[irrelig]Finally we get to Chuck’s research on Judaism, focusing on the inter-Testamental period. Ever wonder what happened between the Old and the New Testaments? Well too bad, we’re telling you anyway. We discuss events from the Ptolemaic reign through the Seleucids, the Hasmonean independence, Roman rule, and what happened to lead up to the destruction of the second Jewish Temple and the disastrous Bar Kochba Rebellion.

That + iTunes reviews + Skunk dicks is episode 92.

39 Responses to “92: The Inter-Testamental Period”

  1. Reverend Atheist says:

    Finally, the One True Podcast delivers again! Oh ye of little faith, may you be cast into the pits of hell for your blasphemy! I Always knew the prophesies were True!

  2. I have yet to listen to this, I’m sure it’s great, but I really loved the Mormon episodes. Will you guys be doing those again? I remember you saying something about Mountain Meadows Massacre.

  3. holy crap, more irreligiosophy already! woo!

  4. Reverend Atheist says:

    New favorite quote ” Come on, Caligula was just misunderstood”

    I LoL’d

  5. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    Re your mic upgrade: I have a couple of soup cans and some string I can donate.

    Also, glad to hear that Leighton finally is out of the closet. C’mere, Leighton and kneel between my legs. Now, put your hands on my thighs…higher…a little higher. Or, better yet, come sit on my lap, and we can talk about the first thing that pops up.

  6. I’ve finally caught up.
    You guys are awesome.
    Some mormon missionaries came to my house. I asked them if I converted, would I become more white & delightsom? Because I already spend to much on tanning products, so that wouldn’ t really work for me.

  7. Moggie Magfeline says:

    This fan thought this epic episode was fantastic.

    The examination of Jerusalem, Judah, Jonathan, Judea, Josephus and Judaism, just blew my mind.

    The antics of Antiochus (letting loose with Zeus abuse) were distinctly dickish.

    It was indeed interesting to learn about the intense and hellish Hellenisation of the Jewish Jews of Jerusalem and Judea.

    And, what discussion of the inter-testic, sorry, testamental period would be whole without having a heart to heart about the history of Hanukkah.

    Even though I knew Herod was a huge arsehole, I never appreciated the magnitude of his meanness and maniacal nature until now. To paraphrase, what a paranoid parent and patriarch. Prick.

    The irreverent Irreligiosophy boys have done it again. Chuck made me chuckle, and Leighton laid it down. Number 92 – woo hoo!

  8. Moggie has purloined a page out of Elder Monahan’s pedagogy! Next stop: General Conference.

  9. It’s settled. Pack up, everybody, Moggie is God.

  10. Great episode. The microphone gag was hilarious. Some nice coverage of a fascinating time in history. I didn’t really appreciate you guys making fun of Dr. Seuss, though. What did he ever do to you?

    For next week, why not talk about how this period influenced later Christian beliefs in heaven, hell, etc.? As I understand it, the whole idea of heaven, and some other salient features of Xtianity, came from this period of Hellenization. I suggest this because “as I understand it” is “not very well” and I am too fucking lazy to keep up with even Leighton’s level of scholarship.

  11. Leighton, thanks for the shout out….Chuck–you’re not hot anymore.

  12. Dr. Scott, D.Irr says:

    The check is in the mail…
    I won’t cum in your mouth….
    Kent Hovind is a renowned scientist…

  13. Nice ‘sode (that’s a word, isn’t it?) I haven’t listened to the new “Evidence 4 Faith” yet, but I see in the show description that they’re “tackling” (or jerking off) the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics argument, which you two (or at least Chuck) so expertly refuted in your “debate”.

  14. Just when I thought Leighton could go no lower than he has so often before, he comes up with the Palestinian remark! Skunkdick of the new millennium.

  15. I think Leighton’s reached the level of Honorary Skunkdick, like Mims Carter, Glenn Beck and Mother Teresa.

  16. I agree we probably need a “Skunk Dick Hall of Fame” — maybe a page on the site — where recurrent skunk dicks are inducted so we don’t have to mention them on the show any more.

  17. Chuck, have you thought about doing an episode about the mountain meadows massacre?

  18. Chloe, you hurt my feelings.

    Bob, Leighton and I are slowly making our way through books on the MMM — one by the Church and one by Pat Bagley. We’ll collate our research and make a podcast out of it, I just don’t know when.

  19. If you haven’t read it, I found Krakauer’s Under the Banner of Heaven to be a great book about the LDS’ and FLDS’ history.


  21. you need to interview THIS PERSON (mormon family, atheist, hot chick.. whats not to like?!?)

  22. LOLOLOL. You guys crack me up.
    In answer to the question of what harm can befall you if play D&D: Mazes and Monsters, starring none other than the pukey Tom Hanks (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084314/plotsummary)

  23. Reverend Atheist says:

    seriously, where is my Podcast?

  24. Me: Contacted her this morning. If she responds back I’ll work out a time for an interview. If not, we’ll move on to the others lined up.

    Chrollie: The Burbs was all right.

    Reverend Atheist: Shouldn’t you be sending us an email if you want us to interview you? Probably a little easier to contact you and discuss what might be the show topic if we have some form of contact information on you.

  25. Reverend Atheist says:

    You WOULD like that, WOULDN’T you?

    I’ll guess I’ll acquiesce. For the LULZ.

  26. We need more podcasts like 26: LDS Advice to Young Men. That was the funniest one hour ever. Perhaps a podcast on how the different sects of Christianity approach masturbation. The one Christian prohibition that is universally ignored. I bet the pope wears the baggy robe so he can rub one out whenever he wants to.

  27. Reverend Atheist says:

    Where the fuck is my podcast?????? jesus, it IS tuesday, isn’t it? If you’re going to hook me on crack, at least sell me the shit!

  28. Yeah, you guys are pushing it. If the podcast isn’t released soon, I may be forced to post a virtriolic message either here or on the forums.

    That’ll learn ya.

  29. Moggie Magfeline says:

    Happy Australia Day to all the Aussie Irreligiosophites! Hope you had a fair dinkum grouse day sucking down stubbies and shoving pavolova and lamingtons in your mouths while listening to accadacca and Barnsey. Only one thing could make it better – if these two dodgy blokes posted a brand spanker of a podcast. ‘Knoath. Fair shake of the sauce bottle, you galahs.

  30. Reverend Atheist says:

    There is a forum??? I have somewhere else to complain? Am I now being oppressed through ignorance?

    On a similar note, its fucking wednesday over here guys, where’s my podcast??????

  31. Put your panties back on all of you. God, it’s like walking into a room filled with thirteen year old girls.

    We recorded it last night, but have decided we’re going to be starting a new segment. This is forcing us to do a bit more of a recording due to the fact that we’ll be announcing our intent to find hosts from our fanbase to lord over this new segment. The new episode will be out before the weekend as soon as we can fit the time into our schedules to record this added bit.

  32. Reverend Atheist says:

    God damnit! So not only is it NOT COMING OUT ON TIME, but the reason you give is because you want your FANS to do more of your WORK FOR YOU! AAAHHH! This is ransom! I’M CONVERTING TO MORMONISM IN PROTEST!

    btw cool segment idea, hope you guys are doing well and what not, can’t wait for the new podcast and great job so far

  33. Leighton says

    Put your panties back on all of you. God, it’s like walking into a room filled with thirteen year old girls.

    So how did you get all this experience with 13 year old girls? I thought all the pedophiles were saying Mass.

  34. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    @Leighton: Why would a room full of thirteen year old girls have their panties off?

    BTW. My favorite posts are the vitriolic ones in which people whine like a two year old for the next podcast. Those are amazing. Keep them coming!

  35. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    Damn. Minus beat me to the punch.

  36. Moggie Magfeline says:

    Fuck you Leighton, my panties are staying off.

  37. I can accept that, Mogs.


  39. I learned more about Hanukkah than I ever learned in Hebrew School! I love the outside-of-Jewish-perspective perspective. I’d heard some of these stories growing up, but it was always in a vague fairy-tale kind of way, not presented as actual history.

    I’d wondered why there was so much lamentation about the destruction of the first and second Temples. To this day, Jews visit the wailing wall in Jerusalem to lament its destruction, as if those ancient wars were more important than the Holocaust. It always seemed so weird to remember the Maccabees as if “the Hammer” was a Greek hero. I guess that Greek hero treatment came from the Hellenization period.

    Chuck, your pronunciations are funny. Haaanuka. Toe-RAH. LOL!!!!