[irrelig]In answer to your prayers, the One True Podcast discusses Islam in a special two-parter. The first part covers the historical backdrop of Muhammad and 7th century Arabia, as well as the “Five Pillars of Islam,” all in a manner you’ve become accustomed to from the hard-working staff at Irreligiosophy.

Plus, we talk about this week’s candidates for the Mims Carter Skunk Dick of the Week Award and our mention by Skepticality‘s Swoopy on a recent Double Meat podcast. Get it while it’s hot, right here.


23 Responses to “60: Islam, Part One”

  1. somewhere in greece says:

    “…Men can’t get dress immodestly…”

    A certain Iranian prayer leader needs to see Matthew Bourne’s “Swan Lake”. When Richard Winsor walks on the stage as The Stranger, dressed in black leather trousers and a smirk on his face that says “I can have every person, animal, plant and mineral in the room” he will realise how you can be immodest with just the hands and head showing.

  2. EY BROS flipULEH here, love the fucken podcat it is now my fav podcast. I laffed so hard when listening to jack chick podcats so funny ahahaaha.

    I am sad about pakdhi i hope u guys are ok and continue to make podcasts :DDDD

    PS. FUCK YOU Mims Carter

  3. Herb (12th Apostile/Listener) says:

    There can only be one reason for the timing of this podcast: Leighton and Chuck’s envy of the death threat (err…warning) that Revolution Islam placed on Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

    Way to be original guys. Copycatting bastards. 😉

    Now bring on Part Deux.

  4. somewhere in greece says:

    Oh man, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s South Park episode.

  5. Leighton… off topic but do you want to be a guest on Conspiracy Skeptic? http://www.yrad.com/cs click my email and contact me, baby!

  6. Dietrich says:

    If it makes you guys feel better, I’d be willing to declare a Jihad bel Saif on you.

    Death to the infidels and some such.

  7. Just a point. Have you ever seen a fat Muslim? I mean, these people have to get down on their knees five times a day, and touch the floor with the forehead! Can you imagine your average fat Indiana Baptist doing that? The mind boggles.

  8. Ned Kelly says:

    once again another excellent show – do you guys know Mike Earls analysis of Islam http://www.reasonworks.com/Ultimate%20Terrorist.html

  9. Angry Budgie says:

    Hey I know lots of Baptists here in Indiana and there…are some thin ones…like maybe four or five!

  10. You know, I was a fan of your show until you gave Swoopy all the credit for mentioning you guys on Double Meat. *I* was the one who brought it up, but just because Swoopy is a girl and I’m a dude with a girl’s name she gets ALL the credit.

    You are both dead to me, especially Leighton.

  11. Angry Budgie says:

    Speaking of dead can we have an update on Pakhdi’s corpse? Have you at least covered up the smell? I know disposing of the body is a lot of work, so I don’t expect you guys to get around to it immediately, what with all the fine wine and caviar that begs consuming.

  12. Great Flying Spaghetti Monster! There is no end to the crazy shit people will believe, is there?

  13. Villiard says:

    Questions: What happens if a Muslim is in space? How would he know which direction is Mecca?

  14. All right, let’s see:

    Herb: Southpark is doing an episode? I’ve really got to get off my fat, lazy ass and get cable. Damn you Netflix!!!

    Karl: Sure. I’ll send you an email or something today. This may be a dumb question, but I figure I better ask since I haven’t listened to the show you did with Charley; do I have to maintain manners on your show?

    Minus: I knew a fat muslim. He was actually the first one I ever tripped over. He was confined to a ship for three quarters of the year though so that could have had a toll.

    Sasha: You should blame Charley for this. I am completely blameless. I didn’t care enough to even look this up due to either laziness or the fear of getting mushroom stamped on the forehead by whatever a “doublemeat” is. He was the one who brought it out and forced me to talk about Swoopy(So there’s no misunderstanding, her name is cooler than yours). See, lack of caring does have it’s advantages which is why I advocate it. Unfortunately, you still lose in my book because two lumps on the chest beats a twig and berries between the legs any day. Now that I’ve properly earned my death certificate from you, when will that be mailed out?

    Angry Budgie: I blame Charley’s wife for this one. It’s her duty to keep the house in order and she still hasn’t cleaned up the mess so he’s just sitting there in front of the bathroom door. It’s a little bothersome, but I’ve grown used to stepping over him to use the toilet. She hasn’t even bothered to pull the fingernails out of the wood from his desperate scratching. I can’t be expected to move the body. I have an episode with Karl to somewhat, possibly not, prepare for.

    Villiard: Triangulation of course. Everyone knows that, but they do have to get into geosynchronous orbit in order to maintain a proper prayer which gets a little complicated the farther away from Earth they move. I may have to ask Charley if the Enterprise was forced to explore space in a circular pattern in order to ensure they were respectful to the beliefs of Islam.

  15. Angry Budgie says:

    Muslims in space! You could invent the Zero-G Prayer mat. Will adhere to any surface of your space station/shuttle ensuring a proper prayer in the direction of Mecca regardless of gravity!

  16. Hi guys,

    I’m a fan of your show and know many others who love and appreciate it as well. However, I am worried that you have so much personal info in your “about” section. It is very reckless an irresponsible to talk about the topics in the manner you do and not protect your identities. obviously, your show is not targeted for people without a sense of humor… but this is 100% sad and true : there are people out there who are fucked up enough to try to hurt you. until the entire world grows more brain cells, please, for your fans and those who care about you, make sure your personal info and identities are protected.

  17. Villiard says:

    I found an article about a guidebook for muslims in Space.


    Another Question: If the polar ice-caps melt, and Mecca is under water, will it still be mandatory to make a pilgrimage?

  18. Wonderful episode. Here is how you fund Irreligiosophy: invent a gadget that will always point to Mecca and find someone to make it for $2.00 and sell it for $17.99. If even 10% of Muslims buy this, you will be rich. Oh, Chuck shouldn’t be upset Swoopy(?) forgot to mention him, I say “Oh my Chuck” instead of “Oh my God”. Deification is better than a passing mention.

  19. What happens if a Muslim is on the exact opposite side of the earth from Mecca? Which way does he face?

  20. Wow you guys had this well timed for the South Park hullabaloo!

  21. Herb (12th Apostile/Listener) says:

    You guys should consider doing a deep dive into the history of the Catholic Church and the papacy. Seems like there is enough good fodder there for several episodes. The historical element may be enough to coax Leighton to take the lead and let Chuck do the color for a change.

    Oh. One more thing: Get off your lazy asses and update your site’s copyright to 2010 already. Otherwise, I’m claiming the content for Revolution Islam and the prophet Mohammed. Praise be to Kenny.

  22. Moggie Magfeline says:

    This episode was so good I felt symbolically stoned. Can’t wait until you drop the deux.

  23. I’m so glad you’re covering Islam! And your coverage is just so much more informative than South Park.

    So I have a question. Are all Muslims morning people? If those five daily prayer times are strict (morning, noon, afternoon etc.), does that means no one can sleep until noon? I’d suck at that.