Here you can find our first 12 semi-weekly takes on news articles of interest to atheists, secular humanists, and other non-religious folk. The remaining ANNs can be found on our regular podcast feed above.

Episode #12: More Creationist Idiocy
Episode #11: Baptizing Corpses, Ungodly Youth, and Spider Sex
Episode #10: Religion, Torture, and Missourah!
Episode #9: Satan, Utah County, and the Rise of Unbelief
Episode #8: Same Sex Marriage and Mormon Priesthood Blessings
Episode #7: Vampires and Hitchens, Oh My!
Episode #6: Glenn Beck’s Master Race
Episode #5: An Atheist Nation
Episode #4: The Geographic Distribution of Stupidity
Episode #3: Chris Buttars is a Moron
Episode #2: It Sucks to be Liberal in Texas
Episode #1: Student Suspended for Hexing Teacher