2.5: Mere Christianity IV: A New Hope

Our four episode trek into the deep, dark recesses of the apologetic mind is finished. In this episode Chuck gets castigated for not allowing Matt to talk (suck it, Matt!), Chuck and Matt have a little penis talk, we converse about the intricacies of eating cocaine out of a brother’s butt, and then we spend the remaining forty-two seconds discussing CS Lewis.

Be warned! It is not for the faint of heart.

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  1. Herb (Apostle 2.0) says:


    Chuck and Matt –

    Above movie is available on Netflix. Documentary about an Indian-American who poses as a guru and develops a cult following in Arizona. An interview with the director (he’s also the lead) could make for an interesting episode.

  2. Of course there is also the classic, “The Story of Marjo” which should be required viewed for everyone. Luckily, it can be watched on-line for free: http://documentaryheaven.com/the-story-of-marjoe/

  3. I think what Chuck means to say is he has no plans to reconcile with Leighton, even on the ice in hell.

  4. That’s quite a deduction there, kbmast. What tipped you off? I think the idiom you’re looking for is “when Hell freezes over”.

  5. Chuck is such a tease. Just when you think there is no hope, he gives you a subtle sign that a reconciliation is in the works… Personally, I’m expecting some kind announcement in the next podcast, maybe even a cameo by you-know-who… Exciting stuff!

  6. Herb (Apostle 2.0) says:

    OMFG! Is that Pahkdi at the keyboard? Are you resurrecting him as an Easter surprise for your podcast brethren? Fuck me! I’m willing to donate a half-can of tuna in water for the cause—if it’s true. It was fairly clear to this fan that the podcast went into a steep decline the day Pahkdi died. Please reconcile your emotions, Chuck, and bring Pahkdi back…from the dead.

    Horatio is right, you are quite the tease, Mr. Morrison.

    Peace out, bitches!

  7. Rikki_Tikki_Taalik says:

    I have a question for Chuck and fellow fans of the show. I’m looking for a link someone posted in the comments back on the original Irreligiosophy website. At least I’m pretty sure it was as the only other podcasts I follow that have dealt with Mormonism are Church of Awesome and Nontheology* and I’m 95% sure it wasn’t at either of those. I did some checking at CoA and found nada. There’s no way in hell I can recall the commenter’s name either so I have to describe the webpage. The webpage in question described how someone had worked out some of the geography from stories in the BoM (cities, lakes, other crap) and how it seemed to match up with a regional map of (I believe) some area up in the northeastern states. There were graphics and some of the cities names from the BoM seemed to be spin offs of some of the real names of cities on the real map. This would make sense since Smith pulled all this shit out of his ass and from what I understand the shenanigans began in upstate New York. Any chance someone remembers that, has a link, remembers some details about it I can search on, or perhaps the fan who posted it out there paying attention ? Can someone out there make this come to pass ?

    As long as Chuck doesn’t mind, I may post this comment again when the next podcast rolls out here so I can get as many eyes on it as I can. This is relevant to a conversation I’d like to continue with an ExMo. Thanks guys.

    * the Nontheology guys are pretty good IMO and I’m sure they would appreciate some more listeners. They are only 27 episodes in and the traffic looks a little slow over there. I’d hate for them to give up for lack of momentum.

  8. Not Jesus says:

    Can we PUH-Leeese get the new episode?

  9. Rikki_Tikki_Taalik says:

    Chuck, could you check to see if there is a recent post of mine caught in moderation ? It had three URLs in it that I thought might have landed it there. If not then my post simply failed. I didn’t see a moderation message of any kind after I clicked submit.

  10. Found it in the spam directory. And I think this is the link you’re looking for: http://www.mazeministry.com/mormonism/holley/holleymaps.htm

  11. 1st and the 15th huh. That schedule lasted almost as long as the schedule on the old podcast.

  12. Rikki_Tikki_Taalik says:

    Holy tag-fail batman ! Sorry !

    Thanks Chuck, it’s much appreciated. Not sure why it wound up in the spam folder, I can’t stand to eat that crap. Hormel is out to kill us all if you ask me.

  13. Rikki_Tikki_Taalik says:

    … and since I wasn’t very clear about it, yes that’s the link I was looking for and thanks again.

    LOL, there sure is a buttload of apologetics in response to Vernal Holley. If anyone cares, the book that those maps were based on is available online.

    Vernal Holley ~ Book of Mormon Authorship.

  14. @ Herb & Horatio: I’ll check those movies out.

    @ Tort: Pshaw, I blew the schedule on the second podcast.

    @ Rikki: Fixed the links for you.

  15. Fuck leighton, can anyone think of anything good he said? He was only amusing because he was such a retard. During all the debates I would be yelling at my car stereo for him to shut the fuck up and let chuck speak. EFF were even chanting “let Leighton speak, let Leighton speak” at one point after chuck cut him off (for good reason). I’m sure they were just hoping to stop the slaughtering they were getting.
    Anyway, the podcast is fine with mike and chuck. Or is it Matt? “The other guy” will do.

  16. Silverharbinger says:

    Decent podcast fellas. The exercise on male-specific sexual organ pronunciation for 20 mins was very helpful. Turns out I’ve been butchering it for years, but with your help I’m going to get it right!

    I know you get tons people requesting to cover this and that subject for a podcast, so guess what I’m gonna do? 🙂

    “Heaven Tourism” books are popular these days, and the information in them is quite sketchy. Usually they are about a person’s near-death experience involving a visit to their favorite afterlife, with other questionable claims made to substantiate that the whole experience was real.

    Quite a few fundamentalists see them as rock-solid proof that their favorite afterlife is real, and they haven’t been wasting their time believing it. I think a thorough debunking is in order.

    You’ve probably already seen this, but check out the book “The boy who came back from heaven”. I’d love to see this or something like it get the irreligiosophy treatment.

  17. Herb (Apostle 2.0) says:

    @silverharbinger – good topic suggestion . Dr. Chuck’s Medical Corner could include the known physiological and biochemical reactions that could be causing these experiences.

    Also, I’m interested in how those experiences differ across cultural and religious divides. Do Hindu”s report seeing Shiva? Do Muslim men report seeing their virgins? Do Mormon men report seeing Kolab or whatever planet they will rule over? Etc. etc.

  18. Silverharbinger says:

    @Herb – From what I’ve heard that’s usually the case. If you have an afterlife in your mind somewhere these types of experiences can bring them out as a type of dream state.

    There are so many facets of what the mind can do to a person’s perceptions when it is even slightly altered. Having been a college kid who dabbled in some things I’m aware of some of that first-hand. 🙂 Sometimes that isn’t even necessary for strange visions and the like to occur. You can never rule out fraudulent claims either.

    I don’t have any areas of specific expertise on this subject, but a someone with medical experience should have an interesting take on all this.

  19. I’m just glad Irreligiosophy is back. Episodes can come when they do.

  20. I think we all have the Stockholm Syndrome now, kbmast.

  21. He’s a nice guy, at least he’s letting us live.

  22. I just want to mention that a gaming podcast I listen to just introduced a whole bunch of different podcasts onto their itunes feed including one with terrible sound quality and no one was a dick about it (comparable listener numbers and a bigger forum than our old one). It was weird, I kept waiting for the assholes to appear but they didn’t. I see two possible explanations 1. The tabletop gaming community has less arseholes than the atheist community. 2. You have the special ability to attract arseholes. I suspect 2 is true.

  23. I need help chuck! I have become somewhat of an amiture debater thanks to your show.. I know you have books on the site but I want to learn as much info as possible about Christianity . Is there a web site I can get a begining to end? Or a book?

  24. To Zach,
    you certainly are an AMATEUR! You’re asking for a book, about christianity, that explains it from beginning to end…. you really can’t answer that question yourself? Really? unreal.

  25. Lol!!!! I’m not talking about the bible. Your funny! Who wants to read that from end to end. I read passages and stories from it here and there. There’s no reason to be mean, geez. So besides the bible is there a good book from a Christian turn atheist that brakes the whole thing down?

  26. Your best bet would probably be Carrier’s Why I Am Not A Christian, followed by Barker’s Godless. Godless will probably get you further in debates because it covers more ground, but Carrier’s book gives concise and specific reasons to reject Christianity.

  27. Thanks chuck…… I have to say, at first I didn’t care for Mat at first but he has grown on me. Although he does not have a voice for radio, his wit is a little smarter than leightons. I wish you would do more debates. I’ve listened to the E4F debates at leased 20 times and laugh my ass off each time. When your telling those guys how ridiculous it is that zombies rise from the grave, they even laugh, it’s great. Thanks for that entertainment Chuck!

  28. Herb (Apostle 2.0) says:

    Jesus Christ, Chuck or Matt. Can you post another thread already? I throw up a little each time I see that pic of Jacksie. How the fuck did the photographer who snapped that portrait restrain him/herself from knocking that ridiculously over-sized book out of Jacksie’s hands and then punching that mouth-breather in his face.

  29. I just finished a great read Zach, it may help you a bit with debates, but in gnereal the book is bang on. It cracked me up and had me raging at the same time. It’s written by Greta Christina and called “why are you atheists so angry? 99 things that piss off the godless”
    it’s fantastic. For down right debate material go with “the portable atheist” by hitchens, or “the end of christianity” by John loftus, it has an amazing chapter on hell that you don’t want to miss!

  30. somewhere in greece says:

    I feel Greta Christina missed a wonderful opportunity to name her book “I got 99 problems and a God ain’t one”

  31. Not Jesus says:


    Amazing book. She’s best known for her Gnostic Gospels book, but this one I found far more interesting. She follows the evolution of the Satan character, and for me the history and evolution of Judaism is far more interesting than logical arguments against it.

  32. justinohagan@hotmail.com says:

    This man cs Lewis grew up in my neck of the woods – Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he is treated as something of a tourist attraction. I’ve never read anything by him but judging by your podcasts he really was a smug, silly PENIS.