[irrelig]We’ve come to the second part of our expose on the PodCastAwards competition, the “mostly skeptical” portion. Not to worry, there are still a few religious loons to dress down, but the majority of the podcasts we go over this week are indeed skeptical. And unfortunately, very boring. Nothing we could do about that — but we gave it our best shot.

All that and some shocking news about the future of the Atheist News Network! Listen here.

12 Responses to “43: PodCastAwards, Part 2”

  1. Awesome capper. If I may have the privileged of explaining the joke because you guys wouldn’t and I fear some people may not listen to the end and get it.

    *spoilers if you’ve not heard part 2 … but then why are you reading the comments in the blog posting on it? *

    We left part 1 with a promise that C&L will hit up some of the fellow skeptical podcasts in Part 2. Oh boy Part 2 this is going to be a great back slapping reach arounding buddy fest.

    Horrors. They rip into DFA. They rip into RD. Wha wha what?

    The joke is the cherry picking they used on the True Believer podcasts they applied equally to the skeptical podcasts. It’s easy to find anything in any podcast and tear it a new one.

    (Although that Chariot of Iron or whatever did sound truly ghastly.)

  2. Karl, Karl, Karl, I can’t even listen to our podcast. How can I possibly enjoy something even more boring than listening to Charley drone on?

    One thought going through my head concerning Chariots of Iron was concerning their earlier podcasts. It was unfathomably boring and snarky to listen to them backslap each other for an hour before allowing their guest to speak. I didn’t have a chance to go back and check, but I wondered if this was the evolution of their format. Perhaps in their earlier episodes they actually got around to discussing something new and interesting.

    The funny thing is you can tell Charley and I never listen to other podcasts because both of us were surprised to discover every other skeptic cast out there did a news story. Hence the death of ANN.

    Besides, I liked Reasonable Doubts. They were beyond boring, but for some reason I liked them.

  3. Karl, just realized I never finished my statement and it could be construed as bad towards you. That’s what I get for trying to write a response while babysitting a couple of kids. I really should have duct taped them up and tossed them in the closet. I’m sure they would have liked it. We could have pretended it was a game.

    At any rate, what I meant to state is I can’t listen to your podcast nor can I even listen to ours. My liking of Reasonable Doubts goes just about that far because I’ve already deleted all podcasts off my system and don’t have any intention of downloading any others. Not my cup of tea when I could spend my time listening to a lecture series from the Teaching Company.

    What the hell happened to our edit button? Damnable upgrade changed everything.

  4. I’m hip to what you’re saying Leighton. There are a lot of podcast out there and the form isn’t for everyone. Lots of people have maxed out their podcast consumption and have little tolerance for podcasts that now appear to be wasting their time.

    I know since I went to my interview format I’ve got many negative comments. I talk too much. I don’t get to the point. Etc. Of course, if only 4 people wanted to listen to me, I’d be as happy. We do podcasts for two reasons, sometimes they overlap:

    1) We think we have something interesting to say and want friends + N people to listen.

    2) We want to raise our standing in a community.

    Most people start with #1 as the motivation and #2 keeps them podcasting beyond the 5th episode. People begin to know your name, send you nice email, nude photos, cigars, etc.

    I thought your approach was revealing in a way. A podcast like DFA develops certain inside jokes and long time listeners understand the humor. Listeners developed weird friendships with the hosts and the hosts in a darwinian way play to that. “Emailers seem to respond well to x, lets give them more x.”

    Someone coming into a podcast for the first time is “wtf?”

    But damn, I’m crushed to learn you’re killing off ANN. The success of a podcast is a measure of how many people you can move emotionally, inform, and make laugh. ANN’s stories never fail to outrage me, your comments make me laugh, and I learn something and feel a bit better others are speaking up about how dumb ass this stuff is.

  5. Karl, I don’t think Leighton gets the joke. Even now.

  6. All the more reason I think Leighton is kick ass. I hope he’s not so despondent about podcasting that I can’t have him on as a guest.

  7. Honestly, your decision to drop the ANNs makes no sense. It would be like Radiohead or Muse stop making music because 303 sucks. Letting the worst of a society dictate how the best preforms is nonsense. By not making the ANNs you are forcing me to have to listen to crap so you don’t have to worry about being crap. The minor premise (which you do not state) of your argument is that you shouldn’t do something because other people do it poorly. If everyone thought that way no one would be able to do anything. Plus, having a good program allows others to model after you and maybe raises the bar overall.

  8. Truth be told, ANN took up a lot of time, time we could have been devoting to the regular podcast. ANN may be back in some form or other (like the old “Atheist News Roundup”s, or maybe we’ll bring it back full-time down the road), but for the time being, it’s adios to ANN.

  9. That makes perfect sense and is reasonable. You are a doctor with a wife and children, you need extra time to spend with them. I thought the horrible podcasts scared you away.

  10. Leighton, thanks for mentioning my comments (and blog) on the podcast. Chuck — I’m squeezing those muscles aka “Kegel exercises” to forestall the anal leakage.

    I’m famous. Mum and dad will be so proud, thanks to you guys.

    Hope you guys do a christmas show.

  11. Hey… on the Speaking of Faith (from NPR) podcast, you ripped into the guest like she was the host! On the clips you used, the gal going “uh huh, uh huh” is Krista Tippit… Tippit is full of Christian woo and I don’t listen to it much but now and then I catch it on the radio… the 2/19/09 show “Math Purpose, and Truth – As a theoretical physicist, Janna Levin probes whether the universe is finite or infinite” was actually pretty interesting.
    She is going to give you a run for the prize! Besides she is pretty good looking!

    Too bad about ANN but that has to be a lot of work, maybe it can come back when you get a research staff.

    BTW, with the exception of this boring-as-shit-episode, five stars.

  12. I just wanted to come on and say that there had been two posts on the fb group about how they didn’t want you guys to quit ANN and I really didn’t want you to quit it either because you guys are the only ones I can listen to and I don’t wanna kill myself. But then I read this conversation and the time concern is understandable and that you would have more energy focused on the weekly hour shows would be great too.

    But I am completely out of the loop on crazy theists worldwide until you guys start talking about them again.

    Also, I figured I’d let you know the facebook group is now up to 117 members since I heard you mention in one of the latest ones your “3” listeners.