[irrelig]For this episode we have President of American Atheists David Silverman on the show, talking about growing up Jewy, deconverting at an early age, his experience on Bill O’Reilly, and the importance of the atheist movement. And oh yeah, a little atheist convention in Des Moines, Iowa.

32 Responses to “102: David Silverman and American Atheists”

  1. Laziest edit ever.

  2. I am only about 6 hours from the convention in Iowa.
    Unfortunately, I cannot be there.
    I would really have enjoyed hearing Hitch.

  3. Wow, you guys got the Silbmn?

    I tried… to make up a name there. Yeah.

  4. This episode shamed me into finally joining an Atheist organization after 38 years.

  5. Dr. Scott, D.Irr. says:

    I think I heard Hitch will be there via Skype, not in person. I wish I could go.. .lots of great speakers 🙂

  6. Fuck you guys says:

    Took you fuckers a long time.

  7. HaremOf500SheAsses says:

    I think it’s really inspiring that a couple of mentally challenged ex-mormon life partners have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the podcasting community. Keep up the good work, guys! Maybe some day the straight, thinking-man’s world will recognize your love.

  8. Some day, maybe.

  9. I love the fact that you guys now have that much stroke, that atheist.org/ American Atheists need your blessing and approval. You have arrived. Hell you almost got free memberships! You guys have the power, use it wisely. A list of demands should follow…

  10. Fifth_Horsemen says:

    I’m gonna start making David Silverman faces to people who say ridiculous stuff. Apparently, I will be doing that a lot because I am taking a Philosophy of Religion class.

  11. Sad Panda says:

    Trying to scam you too out of your liquor and whores money… What a scammer.

  12. Ironic Name says:

    Umm… Leighton, I’m pretty sure that MacDonalds makes Big Macs.

  13. Fuck you guys, remember that these guys have other priorities as well. Chuck has a wife and kids and Leighton is the property of two cats.

  14. Caribbean Atheist says:

    Great podcast,s but you two seem lazy and should be putting out more podcast,s . So suck it up and get to work!!!!!!!

  15. agentsarahjane D.Irr says:

    Jeebus, I wish I could go to the convention in DSMIA, since its only about 3 hours away on I-80 -Omaha NE here- alas, I work Thursday through Sunday nights and we need all hands on deck for the next 7 weeks. I will consider joining their groovy cult tho’, it sounds fun.

    I enjoyed the show, got my lulz . You guys did a good job

  16. This guy should be shot. With a rubber bullet, but shot nonetheless. In the groin area.

  17. Gliblord says:

    Insufferable whiners, all of you.

  18. we need to put a billboard up here in Utah. I would gladly up fund this project!

  19. sorry.. help fund this project… i could through 50 bucks in…

  20. Discord.agent says:

    I don’t know he that give goes throw life being so openly atheist. Doesn’t he know how offensive it is for Christians to know that people around them don’t accept Jesus?

  21. Discord.agent says:

    Edit: should read “guy” not “give” in the first line.

  22. Lucy Harris says:

    Hitchens can’t make it now which is a bummer for more than one reason.

    On the bright side, Indra Zuno will be there.

  23. Lucy Harris says:

    Speaking of Hitchens and rabbis sucking the blood out of baby wieners. There’s this,

    Another disgusting religious practice. – By Christopher Hitchens – Slate Magazine

  24. Leighton you are such a dick with the woman hating “jokes”. It just isn’t fucking funny. Can’t you wake up to that fact you dumb shit. I just hope you go to one of these conventions and get your ass handed to you.

  25. Lucy Harris says:

    Sheesh, sounds like Aunt Flo and cousin Red must be in town to ride the cotton pony on the crimson wave.


  26. What jokes?

  27. (was) somewhere in greece says:

    Minus, are you seriously thinking Leighton is being misogynistic? Do you also believe that Chuck and Leighton have child labourers to write their jokes?

  28. “True words, spoken in jest.”

  29. (was)…
    Yes I do. Because I know he doesn’t have child laborers and nobody else thinks so either. I do believe he is misogynistic. When Silverman said that the woman he was working with made arrangements, Lelighton automatically called her his secretary. That’s how he thinks, he wasn’t joking when he said that. Why do you think Siverman got so uncomfortable. I’ve been listening to guys make misogynistic remarks for 50 years and then covering them up by saying, oh it was a joke, don’t you get it. Sometimes the men who say these things actually think it is a joke. I’m just saying that it wasn’t funny fifty years ago and it’s not funny now. Leighton and Chuck wallk a fine line and Leighton frequently steps over it. They take risks and make mistakes, I’m cool with that. Most of their humor is very funny and original. This is different. And I apologize for actually trying to be serious. I’m old, I’m grouchy and fuck you if you don’t like it.

  30. Rnegade87 says:

    I found your site via a person from reddit. You should really submit your podcasts to the atheist section of reddit, there’s over 100K people there

  31. I love the American Athiest billboards that have popped up recently.


    I assume this is the surprise that David Silverman was referring to in the interview. Now if you excuse me I’m going to visit the billboard in Oakland. I’m going to do what real residents of Oaktown are known for, tagging the crap out of signs.

    Should I write “Chuck and Leighton forever” on it?

  32. @minus If someone called me, and without introducing themselves, made an appointment for an interview with someone else, I’d assume they are a secretary/Personal Assistant kind of person. (whether they are male or female). If she had introduced herself as whatever office she holds, or ex-vice president of whather organisation Silverman named, I doubt the assumption would be made. What do you think?