[irrelig]In this first guest episode in a long while, we discuss Jehovah’s Witnesses with former JW Tall Penguin. We discuss crazy doctrines such as the whole blood transfusion garbage, sexual behavior that is allowed, frowned upon, and downright verboten, the JW practice of shunning former members, and nearly everything else. The only thing we didn’t discuss is why the JW organization is padding its member rolls with penguins.

Give it a listen here.

4 Responses to “44: Tall Penguin, Former Jehovah’s Witness”

  1. As the guy who brought home the apostate book for Tall Penguin to read, I gotta say, I think she did a great job of telling her story, and in a lot of ways, the same stories so many of us have gone through. Great parting advice, trust your gut. Funny, how in JWism, your first thought isn’t what do you think of something, rather, what commentary has the organization published on this topic.

    I remember one awesome time being out in Serviceā„¢, and have the Circuit Overseerā„¢ ask me, “What has the society said about karaoke?” Its to that level, where every single thing must pass through this filter, and when you’re given that sort of mental crutch, you stop trusting your own judgment. But I suppose, that ultimately is the point.

    But I’m so proud of you tallpenguin! I’m gonna tweet this now to my 5 followers. You guys might have 9 listeners by the time I’m done.

  2. Great podcast guys. You handled the subject matter beautifully and showed a great empathy for tall penguin’s experience.

    Free speech and free thinking is our right and it’s podcasts like these that prove its value.

    Knowing tall penguin personally, I can attest to her trials and victories. She is a genuinely phenomenal woman and friend.

    And, I’ll send another five listeners your way.

  3. A truly moving podcast. I grew up in a house void of any religion. Because of this, I really had no knowledge and therefore no opinion on the topic. 3 years ago, my mum (on some sort of quest/old age) announced that she had turned to god and the church. I wasn’t really shocked, as I didn’t really know what it was like to be part of any religion – and I had well and truly moved out of home so it had no effect on me… That is til mum bailed me up, asking me questions I had no answers for. The key one being “why don’t you believe in god?”…
    I could have gone either way. But research, clear thinking and listening to stories like the ones told by you guys, makes it so blatantly obvious. I now have my answers for mum – I can’t wait to duke it out.
    Thank you.

  4. Thanks for the comments here.

    Ash, I hope you are able to bring some rational thought to your Mum. Just be gentle with her. I wish you all the best.