2.18: Luke, part 27

The latest in our seemingly infinite series on the Gospels, part 53 of the Gospel of St Luke focuses on the parables of Jesus as painstakingly recorded by Luke the physician, who wasn’t an eyewitness to the preachings of Jesus but nonetheless managed to capture multiple parables that escaped Matthew, Mark, and John. We also go over the Lord’s prayer and Luke’s non-eyewitness account of Jesus’s passion and resurrection.

Also, we cover lots of skunk dicks this go-round in a wide-ranging discussion about gasterous balls, burning boobs, and Pat Robertson, who could just be the biggest boob of all.

16 Responses to “2.18: Luke, part 27”

  1. Thank “God” u guys have posted a new show! Felt like I was going through opiate withdrawals since the last one!!

  2. We did the parable of the 10 pounds all the fucking time. I think more than any other parable. It’s possibly the only right wing propaganda in the bible that doesn’t directly involve beating slaves. They always left out the end bit though. It’s a much better parable with “and now murder everyone who was mean to me” tacked on to the end.

  3. If you are going to cover the rest of the Bible (please say you are), I simply cannot wait for you to get to Numbers. That would be the awesomest episode you will ever do!

  4. Beatitudes obviously means beating any slave with a ‘tude.

  5. Parable of the 10 pounds – the context is that a lot of JC’s followers were expecting him to seize power immediately (and presumably people were wondering when he was coming back). So Jesus them tells what to do while his absent.

    The man is Jesus and the three slaves are his followers. Those who do what they can with what they have been given, and work for the Cause while Christ is away, will be rewarded. Those who do not will be punished. And those who are enemies of Christ will be slaughtered in his presence. So it seems that there are three destinations – one for the good, one for the enemies of Christ, and one for those who fall away.

  6. All I can say is yea! I now have something to listen to while I iron.

    Revelations and the gospel of John are what I am looking forward to, if you review them.

  7. Did I have a happy hallucination that you are going to do the BoM and/or D&C?! The Word of Wisdom?! In exquisitely excruciating detail?! I cannot wait.

    Please, please, please discuss that awesome masturbation and the little valves and factories business! Since LDS masturbation prohibitions only (obviously!) apply to men, does that mean that women get to masturbate all over the place? Without the valves to release and the factories to overproduce, it would seem like no biggie, right? Of course, I was raised to believe that women masturbating is wholly unnatural and deviance most terrible and antisocial, thus making god weep as he watches you touch yourself.

  8. Enjoyed the podcast. In case you haven’t seen it, there is some interesting discussion about your take on the “road to Emmaus” story over at the Bible Geek listeners. (They like it). https://www.facebook.com/groups/thebiblegeeklisteners


  9. I don’t know if you were joking but I think doing more episodes on other books of the bible is a good idea. I’m not sure each book would deserve it’s own episode, but there is a lot of material to work with. I think you’ve already done the Mormon book of Abraham or whatever. I could use some more information on Kolab though. And the Mormon church’s stance that Bigfoot is really Satan.

  10. Concerning ladies getting a free ride on the masturbation subway, I’m going to guess here that when the subject of the little factories was discussed, it wasn’t in a “mixed room.”

    Then again, lesbianism was never made illegal in Great Britain because Queen Victoria didn’t believe that women “did such things”.

    Or so I have been told.

    Is it likely that the LDS Church never prohibited this because of the same reason?

    Are there ant daughters of the church out there who can clue us in on the equivalent lecture.

  11. And do “do” the whole bible, BoM, and the D&C. I’m ready.

  12. BatteryChef says:

    I immediately forgot what I was going to write about this episode when I saw the sheer awesome of that picture.

  13. @ Buffalodavid: I am a former daughter of the church, and I have no recollection of any masturbation discussion ever. From anyone. I was raised to believe that women are inherently gross and unclean, because something about original sin? I think the major unstated premise was that not anyone would want to spend any more time near a vulva than what is absolutely necessary for procreation. An act of sacrifice for which we should be ever grateful to our husbands.

    I stopped attending when I was around 15, so maybe I left too soon to receive masturbation education.

  14. They should review the Twilight series.

  15. Citizen Wolf says:

    Growing up in the catholic religion we knew it as the parable of the 10 talents.