[chuck]Out of the blue, Kirk Hastings/Grant Gardner sent me an email this morning.

Hey, thanks for all your publicity concerning my book “What Is Truth?”. Amazon.com has sold out of the first batch, and is ordering more to keep up with the demand. It’s selling like hotcakes!

Incidentally, where’s your book with your (somewhat skewed) point of view in it? Having trouble finding a publisher? 🙂

Kirk Hastings
Author Extraordinaire

That last part is my favorite. Who was Kirk’s publisher for What is Truth? Why, PublishAmerica, infamous vanity press for … wait for it … people who can’t find a publisher.

38 Responses to “Ice-burned by Kirk Hastings”

  1. Tom Harris says:

    It’s easy to sell out of a print run of 100 😉

  2. Every time I listened to an E4F podcast, they were trying to give away a free copy. The problem was, I never heard anyone call in to answer the questions.

  3. So Christlike of him…

  4. GayPreopTrannyAtheistBlackWoman says:

    Well, if you can’t win a debate why not make a book publishing contest you’re the only one competing in. Apparently you really got to those guy. I suspect you made them feel more than a little cognitive dissonance. Not that I was impressed by their level of cognition.

  5. Maybe I’ll give Matt Wakefield a call and do this takedown thing after all.

  6. Discord.agent says:

    Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

  7. Maybe you’re too busy doing productive work as a doctor to pay a vanity press for something people won’t take for free. It’s just painful how clueless and desperate some people get.

  8. I thought it might be interesting to look it up at amazon:

    Amazon.com Sales Rank: 323114

    On the other hand, it does have a solid average review rating of 5/5 stars (1 reviewer).

  9. For a Christian, Mr Hastings is surprisingly vindictive and prideful. Hmm, I am sure there is something in the Bible about that…

  10. Tom Harris says:

    Compare this to my ex-wife’s latest gay romance/detective novel (again, self-published, but not through PublishAmerica), which comes in at 296,441 on the same list, and has 5/5 with FOUR reviews…. and that’s a pretty narrow genre piece compared to a religious commentary. I’m not impressed.

  11. On the other hand, it does have a solid average review rating of 5/5 stars (1 reviewer).

    Who starts her review with “I read this book when it first came out because the author is an old friend of mine.”

  12. Sounds like he was drunk-mailing again…

  13. Christine says:

    I left a review for it…I haven’t read it but was led by faith to leave one.

  14. StaggerLee says:

    ‘On the other hand, it does have a solid average review rating of 5/5 stars (1 reviewer).

    Who starts her review with “I read this book when it first came out because the author is an old friend of mine.”’
    This style of writing sounds rather Hovindian to me.

  15. Lucy Harris says:

    The guy can’t let it go. His grave marker will have a snide and typically feckless dig at Irr.

  16. cricket16 says:

    “This style of writing sounds rather Hovindian to me.”

    Although it is kind of hard to leave a review on Amazon while in prison.

    The Bible is very popular, and all said, it is a disjointed, generally shitty read. Sorry Kirk, popularity is not a measure of the quality of a book’s content.

  17. did he really sign it ‘author extraordinaire’? That’s fucking gold baby! Plus the smiley was a nice touch.

  18. You see, Chuck! Those two dumb asses are still on the air…the universe is out of balance…please come back…and fuck you for all you did!

  19. Typical christian modesty. My coworker’s book is ranked #86,716 and it’s pretty shitty. Sold out of books on Amazon, therefore, God. hahhhaahhahaha. Please debut your new podcast. My mp3 player misses your voice so dearly. I looked forward to this podcast every week, and it is sad to not hear your humor and reason. Please return, gloriously on the third day. He is risen, Our Lord Chuck. On both an ass and a donkey he approaches. I will lay down palm fronds beneath your podcast’s feet. Just return to us Oh Lord Chuck.

  20. Derrick says:

    Wait, Hastings is a real person?? Oh shit, I thought he was a big joke. Well, I guess he still is…

  21. Discord.agent says:

    People that call themselves (profession) extraordinaire are usually arrogant dipshits. That’s on the level of Kent Hovind calling himself a doctor.

  22. BlueIndependent says:

    Sign of a true @sshole if he hasn’t said word 1 to you in months, if not a year, and then writes just to gloat about selling a few books on Amazon. There are grandmas that sell more units they they likely have. “Selling like hotcakes”? “Keep up with demand”? LOL! You know they’re padding numbers if they are gloating over ‘demand’. In that “debate” those guys ended up sounding like right-wingers, and right-wing publishers (not sure if PA is, but it’s a safe bet) often print scads of copies that are then SOLD to churches and sympathetic political action groups. If that’s what happened with these guys, no wonder it might appear they sell. Some of those books will likely never see a pair of eyes, so they might be gloating over nothing but the waste paper recycling factory they support.

    Ya know, I looked to see if these guys have a blog, and I couldn’t find one directly related to their show. Wonder why? This blog is about an atheist podcast, or at least one that was, and look how many comments you get months AFTER the show officially stopped and broke up. How many comments would these jokers get in the same situation?

    These guys are and continue to be insufferable buffoons. They’re like the gloating martial artist that can’t block the simplest punch to the face.

  23. BlueIndependent says:

    The subtitle of the book should read more like: “How to stay on message as a Christian in an objective reality hostile to your subjective beliefs”

  24. Sign of a true @sshole if he hasn’t said word 1 to you in months, if not a year, and then writes just to gloat about selling a few books on Amazon.

    Bizarre, isn’t it? I haven’t given the guy a second thought since we decided to give up the ghost on the podcast about his book, but he just can’t let it go. Hey Kirk, it’s not my fault you’re such a terrible debater. If I were you, I’d blame it on the source material.

  25. Please give Matt a call.

    That asshole deserves to be taken down hard. I like how he gives you credit for publicity on his book. Does he even realize the fact that you scraped the episode after your hard drive crashed?

  26. Discord.agent says:

    Chuck, from what I heard during the debate I do not think Kirk has read through the source material. I think there were several occasions of you telling them what the bible said, they both said it didn’t say that, you all looked it up, and it said exactly what you said it did. In Kirk’s defense, it is very hard to be a Christian if one has properly read through the whole bible.

  27. david harris says:

    The co-worker I spend most of the day with is an evangelical baptist. Recently,while listening to him blather about the end-times as christian rock filled the room, I was staring into his eyes thinking “Is this Hell?” Excited, he whipped out his cell phone to share a family picture. Trying to feign interest for this dudes family, I was stunned to see a pic of him,the wife,2 children and smack dab in the middle with arms all embracing: Kirk Cameron. Apparantly he comes to my town at least once a year, and he’s “a really nice guy…and I am welcome to come to the Baptist church next visit and meet him in person.”

  28. Discord.agent says:

    Ask him if he is still in touch with Boner.

  29. david harris says:

    Matt Wakefield is a hoot. Listened to Hovind ll again last night and roared when he was ‘fired’ for liking achey breakey heart. “No, it’s satire!” Bet it wasn’t and his polished size 7 boots are sitting in his closet waiting to get out. @discord- If the “Boner” suggestion was for me and I should happen to actually meet KFC (kirk fucktard cameron), will do.

  30. david harris says:

    …Just realized Kirk Cameron was never the subject here! Have read the sock puppet posts and listened to the E4F a few times. Truly, I’m not as dumb as I now seem… Yeah,yeah…Dorp

  31. Appropriate Amazon review left for Mr. Hastings…

  32. Discord.agent says:

    I love the new reviews for the book. I really want to read it, so that I can make fun of it better, but I don’t want to line the pockets of a douche like Kirk… what to do…

  33. I have a suggestion: when I finish, I’ll mail my copy to Discord.agent. Then when D.a is done, s/he can mail it to someone else, and on and on. Loads of laughs, no money in Hastings’ pocketses.

  34. Discord.agent says:

    Atheists: 1 Kirk Hastings: 0

  35. Hahaha! So awesome. This guys keeps giving us more laughs after all this time. Of course, it’s also kinda sad. Seems like you actually made some permanent damage to the guy’s ego.

  36. cricket says:

    We can all play find the logical fallacy, err, fallacies.

  37. I want to get inline to read the book next after Discord.Agent.

  38. One of the few books on Amazon where a second hand copy will cost you MORE than a new one. I guess people want to be paid for the torture they’ve endured reading it.