Turning Japanese, Joemma are turning Japanese, you’ll really think so. In this episode, we brave the supernatural world of Yōkai, spirits of Japanese folklore. Japan freak Joe leads us through this seriously weird and wonderful topic with tales of tails, shitloads of shape shifters, hoards of hags, and testaments to…well, you’ll find out. You’ll have a ball of a time listening to this one, but might want to recite some sutras and write your name on a cucumber before pressing play, just to be on the safe side.


16 Responses to “Episode 四: 妖怪”

  1. Meringue says:

    You know , that topic actually interests me. And not only because I want to know what inspired all those awful animes.

  2. Fascinating subject. Still think you guys are being exploited by those lazy fuckers that used to put out the Irreligiosophy podcast.

  3. Moewicus says:

    Now I understand how the Tanooki suit in Super Mario Bros. 3 works. If only I could un-understand it.

    Anyways, what’s that thing Joe read in the beginning from?

  4. Gliblord says:

    That was written by me.

  5. Needs moar Godzilla

  6. The Red Mist says:

    I always thought I was swinging a tail with the Tanooki suit

  7. Moewicus says:

    Durn good, Joe, durn good. Also, please pronounce Katsushika Hokusai on the next episode.

    It gets worse, Red Mist. Think about how Mario turns himself into a statue.

  8. Very informative podcast on a topic I know very little about. Nice writing in the intro. My favorite part — Emma’s attempts at Chinese pronunciation. Hilarious.

    By the way, I keep a golden tanuki hidden away in my rectum. I was under the impression everyone did.

  9. Gliblord says:

    I hope tanuki become a thing now.

  10. Moggie Magfeline says:

    @ Chuck: Sweden/Switzerland, Japan/China. Same same.
    BTW, why did you swallow golden Tanuki in the first place?

  11. somewhere in greece says:

    Kore podocasuto wa suki desu. 🙂

  12. @ Chuck: Sweden/Switzerland, Japan/China. Same same.

    I should just start saying “over there” for anywhere outside the USA.

  13. Floyd II says:

    Excellent podcast – best 2nd Law yet. Joe knows his shit, but I wanted to correct one thing: “Baka-neko” = Idiot cat. “Bake-neko” = Monster cat. I’m hardly fluent, but I’ve been living in Japan for 10 years… Joe wasn’t kidding – the Japanese take on “religion” is blissfully casual or non-existent. It’s part of the reason I’ve been here so long.

  14. Moggie Magfeline says:

    Thanks Floyd II. I think Joe was highlighting my inability to pronounce any word that isn’t Australian correctly. I was being a baka as usual. So, if it’s an idiot monster cat is it a bakabakeneko? Glad you enoyed the episode anyway.

  15. Chuck, what the fuck?

  16. Bribane Oswald says:

    I just came across this comic and it reminded me of this episode. Love both shows, keep it up. Also, good to see Joe and Emma have BOTH decided to follow in Laton’s footsteps with the horrible recording setups.