113: “WIT” III: The Reliability of the Bible

The next chapter in our continuing series on “How Dumb Can Arguments for Christianity Get?” is live! The answer: pretty dumb indeed. We cover Kirk’s gaffes on the manuscript evidence for the Old and New Testament, discuss the Amazon reviews for “What Is Truth?”, dramatically re-enact some of Kirk’s Irreligiosophy comics, and engage in serious literary criticism of one of Kirk’s fan fiction stories.

All that packed into one hour of juicy podcasttainment. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

44 Responses to “113: “WIT” III: The Reliability of the Bible”

  1. Mike the unfaithful says:

    can’t wait!

  2. I love you chuck, seriously. Thanks for doing this. As a means of repayment, I’m going to write a Kirk Hastings/Charles Morrison story.

  3. I have just finished editing our Hastings Fan Fic takedown…..wonder if we reviewed the same stories? Can’t wait to find out.

  4. BTW, I think you left a few letters out before “WIT” in the title…..

  5. Discord.agent says:

    I think it’s humorous that the title of the Podcast is “wit” when Kirk has an apparent lack of it.

  6. somewhere in greece says:

    Oh no, it’s way too late here to start listening, I ought to have already gone to sleep. Well, first thing in the morning then.

    Apropos of nothing, I found this page of a self-publishing author (who is rather successful from the looks of her amazon rankings) giving advice to other authors. As a drinking game, down a shot every time you see something Kirk hastings has done wrong.


  7. Oh sweet Jesus.

  8. Another episode! Can’t wait to listen Love ya Chuck

  9. We (JoEmma and me as the expert Hastingsologist) also did Journey Back Into Time. kbmast I’ll point you to the thread “to so called fans of the show” for some inspiration:

  10. Hey now, I personally spoke to Tiamat in my prayer time this morning.

  11. somewhere in greece says:

    Well, I thought “fuck sleep” and listened to the episode anyway.

    Coincidentally, today I was listening during normal waking hours the podcasts about the plagiarism of Babylonian religion and Enuma Elish etc. If kirk Hastings had listened to the podcast before writing the book, maybe there wouldn’t be so much egg on his face now.

    Also, the fanfic just about killed me.

  12. It was an obvious come on, even for 65 AD.

  13. Discord.agent says:

    Once I was hiking in the Texas hill country. I came across a small pond. Sitting on the edge of the pond was an old biker dude, and in his lap was a younger biker dude’s head bobbing up and down on the older man’s cock. Kirk’s story was gayer than that.

  14. Don’t tell Kirk that one of his beloved Superman’s most recent creators is raving mad Scottish pagan magician! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grant_Morrison

  15. lol… that cartoon was painfully hilarious.

  16. Citizen Wolf says:

    C’mon admit it Chuck, there’s a bromance going on between you and Kirk.

  17. My nipples get hard every time I think of Kirk. I hope he feels the same way about me.

  18. Citizen Wolf says:

    OMG, just like somewhereingreece, I was supposed to be in bed an hour ago but then saw the new podcast. I started listening to that and heard about Kirks FB page so was then compelled to go and check it out. LOL, it’s brilliant. I actually really like the artwork. And I actually reackon that the whole thing is really a brilliant satire by Kirk in which he’s secretly mocking those who mock people who rely on critical thinking to inform themselves about the universe around us. I mean, c’mon, it’s all so uber crazy that it can’t be anything else. Surely this is all something cooked up by Chuck and Kirk as a weird social experiment. God, it’s brilliant. šŸ™‚

  19. Discord.agent says:

    I sense some Chuck on Kirk fan fic coming on.

  20. Emma, When will then next Meat Mutant be up?

  21. Yeah Emma! I can’t wait for the fanfic section.

  22. You said it was edited, now post the thing, GOD DAMMNIT! I know you are probably sleeping now, but that is no excuse!

  23. Chuck,
    We all know that you have been through some had times as of late. Personal, and especially financial hard times are always a test of motivation, and character.
    With that in mind, i want to thank you. Your recent spree of awesome has energized this community, and i hope you as well. The gratitude from the community is expressed in our commitment to you, and your cause.
    You were asked on the “hoi polloi” episode where you saw the cast in five years. Your response was saddening, yet acceptable. I will tell you now though; in five years, the people you have influenced will not, and never will forget the impact of your willingness to educate, and influence people like myself.
    My father ( as a minister in my youth, and a vocal atheist in my adulthood) taught me to have a critical mental faculty. You have taught us both that it is the right thing to vocally deny the ignorance of most theists.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Derrick Neese.

  24. Thanks, Derrick. That means a lot to me.

  25. Citizen Wolf says:

    Jeezalmighty, I got banned from Kirk’s FB page. Tsk, I even told him that I liked his comic art (I honestly did).

    Ok, sure, I added in a few extra comments, such as he shouldn’t let the naysayers get him down, and that all geniuses suffer some ridicule. I even favorably compared his artwork to Van Gogh, and cautioned him about listening to voices and using sharp implements. Sharp implements and crazy art geniuses never go well together. And what do I get for all my good charitable work? A banning.

    Tsk, Iā€™m most indignant.

  26. Fuck you, Chuck for all the laughs these past few days!

  27. Praise be to Glidlord. Thanks!

  28. Awesome to hear you again! Thanks. ^_^

    …but… the specific fanfic is now missing? Tragic!

  29. Discord.agent says:

    Kirk took it down after people left “pornographic” reviews, specifically Chuck’s review which highlighted the homoeroticism.

  30. My nipples get hard when I think about Kirk thinking about Chuck thinking about Kirk thinking about Kierkegaard.

    Kinky, kinky Kierkegaard.

  31. Does Kirk think that Jesus is Superman?

  32. I’ve just checked your website only to discover that your back. Hurrah! Don’t stop. we need you and, although they don’t know it yet, Kent Hovind and that other fecker Hastings need you too. Anyway, hurrah!!

  33. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    Speaking of comics, fan fiction, superheroes, and Jesus. Someone really needs to reboot the Jesus franchise b/c there are way too many plot holes, contradictions, and inconsistencies in the original storyline. Plus…it’s freaking old.

    Perhaps you, Chuck, can encourage Kirk to take on this project so he can put his interests and talents to better use.

  34. The “Retcon Jesus Project!” I love it.

  35. Fuck You Chuck!!! just noticed episode 111 in my iTunes podcast directory, glad to have you back.

  36. God I love fucking with Kirk Hastings. He gets so wound up and blows out so much gibberish.

    Totally irrelevant, but I’m going to leave this here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgWgEoaAYDY

  37. @ Richard: Fuck you very much.

    @ kbmast: Kirk Hastings is the perpetual motion machine of dumb.

  38. I meant so add that it should be the new theme of Irreligiosophy, since it’s the only real way to detect a skunk dick.

  39. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    Holy fuck, Chuck. That’d make a kick ass book title, band name or something. The Retcon Jesus Project. Sheer awesomeness.

  40. Also . . . Kirk was on the E4F podcast this week and they totally destroyed evolution.

  41. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    Add to Kirk’s Jesus Birthday present wish list: http://thrdl.es/p/4079

  42. Just thought i might point out that Kirk Hastings’ anti-irreligiosophy facebook page is actually a violation of facebook terms of agreement. While it may be somewhat subjective, you can’t create hate pages. I checked out the page and im not sure if it can be called out for what it is but if someone is good with their words; the right complaint may just do the trick.

  43. but it could be a suppression of freedom of speech. So might not be the best idea