[chuck]Matt and I had some trouble lining up our schedules over the last week, so the next podcast will have to wait until next week. One alternative explanation, provided by Kirk “Grant Gardner” Hastings himself, is that we are afraid of his book, and don’t have the courage to expose ourselves to it:

The various nasty, negative posts in reply to this comment by me only serve to prove how incredibly childish and dishonest the atheist members of Irreligiosophy really are. Their reviews contain no intelligent content, only shallow put-downs, because they are not the least bit interested in reason, logic, or truth; they are only interested in insulting everyone who disagrees with them. This is clear evidence of very sick, dishonest, insecure minds. They are afraid of my book, because it reveals the easily verifiable truths about life and God that they simply don’t want to face. That’s why many of them haven’t even read it (even though they attempt to “review” it!) — they haven’t the courage to expose themselves to what it really says. Such people are little more than cowards and troublemakers, and they will get what they deserve out of life in the end.

Oh, I’ve exposed myself to it, Kirk. Repeatedly. See y’all next week.

13 Responses to “A Minor Delay”

  1. Yay!! Oh wait, Boo!! Uh.. At least i have 40 more back logged episodes until ive heard them all twice.

  2. Clearly, you are cowards. Sure you could defend science . . . but you must be too afraid to stand before Hastings ravenous intellect when it comes to the next section of the book (PT 2: Why Everyone Should Have a Boner for Jesus).

  3. Ah yes, Chuck and Matt have exposed themselves to the book. Always thinking of the fans and taking a hit on our behalf.

    I don’t want to read the fucking book. I have loose enough of my mental faculties to Lupus, let alone have more of my brain cells commit suicide.

    Why anyone would subject themselves to that steaming pile of anus gravy is beyond me.

    Thanks Guys! Love you!

  4. You should be afraid of the book. Read it and you’ll feel stupid for a week. I bet he really regrets making his brag about his best seller now. Someone intelligent has actually read it…and reviewed it….and it’s revealed his true character. He’s such a class act.

  5. “Welcome to this episode of Irreligiosophy, where we subject ourselves to steaming piles of anus gravy so you don’t have to.”

    Hmm, it just might work. Thanks Annie!

  6. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    Anus gravy over mashed potatoes. Mmmm. Pile some of that shit on my plate.

  7. Awww, Irreligiosophy really is back!

  8. Jack Pollock says:

    Cowards. You only do a 2 part review of more than half the book. What ARE you trying to hide by not doing part 3? I won’t hold my breath. I certainly won’t hold my anus gravy. Kirk, if you’re reading this (and apparently you are), you just keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t change a thing, man. Whether as Kirk Hastings or your secret identity as Grant Gardner, just keep doing what you’re doing.

  9. Herb (12th Apostle) says:

    I’m fixin’ to have me some taters and anus gravy. Praise Jesus!

  10. @Tort – It’s back and no one noticed (or cared) that the character of Leighton is being played by a new actor. Just like Charlie Sheen.

  11. I don’t know, anus gravy is pretty Leightonish. Anyone know what happened to Leighton? Did he wind up in the emergency room again?

  12. @Ben

    How true! Leighton even went a little crazy(did you see his video?) just like Charlie Sheen, the good thing here is with the podcast back up and running, Chuck appears to be winning!!

  13. Dear Chuck

    I will never forget the first time I heard you guys with the ‘Skunkdick’. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to hurt something. I have always had a fascination with fine swear words and inventive invective.

    I have sourced many ‘noice’ terms of endearment from Regretsy, who do what you do to religeous dolts, to craftards on Etsy and Ebay.

    I look forward to more podcasts, as you are able to make them. We’re a demanding bunch of assholes, but you do great work, that is entertaining as well as champagne comedy.