[irrelig]Ah, youthful memories of gamemaster screens, weirdly-shaped dice, cheetohs, and a tableful of nerds. To hear it from the fundie Christian perspective, it was all about recruiting new witches into the coven, casting real spells, summoning demons as if they were Pizza Hut delivery boys, and playing with forces of darkness beyond our mortal ken. In our latest podcast, we talk about our RPG memories, the history of RPGs, and the strange fascination certain evangelical Christians had with our weird little hobby.

Plus, we discover Jack Chick’s illicit desire for bondage.

5 Responses to “30: Christian Attacks Against Role-Playing Games”

  1. Loved this episode. I used to play D&D and my grandmother leveled the sorcery charge against my brother and I once. I didn’t understand what the hell was going on.

    You guys should do an episode about Jack Chick and his wonderful evangelism at some point. That would be awesome.

  2. An entire episode devoted to Jack Chick? Excellent idea!

  3. I was just reading about Atlantis and you guys should do an episode about Atlantis. I figure anything with the Greeks would be germane to this podcast.

    Also, I picked out some favorite chick tracts of mine.

    Moon God


    The Truth About Halloween

  4. I heard Leighton’s comment about your goatee and I realized something. You didn’t have a goatee until you got into all this atheism stuff, you’re not the real Chuck, you’re the anti-chuck! Like that Star Trek episode with evil Spock. You can always recognize the evil double by the goatee.

  5. I always thought the anti-officers had better fashion sense than the non-anti’s.

    Except maybe for Sulu.