2.16: Luke, I Am Your Father

Continuing our epic series, we have reached the final synoptic, the Gospel According to Saint Luke. Definitely gentile, possibly written much later than the rest, this gospel also has its share of stupid moments: Mary busting out into song like a 50’s musical, the “worldwide census” no one remembers, the holy parents leaving the Savior of the Universe back in Jerusalem for three days (“honey, have you seen Jesus anywhere?” “I thought you had him!”), John the Baptist sorta kinda baptizin’, etc etc. All this and a bag of skunk dicks.

20 Responses to “2.16: Luke, I Am Your Father”

  1. Shit, the secret’s out about Australian airlines and their in-flight entertainment.

  2. Thanking ye, Chuck and Matt. Now I have to stay in bed an hour longer this morning to listen to it.

  3. “Now, if you’ll look to your TV screens, you will see non-stop breasts for the next 14 hours. Please be aware that it is impossible to look away or close your eyes, so you will be forcibly oppressed by serious boobage from here until landing. The captain thanks you for traveling Australian Airlines.”

  4. another great podcast.
    As with all the Gospel episodes.Much like Matt, I find it hard to keep up Chuck and to understand all the references to other gospels.

    I could spend a few years and become an expert on the Gospels of the New Testament. Or I could try and lazy route and ask if Chuch could post his notes for this series on the Gospels.

  5. I was thinking of making another page on the website to post pdfs of my research notes. Might be helpful for a quick review, or for those who don’t have time for an hour long podcast and would rather read at their convenience.

  6. That’d be awesome, specially if you refer to further reading we could do in them.

  7. I’m looking forward to your episode on The Conjuring. It’s alright as a horror movie, but the valorization of those charlatans was annoying. True story, my ass. And the witch’s name: Bethsheba. One could write an essay on the movie’s patriarchal stance.

  8. I love the Lego blood. Lots and lots of blood in the Bible.

    How do we get the Lego artist to render the Book of Mormon? Jesus in the Americas in Lego, or the hat translation….

  9. Good cast, informative. This is the gospel I knew the least about. Thanks for doing this.

  10. Will you look at any of the non-canonical gospels? Or at least the Apocalypse of Peter, which happens to be my favorite, what with all the information about Hell that’s given.

  11. LukewarmCommentMachine says:

    Great podcast as usual. One question though,that’s been driving me nuts all year. Why does Chuck sound so different? His voice is about 3 octaves lower than it was when he did the show with Leighton.New recording software,or did he just hit puberty? And which is the real you? 😉
    Also,can you guys do a show on the B’ahai faith? I have a friend whose family left Iran as a child due to religious persecution.He refuses to call himself Iranian,and always refers to himself as Persian.I always get the positive spin from him from the faith,and certainly it seems to one of the more benign religions,with its philosophy that all religions have a kernel of the same truth.Anything really batshit crazy in it that most of the faithful won’t tell you?Keep up the good work,and it’s great that the show is back better than ever.

  12. Ah yes, the conservative era of TV with such racially tolerant shows as “All in the Family” and such sexually repressed shows as “Married with Children”. It was a much healthier christian world back than, as evidenced by the complete lack of wars and the white president.

  13. Anders: we may take a look at non-canonicals some time in the future.

    Lukewarm: My voice has dropped two octaves because I’m exhausted working extra hours to pay for my share of the haunt business debt + Leighton’s share, which he ran out on. We may do B’ahai in the future, I don’t see a whole lot of B’ahaiers (B’haimen?) out in the wild.

  14. Would it be a possibility to cover a brief history of the catholic church sexual abuse scandal? I just watched a very compelling documentary citing the oldest reported case in the 4th century. The cover up attempts made by the church are just appalling, and it seems that people all too easily forget about what is really happening… As religious folk will “forgive god for fucking anything” – Jim Jeffries

    Heres a link to check out a synopsis of the flick.

    Thanks guys

  15. Herb (Apostle 2.0) says:

    Forget transvaginal ultrasounds…upstanding Christian men should demand mandatory mastectomies for all women damned with unsightly B-cups and above. And that fucking procedure better be covered under ObamaCare. The more we can make our women look like fresh-faced, prepubescent teenage boys, the better. Can I get an Amen?!

  16. lego nudity aside. boy, its going to be tough to wash that image from my mind. maybe I’ll watch some Pat Robertson…

    Lego nudity aside and not to pile to much on Chuck. pdfs of show notes would be great.

  17. I now have a hankering for Demon Bacon™

  18. Medical question: does the cure for road rash involve drinking a microbrew, and/or do I need Jesus to heal that mess?