[irrelig]Chuck’s Sources: “Atheism Was Not the Cause of the Holocaust,” by Hector Avalos, PhD; Chapter 13 of The Christian Delusion, and Fighting Words: A Toolkit for Combating the Religious Right by Robin Morgan
Leighton’s Sources: See Hitler Run: Run, Hitler, Run!, Wikipedia

In his podcast we answer the Christian charge that Hitler was an atheist, and that Nazism and the Holocaust were inevitable results of Darwin’s theories. We discuss Dinesh D’Souza, Richard Weikart, Pope Innocent III, and Martin Luther, father of the Protestant Reformation and the original Nazi.

All that and some more skunk dickishness in episode 91.

23 Responses to “91: Hitler, Darwin, and Atheism”

  1. Duffman_ohyeah says:

    First Comment!

    ….yea thats right i’m gonna be that guy..

  2. Good one guys, looks like I’m the first to actually listen to it; I never knew that to christians I’M a Nazi! wow, a sense of identity! (and irony)

  3. Hey, awesome podcast as usual. I’m the guy who requested a shoutout, check out my blog at: http://analyzedatheist.tumblr.com

  4. Moggie Magfeline says:

    @ Leighton:

    Point 1
    And I quote:

    2.15. Chuck:”Are you ever going to apologise to, ah, Moggie for your callous comments where you said she didn’t count?”

    2.21. Leighton: “Oh, that callous comment. I was trying to decide on which one. Um, I’m sorry….”

    2.26. Moggie : “Suck it, bitch.”

    Point 2:
    Um, I’m confused. How much more thong do you want of me than my avatar? It’s ALL me, and it’s ALL thong. Dipshit…

    Points overall:
    Leighton: 0
    Moggie: 2

    Anyway, even disregarding the above, I liked this episode. How does this shit ever fly? I was waiting for some reference to Hitler’s possible interest in the Spear of Destiny and Holy Grail, but maybe next time.

    Thanks for defending my honour Chuck. It’s nice to know there’s one real man amongst the two of you.

  5. The Big Lebowski: What makes a man, Mr. Lebowski?
    The Dude: Dude.
    The Big Lebowski: Huh?
    The Dude: Uhh… I don’t know sir.
    The Big Lebowski: Is it being prepared to do the right thing, whatever the cost? Isn’t that what makes a man?
    The Dude: Hmmm… Sure, that and a pair of testicles.

  6. Thanks for the mention on your podcast!

  7. Seems like half the battle is countering this kind of disinformation.

    Last week I had to attend driving school to keep my license clean. It was taught by a city police office.

    The police officer, with his captive audience, took the opportunity to “assure” us that there was a god, and that we are going to hell if we don’t believe in this god. Also, that the Nazis invented political correctness and that is why he is not politically correct.

    By the way, he also mentioned the the Separation of Church and State is not in the Second Amendment. I suppose he is correct on that last one.

  8. And I should probably say that, like the coward that I am since I need to get my license clean, I sat through the 2 hour class without pointing out that he was a ignorant blowhard.

  9. Rnegade87 says:

    Leighton is single? Color me shocked.

    As a side note, is it wrong that every time I see Leighton’s picture I think Chuck and vice versa?

  10. Duffman_ohyeah says:

    @Rnegade87 I thought Leighton was Chuck for about a month after I saw there pictures, dunno why but it was really confusing

  11. goodwithwood says:

    Thanx for this one guys. I’ve been pointing out this shit for years and ya’ll can imagine the spastic reactions of theists.

  12. robbylafont says:

    Hey Chuck,

    Have you ever thought of interviewing Acharya S…
    From what I can see she denounces most religions, but has a mystical side…

    I think it would be a very interesting podcast!

  13. I really appreciate this one. It’s important to keep countering the bull shit, though it seems like it will always be a B.S. boulder uphill. Thanks.

  14. Mickmeister says:

    Acharya S. gives critical thinkers a bad name. It’s very easy for theists to shoot down that stuff – its bullshit for the most part.

  15. I have listened to some podcasts thinking, “What’s this about? What’s the point?” Then I have a clairvoyant experience and I can literally see you two and hear you. You are having a hard time conversing because you can’t stop laughing. I see Chuck’s head dropped and swaying. I see Leighton’s head dropped back in a chair eyes streaming as he watches Chuck in fits. What I hear is, “Lets do a podcast.”
    “Yeah, right me on a podcast.”
    “Wait, listen, listen. We will do a podcast for o-u-r-s-e-l-v-e-s.”
    “Just one podcast?”
    “No, no we’ll just say a bunch of shit and continue on as long as suckers continue to tune in.
    It will be a riot. It’s just for us.”
    “Yeah, but I would call people “FUCKERS” and that would be the end of that.”
    “Probably but it would be a laugh — don’t you think.”
    “Hey we could pretend to have high purposes, like Freedom from Religion, Chariots or Iron or something.”
    “Yeah, Yeah, and then fuck over the mormons!”
    Laughter, laughter, laughter.

    As a listener I feel like I am being abused. You are the ones being entertained because I sit there, headphones in place being subjugated. I’m called a fucker, an asshole, a member of the skunkdickery. But, I still download just as you command. I still suffer verbal whips and shards of degredation as and when it — so — pleases — you. AND, I will do more once you get the khaki uniforms with severe head gear and riding crops.

    Talk about a social experiment.

    I am going to listen to the ‘Nazi Darwin’ podcast a couple of times. I almost have the seven edicts of Martin Luther memorized so that I too can demonstrate how they align with Nazi objectives. The fact that you site your sources in detail is hard work but worth it. Solid and irrefutable statements leave your detractors overwhelmed and speechless.

    Chuck you should run for a position in congress. Some how and I’m guess here I sorta imagine that the republicans and democrats looking into your history would not support you. But, the Tea Party would fund your campaign considering the candidates they have supported. Wearing their colourful costumes they would cheer wildly your witty nasty jabs at the black hearted socialists. Your ability to be inwardly cool and logical while punching out angry rapid fire harangues would have them spouting, “He’s messianic. The guy is messianic!” Once elected you could spray foo-jah shit in a sweep from Washington to Florida, on over the Colorado rockies and shower tea baggers all the way to Maine.

  16. Chuck has a less than zero percent chance of getting elected to high office with Irreligiosophy under his belt.

  17. Great podcast guys! The “HItler was an atheist” gibe seems to come up at least once a week by theists. And I love that you brought in Luther : what a fucker. Have you read his: AGAINST THE ROBBING AND MURDERING HORDES OF PEASANTS? The assholes totally sold out the common people to live in the lap of luxury with the german princes. I don’t think you guys have done a Luther episode. You should.

  18. “As a side note, is it wrong that every time I see Leighton’s picture I think Chuck and vice versa?”

    My wife and I were both astounded about this, too. We both pictured Chuck as a diminutive fellow, built sort of like Neil Patrick Harris, while my mental image of Leighton was six feet of pure muscle topped with a biker ‘stache…

  19. Yeah, me too!

  20. Off topic, but I am just wondering if this chap worth a “skunk dick” next week?


    The guy has a record over here in Aus – when people die in natural disasters this guy sees it as a message from God that the government has done wrong.


    Happy reading.


  21. I liked the refutation of the numbers game BS. I’d love to see Dinesh D’Souza argue that, in a time when the rules of war stipulated that every person in a town that resisted an invader could be put to the sword, the Crusades would have been less destructive if they’d had access to large populations, trains, tanks, bombers, machine guns, etc..

  22. About the skunk dicks, Salon also retracted an article by Kennedy that was chock full of anti vaxxer bullshit. Took them awhile, never should have been published in the first place. McCarthy also crafted(ha!) a response to the wakefield debacle.

  23. You guys ROCK. This was an excellent episode, and a much needed message. I almost want to say “amen.” I’ve had friends who believed that Hitler and the Nazis were atheists. It makes me groan.


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