[pz]Irreligiosophy has hit the big time! We spend an hour or so shooting the breeze with reigning king of science blogging and New Atheist™ PZ Myers of Pharyphilongula fame about all kinds of godless goodness: the “frackin’ cracker” incident, his appearance on Expelled, his experiences debating creationists, fr*ming, the time he spent in Utah among those crazy Mormons, and lots more.

All this and an announcement on how to obtain your very own Irreligiosophy Doctorate, guaranteed 100% every bit as credentialed as Kent Hovind’s, or we’ll refund your $1.99 back. Check it out here.

26 Responses to “69: PZ Myers!”

  1. The triumvirate of blasphemy!

    This episode is made of win, I’m very proud of you guys.

    Also, your audio quality for guests is improving which makes me very happy. You’re going to have to work on that.

  2. My thesis:


    Hello, my name is not Kent Hovind. PhIrr me.

    Believers don’t know what they mean by ‘god’, because they don’t want to know – they prefer mystery to knowledge.

    Therefore the word has no meaning, therefore theology is not incorrect but vaccuous, therefore neither empirical nor ethical.

    The study of religion is therefore a branch of psychology.


    Can I have my doctorate now?

  3. Oh, and readers of Pharyngula will notice that PZ misspelled “Irreligiosophy” as “irreligiophilosophy”. Do I smell an award just over the horizon?

  4. Moggie Magfeline says:

    I hope you two enjoyed your 69 as much as I did.

    BTW, shouldn’t a Dr. of Irreligiosophy by an IrD? I am just getting my friend Kim to proof read mine then I’ll send it in. When’s our graduation ceremony gonna be held and what will constitute the academic dress?

  5. Dietrich says:

    PZ’s great. He’s seen so much strange stuff.

  6. Hypatia says:


  7. Hypatia says:

    He reads just as well after running through a lolspeak translator as he did before.

  8. This was one of your best interviews so far. It helps that PZ has a lot of experience, but it was very smooth and entertaining

  9. Also, I love the “Pharyphilongula” dig

  10. Foxy McLovin says:

    You guys are going to spoil us with so many editions of Leighton’s Podcast in so little time! I for one have enjoyed the interviews. Keep ’em coming!

  11. Fucking awesome! Download faster!!! I’ve never been this excited about a podcast before; my favorite heathen podcast and favorite heathen blog combine…

  12. (was) somewhere in greece says:

    …and I see this when I am off to start a 12-hour shift.

    Time will not pass fast enough

  13. Sent my dissertation via email… and paid my tuition… can I put Dr. in front of my name in the phonebook now?

  14. Absolutely. We’ll send you the Official Certificate as soon as Kim van Gundy finishes proofreading it.

    I especially liked the last line of the dissertation.

  15. Dr. Scott says:


  16. Angry Budgie says:

    The only thing that could have made this podcast any better was some hot cephalopod action! We can only hope you all do another Kent Hovind’s Doctrinal Disaster podcast.

    Is the 1.99 payment for Ms. Kim van Gundy’s amazing proof reading service? I wish I’d know about her when I was in my Advanced Writing Seminar.

  17. (was) somewhere in greece says:

    I managed to cram only the first twenty minutes before leaving for work and the shift was NOT the unmitigated disaster that dominates the probability matrix. I can only attribute this to the sheer awesomeness of the episode.

    I will wake up very early tomorrow just to have a repeat. Oh, and my name is also NOT Kent Hovind.

  18. Oh no! I thought “click here” links died out in the ‘90s! I never thought I’d mourn the resurrection of a species.

  19. Jesus Jr. says:

    Very good podcast. This was my first episode I listened to and you guys are brilliant and very funny.

  20. Rockhead says:

    Wow. This episode was actually almost good. If you guys keep this up you may ruin your reputation!

  21. Herb (12th Apostile) says:

    Given the brilliance of your Podcast Awards and Jack Chick Tract critiques, I’d love to hear the two of you give “Expelled” the Irreligiosophy treatment.

    PZ’s stories about the communion wafer reminded me of the time I was served communion during a papal (John Paul II) visit to Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD many years ago. A woman seated in the same section as me tried to pocket the consecrated wafer. The priest who served her threw a hissy fit when he saw what she was trying to do. He got up in her face and forcibly took the wafer back. How Christian of him, right?

  22. To think I was at the U the same time as PZ. This was a way fun episode.

  23. Travis C says:

    I gotta give you guys props PZ isn’t a hard guy to interview but ya didn’t fuck it up proud of you — and i claim to be listener #1 from Vernal, UT

  24. RexMarx003 says:

    PZ recommended a book named “Genesis” which pulls apart the bible story. Can anyone tell me the authors name or the exact name of the book? I did not find it in an Amazon search.

  25. I believe that was Robert Crumb’s Book of Genesis Illustrated.

  26. RexMarx003 says:

    Thanks Chuck, I saw that one but passed it by. I will check it out.


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