[chuck]We had quite an interesting discussion with Adele Sakler and Peter Walker. Most of the conversation centered around a newer type of Christianity called “Emergent Christianity,” but as always we ranged over a wide variety of topics of interest to believers and non-believers alike. This is our longest podcast to date — clocking in at 1 hour and 23 minutes — mostly because Leighton wouldn’t shut up. I swear to Baal I gave him the wind-up signal at the 52 minute mark.

The more I discourse with moderate Christians, the less I think of the arguments of the “New Atheists” against moderate Christianity. We need more Christians like these two, not less.


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  1. Thanks for a fun and interesting time! Just finished listening and thought it was a wonderful podcast!

    Warmest Regards,


  2. Had a blast! Felt particularly inarticulate, but that’s good for the ol’ ego. And maybe the heart of the matter: as a “new kind of Christian,” (maybe – that’s an assumption) I don’t WANT to talk about faith in the adversarial ways of the past. Why would I debate about love?

    Thanks for creating another safe environment to talk about faith and love, belief and disbelief, wounding, healing, doubt, science, and irrational hope.

  3. We had a great time. Hopefully you two will remember us little folk when Emergent Christianity takes over the world.

  4. I feel it my duty 😉 to emphasize that “emerging” Christianity and “Emergent” Christianity are in many ways two different things. “Emerging” is a broad and variant postmodern Christian movement. “Emergent” is a specific organization under the “emerging” header.

    I am not an official spokesperson for Emergent (www.EmergentVillage.com) although I am a friend.

    My website does a little bit to discuss these differences at this specific article:

  5. Important distinction Peter – this is why many have chosen to dump the term. I stopped using it around 2007 choosing instead to say “global spirit” because it was clear that we’re in a transformational period that goes well beyond what a group of white male postevangelicals armed with soul patches, PhDs and MACs are doing. As critical as we Christians might be of the prosperity preacher and other religious superstars, when we elevate our own holy hipsters to be the select spokesperson, we give atheists plenty of fodder not to mention going against the communal and horizontal spirit that drew many of us to the dialogue in the first place. As I travel, I find my heart drawn more to people like Ken Loyd/HOMEpdx and those who just glow with the goodness of God.

  6. Becky, WHO told you about my soulpatch?!

    It’s true. I don’t dump the word – for one – because it drives blog traffic (shameless!) but I absolutely agree. One of the beliefs I share strongly with Adele is the conviction that women, minorities and other under-represented groups must be given a louder mic. Guys like me and Tony Jones should probably pipe down for awhile. I might not like it, but that conviction yanks at my gut.

    I love the Loyds – right in my backyard.