[chuck]I was invited to appear on the Sci-fi Review podcast to discuss my favorite movie of all time, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. We discuss the amazing overacting abilities of the Shatner and Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island, the needs of the many vs the needs of the few (or the one), my questionable ability to recall particular scenes of this classic movie line by line, the usefulness of girdles and toupees, and why Citizen Kane pales in comparison. Surprisingly, religion (almost) never comes up.

Check it out here, if you’re nerd enough.

26 Responses to “And now for something completely different …”

  1. awesome! Any news on a Chuck run podcast?

  2. The man says:

    Pretty darn cool. Enjoyed it.

  3. @stodluke: Research is complete on the first episode, and mostly complete on the second. I need to make some format decisions, then find some time to record some episodes and get a backlog before I release it. Still might be a while.

  4. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    That was so hip and happenin’.

  5. Hey, if there was any podcast in the verse worth my time, that would be it! And you didn’t include me! From hells heart, I stab at thee, for hates sake, I spit my last breath… at THEE…!

  6. Matt, do you know of the klingon proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold? It is very cold on the Sci-Fi Review Podcast.

  7. Herb (12th apostle) says:

    That Merchant-Ivory fanboy sounded like a souless, joyless peckerhead.

  8. Yeah, how can you not enjoy a film like this for what it is: a semi-cheesy overacting fest with some really good sci-fi plot elements and an intense game of space cat and mouse. For me anyway, it represents the best of what Star Trek has been. Of course it’s filled with ham, girdles, toupees, cheese, and 80s hair and costumes — that’s part of what makes it so much fun.

  9. More of this on the Chuckast and D&D talk as well!

  10. Finished listening to it. Loved your on the spot quotation.

    Also glad that you may have found an ACTUAL mormon, Dr. Zaius, to defend and debate the faith . . . not some apostate faker.

  11. MacReady says:

    This is MacReady from the Sci-Fi Review Podcast. Chuck was a super good sport to come on an do this with us. Thank you again. We hope he is kind enough to join us again in the future.

    Sadly, I am not sure of the good Dr. Zaius will.

    Have a long a prosperous life earthlings. Wait a second. that did not sound right.

  12. Oh man, I hope Dr. Zaius returns. I really enjoyed the back and forth when I was on, and I think he adds a lot to the show.

  13. MacReady says:

    We are working on it–sigh. I think he is more sad than mad. To him, it was as if he was temporarily replaced by you in our brotherly hierarchy for 30 minutes.

    Maybe he is a tad embarrassed too. He said that you seemed a lot nicer than he expected. I think he came in ready to get dissed. I should have reminded him that you were even nice to those terrifying God Hates (insert homophobic remark of your choice) people. Oh well. . .

  14. “Of course it’s filled with ham, girdles, toupees, cheese, and 80s hair and costumes”

    …. and Tribbles ! Lots ‘n lots of Tribbles !

  15. (dammit, the series, not the flick, for a moment I thought I funny, it was a glorious moment)

  16. @MacReady: Well, let him know I’m rooting for him to return to the show.

    @Rikki: One of my favorite episodes. The Tribble special effects were amazing.

    @Ben: I hope I can convince him to come on Unapologetics, but my guess is it’s pretty unlikely.

  17. As usual! It would be scary of course.

    Chuck do you share the unfortunate opinion of those Church of Awesome heathens about the next gen series?

  18. I don’t know, what is their opinion?

  19. Chuck, the other atheist pod-casts I’ve been listening to to fill the void you have left in my life have NO CONTENT! Need more. You are my first and favorite.

  20. Working on it. I’ve been away so long I’m actually looking forward to it. All I need is time.

  21. Discord.agent says:

    I never thought I would listen to a show with worse sound quality than early Irreligiosophy. That takes talent and a certain kind of special. All in all Sci-Fi Review is great because it allows the listener to gain a better appreciation for quality found elsewhere in podcasting.

  22. nacready says:

    Bite me

  23. Nacready can’t spell his own name it’s “MacReady.” Still, though, from the Sci-fi Review Podcast to Discord.agent, BITE ME.

  24. Their opinion is that TNG sucks balls.

  25. My ranking of the ST franchises:

    1. TOS
    2. TNG
    3. Voyager
    4. DS9
    5. Enterprise (“Way to ruin the franchise, Bakula!”)

    The TNG movies suck balls, by and large. The series had some really great moments and was pretty enjoyable once it got out from under the shadow of the old series.

  26. I have a fantastic idea for the format of your new podcast. Grab a random mormon / missionary /christian off the street and put them in the podcast. Subject them to the ridiculousness of the religious things you found for the week and get their reaction. Comedy gold.