2.12: Matthew

And we’ve arrived at our critique of the book of Matthew, or as we like to call it here, “the gospel according to some anonymous Greek-speaking Gentile.” Is it the most Jewy of the gospels? Does it “complement” Mark or contradict it? Is its nativity story reliable? Did Jesus really descend from David?

All these questions answered and more in the latest blasphemilicious episode of Irreligiosophy.

19 Responses to “2.12: Matthew”

  1. Another wart on Satan’s ass has arrived!

  2. devyn Robledo says:

    I know im bored when I check to see if to see if there’s a new irreligiosophy three times in one day but it payed off! Making fun of the old testament is easy but making fun of the new testament takes a little more talent and humor.Good job guys

  3. Discord.agent says:

    If an atheist quotes a bible verse then theists say its out of context. Matthew makes textbook examples of using verses out of context and theists see no problem with it. I’m beginning to suspect “out of context” is code for “doesn’t go with what I want to be true.”

  4. Oh, and thanks for taking my suggestion for Skunkdick.

  5. somewhere in greece says:

    Listened to the episode while baking cookies. What a lovely start to my day off!

  6. Citizen Wolf says:

    Well done guys. Great episode. Once more informative and entertaining. And Matt continues to improve. Nice one Matt. ALL CAPS! 🙂

  7. Carolina says:

    I really enjoyed this episode, cant wait to hear the second half. My parents are both deeply religious and teach theology at a small christian “college” and it led to a interesting conversation about Q and the prophesies. I would love to see the notes for the show. Keep up the good work guys!

  8. I think this should be reamed the Matt Wakefield and some other guy hour. More positive Matt reviews!

  9. Great episode! Loved the fascinating contradictions you dug out on the geneologies. I thought I had heard all of them, but you came up with some new ones (to me). Ah, the bible, a never ending source of fun.


  10. How come there are happy mormons?

    I know they have some good habits, and also that having a strong spiritual side is incredibly important for living well (as long as it is not grounded in supernatural entities), but how can one be happy – and not only that, some of them are examples of living incredibly positive and vibrant lives – and still buy into ALL that nonsense and horror?

    This may sound like a trick post but it’s not. It’s just that I’ve recently come across some amazing people who are also kind of strongly mormon, and I’m baffled and kind of a little angry and jeleous.

  11. Awesome episode, hombres! That was a thorough bitch-slapping of Mathew the incompetent plagiarizer. Well done!

  12. Herb (Apostle 2.0) says:

    The show is definitely finding its groove. It took awhile but I’ve grown acclimated to Matt’s alto and occasional falsetto.

    Can I recommend bringing back the “computer” for the Skunk Dick? That joke never got old for me.

    I’d also love to hear another episode of “Martyr Man.” (How’s that for pulling a gem from the turd heap?)

  13. Viv – ignorance is bliss. They know that Heavenly Father takes care of them as long as they pay their tithes and go to church.

  14. Not Jesus says:

    You mentioned you would do a future episode exploring how the Essenes might have been the earliest Christians. Any chance this might happen still?

  15. Charlie D says:

    I fucking knew it all along! Matt is (or, at the very least, was) a stoner!
    I can’t quite place my finger on it, but there’s always been something about him that reminded me of myself. I guess that was it all along.
    Of course, there’s no way that I could have known that all along by pure chance. That’s ridiculous! This is an obvious case of divine revelation through the holy spirit.

    I guess god really does work in delirious ways.

    Great episode guys. I find myself taking notes as I listen, which is more than I can say for most of the other podcasts that I listen to. Keep up the good work. It’s nice to see Irreligiosophy back on its feet.

  16. Good episode but a little too much like the Mark episode if you ask me.

    I can fill in some Matthew back story if anyone needs. When I was a child they taught me in Sunday school that the two demon possessed guys were coming out of the graveyard because they had been having some necrophilia sexy time with corpses. Gay necrophilia at that. The gay part was always very important for some reason, not sure why.

  17. Discord.agent says:

    Due to my crazy evangelical upbringing I can’t tell if you’re joking or being serious.

  18. plasticuproject says:

    Hey Chuck, would you consider doing a podcast on chiropractic or other bullshit alternative medicine? Or maybe a Chucks Medical Corner? A friend of mine was in a motorcycle accident and his layer is having him see a chiroquacktor. I’d like to here your opinion on the theories behind it. Here’ a link to a pretty good layman’s essay on the subject.


    Love the new stuff with Matt. Keep up the good work. You are greatly appreciated.

  19. HOLY SHIT! I used to listen to this podcast back in 09. I thought you were giving this in chuck! I have some catching up to do! I immediately listened to the latest episode… the first thing i noticed was that you have new audio equipment! 😉 Great to have irreligiosophy back in my life!