[chuck]The board members got together and made an executive decision: we’re going to hold off on this week’s A.N.N. because there’s so much to talk about. Instead, we’re going to do another Atheist News Roundup where we spend a whole hour tearing apart the stupidity in this week’s news.

And there is a lot of it. Texas wants to grant the Institution for Creation Research the ability to award graduate level degrees in science. Vermont’s legislature has granted homosexuals the legal rights to marry, but the bill may be vetoed by the state’s Republican governor. The Texas school board, led by a creationist dentist who believes the earth is 6,000 years old, is set to change their science standards so that “weaknesses” of evolutionary theory have to be discussed. As usual, nothing is included about the “weaknesses” of, say, quantum mechanics or linguistics — no, curiously enough, only the “weaknesses” of a theory that directly contradicts the Texan simple-minded reading of Bronze-age mythology has to be discussed.

That, and a lot more, this Friday!

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