114: “WIT” IV: The Case for Christ

It all ends here, folks. I have given up the ghost after trudging my way through 12 chapters of the oddly-named “What Is Truth?” by Kirk Hastings. In this episode we cover the recent bannings of 99% of the members posting on Kirk’s “Question Irreligiosophy Project,” as well as my now-deleted review of his Superman fan fiction story. Matt and I make it all the way through Part XI, “The Case for Christ,” but only halfway through Part XII, “What About All These Other Here Religions?” before my brain finally overloaded from the sheer magnitude of dumb.

I must retreat now, and think no more on moronic Christian pseudo-arguments for their evidence-free religion, or quite possibly even dumber Christian arguments against other evidence-free religions.

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  1. I appreciate these episodes so much. And, although the source material doesn’t exactly lend itself to me actually learning anything new, you guys delight and entertain as you review it. Thanks!

  2. Noah Miller says:

    ME! I want on that list! I promise to draw in the margins!

    Noah Miller, Nr_Miller@Me.com

  3. Me next and promise nothing ian.urq@live.ca

  4. Lucy Harris says:

    I was just looking at Kirk’s page. It now describes itself as: “This is a resource that points to information showing the failings of evolution. We are also here to encourage people to speak out against evolutionary indoctrination. It is NOT one of the many debate pages.”

    No debate allowed in the Kirk’s heroic search for truth.

    I just started chiming in at the E4F page. Doesn’t seem to be as heavy handed over there.

  5. Kirk’s frontal cortex isn’t fully developed, that’s why Hinduism is too complicated for him.

  6. me! I want on the list! oh oh pick me!


    Kudos guys, for making it this far, it is so good to hear you again.

  7. Well it was amazing having new podcasts after so long. (I shall also look back fondly on the irony of Kirk insultng my IQ.) Fuck you Chuck! We missed you! Don’t take too long getting your new podcast up and running.

  8. derrickneese@gmail.com
    I should get bumped up, because my dad and i will both read it.

  9. also, i vote for “THE SECOND COMING”!!

  10. I also vote for “The Second Coming,” and I would like to be added to the list as well: bwm@brettwmiller.com.

  11. Although it was great to have the podcast back, and funny to listen to, I am glad that this particular round of kicking the defenseless is over.

  12. Please chuck you fucking asshole, finish what you started!

  13. I need to switch off my brain please send me ‘what is truth’. Ignorance is bliss as the saying goes I want some of that bliss.

  14. Thanks Chuck and Matt. Awesomesauce as usual.

    I don’t want to join the list, as I too have had enough of Little Kirk. Fucker.

    Just wanted to say thanks for such a well thought out deconstruction of this piece of shit. You picked up on a lot of what I was yelling at my iPod during your last podcast.

    I hope that something else inspires you to be able to put out some podcasts when you’re able. Take care of yourself and your family first though.

    And please bring back Matt! He is the Ying to your Yang. Good voice for podcasts. Uh, and your both assholes. (pre-requisite bad ‘tude and language for an Irreligiosophy fan).

    Love ya guts!

  15. Oh FFS

    You’re. Not your.


  16. Chuck, just part way into this podcast. Just wondering if Kirk thinks the period 101 CE to 200 CE is the FIRST century. Probably he’s not that stupid. Then again, I’ve been listening to your reviews of his magnum opus, so maybe he IS that stupid.

    Glad you’re back on the internet airwaves. Missed your wit and analysis.
    Tim Kotora
    Brentwood TN
    Age 61
    Deconverted from the “Church of Christ” cult

  17. somewhere in greece says:

    Thank you for your sacrifice Chuck. So much concentrated cognitive dissonance must had been excruciating

  18. Too bad there aren’t any more review episodes of Kirks book. They were becoming a bukakke of humiliation on Kirks face, with a new deposit with each weekly podcast.

  19. Discord.agent says:

    Thanks for ruining bukkake porn for me, kbmast.

  20. Kirk Hastings ruined bukkake, not me.

  21. BTW Chuck, if you doing the second coming or your new podcast put up the donate again.

  22. Villiard Tobierre – micoudsl@gmail.com

    I am not banned as yet, though I do plan to be.

  23. Discord.agent says:


    Add me to the list.

  24. Discord.agent says:

    If the bible teaches us anything it’s that Matt will be the rock upon which Chuck will build his church. Just like Simon (who was called Peter), Matt refused to help his friend during Chuck’s moment of greatest need.

  25. Citizen Wolf says:

    What’s this list that everyone’s blarging on about?

    Downloading the podcast as I type. Maybe all will be revealed.

    Thanks Chuck

  26. Man, I must say, you actually endured through a lot of crap.

    But you know, Chuck, the problem now is that you cannot say you don’t have the time to make a podcast about worthy subjects. If you have the time to read 12 chapters of Hastings, you have time to waste.

    Seriously, thanks! The podcasts are amazing.

  27. I feel like Unapologetics is the new prop 8.

  28. http://www.irreligiosophy.com/?p=2124

    The original list of book sharing was at the above link.

    Discord.Agent, then me!!!

  29. somewhere in greece says:

    I keep thinking whether I should add myself to the list or not but haven’t reached a decision. The podcast episodes have given me a taste and it is that of confusion

  30. You sounded as though you were channeling William S. Burroughs himself in your fan fiction review. Just needed more alien rape and heroin.

  31. Me wantee book. arcampbe@uvic.ca

  32. Chuck, what about an episode on the ‘Jonestown massacre’?

  33. Those were 4 painful episodes. He is a Kent Hovind copy.

  34. Matthew, Apostle of Christ & Gospel Writer, D.Irr says:

    Great to see the podcast back up again. After listening to the past four episodes, my D.Irr is starting to look more and more like a degree in rocket science. cvn65@sizor.com

  35. plasticuproject says:

    Hey, I’m poor and I’d like to laugh at Hasting as well! If and when I get send the book I’ll donate the sale price to a reputable secular charity. Who’s with me on that?


  36. mikekoz68 says:

    Does Kirk ever realise how many mistakes he makes in this “book”, mistakes about his own stupid bible?! Unbelievable, the content got Chuck so frustrated when he surrendered he actually said he’s “raised the red flag”, lol Start mailing away that book, Chuck, the sooner you’re rid of it the better! I want on the list! –


  37. George Free says:

    As a student of “Effective Reasoning”, this book sounds like excellent material for playing a game of “Spot the Logical Fallacy”.

  38. Maybe it’s already been discussed but did anyone else see that all kirks comments were deleted by Amazon?

  39. Chuck u asshole! U had my in tears with all my work colleagues standing staring at me, when you read your review of kirks fan fiction. Funny, funny stuff!

  40. Lucy Harris says:

    Haha, kbmast. Not all of them, but yeah most of them. Damn that misotheist Amazon.

  41. Put me on that list as well Chuck.