[irrelig]So we spend this episode discussing the truth behind the events of 1987 that “occurred” in an out of the way former funeral home in Connecticut to a down on their luck family trying to help their cancer/demon-infested emo son. Turns out those events were even lamer than the movie they spawned.

Also, in the spirit of Halloween 3 weeks ago, we have some Official Irreligiosophy Ouija Boards to share, meticulously drawn by listener Clifford, aka tiktaaliks_deckchair. Here’s a preview:

24 Responses to “84: Haunting in Connecticut”

  1. You know you’ve got a fan when he refreshes the front page every hour until the shiny appears.

  2. Duffman_ohyeah says:

    I can imagine the board constantly going to “Fuck You” no matter what the question

    Can’t wait to listen to the podcast guys cheers!

  3. It’s not rape it is Suprize Sex!

  4. (was) somehere in greece says:

    Where is the “Suck it, bitches”? The “Are you shitting me?”

  5. My friends are actually “in house” neighbors in this house right now. Out east a lot of the bigger houses are split in apartments. So “in house” neighbors are people who rent another section of the house. My friends rent out the third floor, which was the original home for the owners of the funeral home.

    They told me that the basement is unfunished and currently used for storage. The only things down there that are left over from the old body chopping days are a ramp that leads to a cellar door on street level so they could roll the bodies in and a big stainless steel sink.

    They have lived there for a couple years now and nothing spooky has happened . . . Except for dumbass ghost hunter type people showing up taking flash pictures at all times of the night.

    One time when my friend was bringing in groceries an older man and his daughter came up and asked “is this the amityville horror house.”

    She said “nope.”

    He started saying how his daughter really had her hopes on seeing the house so she replied “Well, it is the haunting in conneticut house…”

    Anyways, thought I would share that with you all! Great podcast!

  6. It’s not rape it is Suprize Sex!


  7. Oh look, it’s rape o’ clock. Time for Irreligiosophy!

  8. Moggie Magfeline says:

    tyrannosaurus sex?

  9. Attackrimony?

  10. Moggie Magfeline says:

    Unilaterally consensual marital relations

  11. Enhanced unilateral intimacy.

  12. moggie magfeline says:

    I submitted “unilaterally consensual marital relations” a few hours ago, but it didn’t show up.

  13. Our spam filter must have thought you were an ad for Viagra.

  14. Moggie Magfeline says:

    OK, last episode I was accused of making men flaccid. Now I’m an ad for Viagra? Thanks for the self esteem boost guys….

  15. Our spam filter must have thought you were an ad for penis enlargement.

  16. Moggie Magfeline says:

    Thanks for trying Chuck, but the damage is done.

    I have thought of another term: a couverture overture.

  17. Post-marital Porking

  18. moggie magfeline says:

    Contractual coitus

  19. Covenant Lovin’


    That chart is racist, the moon looks like its in black-face.

  21. That does it. I’m voting for the Wigglian way this year.

  22. Awww, it’s nice to know that you two will listen!
    For the post martial rape re-phrasing…maybe Hager (or you have been Hagered)
    if you need a refresher on Hager:

  23. Queen of Hearts says:


    Did you guys know about this??

    You must have a fundraiser so you guys can get enough money, fly to NYC, see the play, and review it for us!

  24. Is this ClearPlay thing real? And if so is it common in mormon households?