[irrelig]In episode 90, Tyler of fellow PodCastAward nominee More Than One Lesson podcast, comes on to tell us what huge assholes we were to ridicule his show last year. We find out that he’s actually articulate, intelligent, and pretty nice to boot — but that probably won’t stop us from ridiculing his show again next year.

Also, we reveal the highly anticipated Skunk Dick of the Year for 2009. No spoilers!

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  2. Skunk dick 2009?

  3. J.N. Hudson says:

    Have you guys ever considered interviewing Jon Krakauer (author of Under the Banner of Heaven) for one of your LDS or FLDS centric episode? That would be pure reasons-why-mormonism-is-simply-fucking-absurd gold. Until I read that book I had no idea how fractured and schismatic mormon fundamentalism actually is.

    I’d also like to see you tackle the subject of the “Lost Boys” who are run out of FLDS communities by the church leadership to make sure there enough girls that the church elders can get their 7th, 8th, or 9th, and more often than not, underaged plural wives.

  4. Great episode. Leighton kept his god damned mouth shut most of the time, so that made it much more pleasant. I’m really surprised Tyler agreed to be on the show, good on him.

  5. I think you guys need to reveal the Skunk Dick of 2003 first. We’ve been waiting patiently!

  6. Excellent podcast, btw.

    Nice to hear from a thoughtful guest that doesn’t overreach his expertise like many armchair theists do.

  7. WOW, Buttercream Gang, bringing back memories. It’s hilarious on the rewatch, by the way. I love when Pete changes his name from Turner to Valdez, you know, to signal his official turn to the dark side.

  8. Excellent episode guys (actually still listening and have ~10 minutes left). Tyler — good on ya for having the courage to interview with these knuckleheads (and I say that in the most affectionate way, of course — no, not *that* affectionate, Leighton 🙂 ). Leighton, Chuck — I love the tone of your podcasts and equally love the respect you show in these interviews.

  9. Moggie Magfeline says:

    Interesting interview and another good episode. I like the concept of a dickumentary, but think I would prefer a cockumentary.

  10. Wikipedia has an absurdly long plot summary of The ButterCream Gang:


    Alas, they don’t have an article for The ButterCream Gang in Secret of Treasure Mountain. 🙁

  11. J.N. Hudson,
    I just finished that book (Under the Banner of Heaven). The murder/crime-scene stuff was ok, but the chapters on the history of the Mormon church were a great addition to what I’ve learned from this podcast.
    In the reviews for that book, Momons give a one-star rating and claim that the author fabricated some of the history of the church.
    Does anyone know what exactly the Mormons claim to be inaccurate?
    Is there really a debate?
    or are they just another link in the chain of dishonest apologetics?

  12. Good show. Very different from any previous. Nice, interesting, intelligent guy. More like this would be boring.

    There is a word for the category you were describing. It’s called propaganda. It’s been turned into a dirty word meaning lies. But originally it simply meant material promoting a point of view.

  13. Haven’t finished listening but when you mentioned christian movies I remembered this movie, which I caught on HBO and watched with my girlfriend. It made us laugh like you wouldn’t believe. It’s about a football team… that goes from losing to winning by praisin’ the lord!


    You guys need to watch this movie. It includes stuff like people in wheelchairs standing miraculously and one of the best line of film history, “God gave me a truck!” (actually no, a guy bought it for the coach, but he was inspired by god to buy it).

    Do yourselves a favour: “Facing the Giants” + beer

  14. Rnegade87 says:

    I’m used to people making mistakes on years at the start of the year but 2009? Does it really take you longer than 1 year to realize the year has changed? I’m just giving you guys a hard time. Any chance on getting more mormon podcasts?

  15. Articulate, intelligent, and pretty nice to boot – yet still a christian. Man, that is really depressing.

  16. pingüino says:

    Great podcast, brethren. Hey, did you go to tithing settlement?

  17. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    “I’m sorry I drifted off.”

    Tyler seems like a smart dude but he’s incredibly long winded. With all his “ahs and umms,” I had immediate recall of Leighton’s Wall-E review, and Chuck’s commentary that “there is a thing called editing.”

  18. You should hear the unedited version.

  19. Please don’t torture us.

  20. I think you guys may have just caused the sales of “The Buttercream Gang” to triple. By that I mean the one that Chuck bought.

  21. Moggie Magfeline says:

    Mr Magfeline has a video called “The Butt Cream Gang Bang” – is this the same as the one you were talking about on the podcast?

  22. Nice job guys! You guys should interview more theists!

  23. @Moggie

    You should probably show us that one so we can make sure.

  24. Apparently next week Evidence 4 Faith is doing more analysis on the debate.

  25. I demand an episode of you guys analyzing their analysis of the analysis.

  26. Mickmeister says:

    I can’t believe Leighton beat Ronald Williams for Skunk Dick of the Year. The idea that the term “Xmas” originated around the time of Kwanzaa (i.e. circa 1966) is ludicrous – it goes back at least a thousand years. The “X” also has nothing to do with eliminating Christ – as some quicky internet research will show – but apparently this guy is too dimwitted to use Google.

    But the real standout candidate here is the Pope – he should not only get SD of the Year – we’re talking Century here. “In the 1970s, paedophilia was theorized as something fully in conformity with man and even with children”, said God’s earthly representative in his Christmas address. Uh…no.


    While Evidence 4 Faith guys are annoying and plain wrong, they are preferable to the religious tossers that you had on the show at the beginning. Neither of them could even define their ideology and merely provided all kinds of cute, feel good reasons for belief. Nothing worse than the meaningless and empty phrases of the liberal, new age theologians.

    At least Evidence 4 Faith stands for something, even if that something is retarded.

  28. Rnegade87 says:

    What’s the next podcast about?

  29. Everyone’s favorite atheist, Hitler.

  30. Discord.agent says:

    That’s gonna be awesome! I remember in undergrad I got so sick and tired of people using him as the poster child for the non-religious that I read several biographies, and even slogged my way through Mein Kampf. That show will be GREAT!

  31. Fifth_Horsemen says:

    Hell yeah. This ought to be interesting to see you guys take on the absurd claim that Adolph Nazi-face was an atheist and did what he did in the name of atheism. I tire of debating people about that.

    @Discord: Co-sign. And I read a good amount of that book in high school. What a boring, longwinded and fucked up book! Yes, it was available in the library, and yes I was getting weird looks carrying it around. However, nobody though I was automatically racist for reading it, most likely because I have black hair and brown skin.

    Weird thing is, if I am reading a book about evolution, suddenly some people think I am betraying my “race,” now. SMH.

  32. Queen of Hearts says:

    The Westboro Baptists are planning to picket the funeral of 9 year old Christina Green, who died in the Tuscon shootings! If that doesn’t make them skunk dicks of the year already, I don’t know what other fucked up shit could top that.

  33. We read about that after doing the latest podcast. The one nice thing about it is some 40,000 people have signed up to go and stand as a wall between the Westboro dipshits and the grieving family. What I rather like is what’s going around concerning their father though. Apparently there’s some facebook page or something out there where people are signing up to go to the Phelps father’s funeral. Payback’s a bitch. Let’s see how they handle it. If I’m able I’ll definitely be there.

  34. Dr. Scott, D.Irr says:


  35. AngryBudgie says:

    I’m glad I was not the only one who had to suffer though the butter cream gang. And hell I was raised evangelical and they showed it to us.

  36. discord.agent says:

    I forgot about “The Butter Cream Gang!” My 2nd and 5th grade teacher (same woman) would show us that movie whenever she didn’t feel like teaching or in the event there was a substitute teacher. I must have been exposed to that movie more than 30 times. That has to be worse than being molested by a priest.