two podcasts is that they make me want to buy Kirk’s book so I can revel in the regurgitated stupidity.

  14. @ Leela: I’ve tried many wines, I didn’t really like any of them. Maybe they taste better on the part of the world that’s upside down?

    @ kikkoman114: I’ll put it up when I start Unapologetics.

    @ Jay: no time for Skunk Dicks, sorry.

    @ Discord: Don’t buy it. After this podcast series is done, we’ll set up a list where I’ll loan out one of my copies. Maybe Matt (who has my other copy) will bring it back so I can loan out two at once, and double the misery.

  15. Not that I’m whoring after other podcasts, or anything, but RadioLab touches on chirality in their episode “Desperately Seeking Symmetry”. It’s an interesting listen.

    PS – Is it really “whoring” though, if the One True Podcast already cast us off??

  16. It felt like Kirk’s stupidity was causing you actual physical pain at a few points in the podcast. This pleases me.

  17. @Chuck
    Have you actually bought two copies of the book and spent $50? No wonder the guy says they’re selling like hotcakes.

  18. @Jen

    After listening to a podcast so inimitably glorious, one can only fall into shameless, desperate whoring. It’s like the Louis C.K. joke where there was some material so devastatingly hilarious it ruins your life and makes you spend the rest of your days picking shit and leaves out of your hair. That’s the only reason an Irreligiosophite should listen to other podcasts (including my own)

  19. somewhere in greece says:

    @Chuck: can’t really fault you for not liking beer, the mainstream beers in the US leave much to be desired. Microbreweries are a better bet.

    (listened to the podcast while having a lovely lager btw).

    How do you feel about caipirinha? is this something you would consent to sharing with you listeners?

  20. @ Jen: Yes. Yes it is.

    @ a.m.n.: Kirk sent me the first copy for free (well, in exchange for a couple of pro-evolution books I sent him). I bought the second so that Leighton and I would each have a copy to work from, but now Matt is the “beneficiary” of that purchase.

    @ somewhere in greece: I don’t know what that is, but I’ll try anything once.

  21. In every caipirinha recipeĀ there are 4 ingredients: cachaƧa, lime, sugar and ice.

    Yes. Count me in.

  22. @Gliblord and Chuck:

  23. hanging head in repentent shame…

  24. @Chuck – You really had to want the take down to resort to o-chem. I laud you for it. Great episode. Currently reading “The Greatest Show on Earth”, the contrast between it and “What is Truth?” is stunning.

  25. Lucy Harris says:

    So, Kirk’s thesis on The Truth is that truth is whatever the first creationist book he reads says. Can’t argue with common sense.

    My favorite part of his Amazon bio is “Since then Kirk has continued to have a number of letters published on the editorial pages of various newspapers and magazines (both local and national) on a variety of moral, ethical and political topics, as seen from a Christian and Biblical viewpoint.”

    It’s nice that he has writing letters to the editor to fall back on.

  26. Lucy Harris says:

    Oh man, I can’t stop laughing. Here is Keith C. Kendrex’s review. The C is for Comedy.

    If only more people would search for truth the way author Kirk Hastings did — by being completely open to the evidence no matter where it leads. Even if it leads away from the established secular view of life and it’s endless (though empty) pleasure seeking. Kirk shows the importance of critical thinking and using logic to analyze what we are being sold as “truth” today. The section on propaganda is worth the price of the book! I found the section on Evolution very compelling and heavily researched. It’s a great summary of many of the main arguments. This book will be hated by the village atheists who will want to stop it from being read at any cost because it exposes the shallowness of their ideas.

  27. @Lucy – Hahaha, yeah it’s like they think we are all having a lifelong orgy on top of copies of the Origin of Species while snacking on fetuses.

  28. Giddy Alba says:

    I am soooooooo darn happy to have you back, Chuck! So happy that I could fall on my knees and thank the lord…LOL!
    In all seriousness, it’s really good to hear your comments again. There are good podcasts out there but yours, yours make me laugh so darn hard!

  29. Citizen Wolf says:

    Hey, I’m with you Chuck, I hate the taste of alcohol too. And I grew up in Ireland where those who don’t drink usually fall under one of 3 categories
    1) Religious abstentionists (not me)
    2) Recovering alcoholics (not me)
    3) Those who suffered abuse at the hands of alcoholics (not me).

    I remember one guy who took great offence with me because he just couldn’t believe that I didn’t like the taste of alcohol. He was so fond of drink that he couldn’t get his mind around the fact that there could be people that find the taste of it objectionable. He was sure I fell into one of the aforementioned categories. *sigh*

  30. Citizen Wolf says:

    BTW, can I get one of those fancy backgrounds for whenever I post?

  31. Hey Chuck,
    Out of curiosity, how many downloads have your recent episodes had? Are you considering resuming the irreligiosophy cast, or is this just a swan song before the much anticipated unapologetics?

  32. Holy fuck, Chuck, it’s up!

    This is the apex of the irreligiosophy podcast. Or at least I presume it will be. I think I might listen now even though it’s 5 am. Fuck, Chuck, you rhyme.

  33. Citizen Wolf says:

    Feck me, after a face like that I won’t be making that request again!

    I guess I’ll just have to imagine a cool background with my posts, just that the one that’s around this post right now. It’s much better than the background to your posts by the way. :p

  34. Out of curiosity, how many downloads have your recent episodes had?
    Just looked it up: 22,000 for part 1, 8,000 for part 2. Apparently being off the air for the last 10 months brought us down from our peak. Who would have guessed?

    Are you considering resuming the irreligiosophy cast, or is this just a swan song before the much anticipated unapologetics?
    So far the plan is to close up shop here after this series is done and start up with Unapologetics. But I seem to change my mind on a daily basis.

  35. Either way I look forward to the grating sound of your voice once again gracing the internet with some regularity.

  36. Floyd McDaniel says:

    Excommunicated just for asking about other podcasts?!?! That’s even MORE dogmatic than Catholicism or Islam, therefore Irreligiosophy is clearly the one true podcast.

    P.S. FUCK YOU!

  37. I made some CD’s of all the apocryphal podcasts I have been listening to, took them out to the backyard and had a good old fashioned bonfire. Sacrificed to the one true podcast.

  38. awwww no Beer!?! Its all good. how about you let me in on the podcast to watch the Inherit the Wind movie.


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