[chuck]I guest once again on the Church of Awesome for a rousing discussion of Green Lantern stories, the deep meaning of the colors of the rainbow, and serious philosophy. It’s an hour or so of nerdy fun that would make the Comic Geek proud.

And notice that link: 666! That’s the same sector where the Black Lantern was discovered. Coincidence? No such thing. Must be a higher power at work.

12 Responses to “Church of Awesome”

  1. That definitely stretched the limits of my nerdiness. I really liked the talk of determinism and freewill. You summed up the philosophical positions quite succinctly.

  2. Thanks. I ended up reviewing a lot of philosophy in preparation, glad to hear it was worth the effort.

  3. Discord.agent says:

    I hope this isn’t referring to the blasphemous animated green lantern series. That COA host has a hard on for that retarded shit.

  4. I think Mike references the animated GL series once during the discussion (Hal Jordan recharging his ring in the engine of a lantern-powered spaceship or something?). But it’s 99% comic book Green Lantern, with some philosophy thrown in just for good measure.

    I’ve never seen the animated series. No good, huh?

  5. Discord.agent says:

    That depends. People that weren’t big fans of the comic series (prior to 2008) usually love the animated series and the current comic book, but longtime fans of the comic see it as a bunch of bullshit. I’d probably like it if it were a completely different superhero but as it is I see it as someone took a massive shit on my childhood superhero.

  6. somewhere in greece says:

    I loved the show, it would had never occurred to me that a comic book would had sparked such an interesting discussion on philosophy across the ages.

    Re: cartoon. My Green Lantern was John Stewart, from the JLA cartoon, a great guy full of dignity and a sense of the responsibility that came with the gift of fashioning everything he could think of with a magic ring. I saw a tiny bit of the new GL animated series and I can’t say I care for Hal Jordan’s flying-on-the-seat-of-his-pants escapades.

    Although I would had changed my mind if the movie (and the cartoon) had a different tone…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hTiRnqnvDs

  7. The Archangel Michael says:

    You got it just right, Agent, I started GL Comics with Secret Origins around 2008. I grew up with the Bruce Timm DC Cartoon Universe, and the new GL Animated Series is one of his current projects. That universe is not exactly in line with the comic books, but finds a way to tell the stories in a way that nearly anyone can enjoy. Although, the GL TAS is on cartoon network and is playing it a bit more kid friendly.
    Yeah, I like lots of retarded shit, but I have a good time. I hope you enjoy the episode. Lots of Chuck talking Philosophy!

  8. Discord.agent says:

    That whole parallax/alien entity bullshit is part of the reason I gave up collecting. Here’s how that went down.

    Writer 1: you know all comics leading up to Hal betraying the Corps and killing all the Green Lanterns?

    Writer 2: yeah, what about it?

    Writer 1: what if we completely disregarded them and cram something in to make Hal Hordan not look like such an evil prick and bring him back to life?

    Writer 2: I don’t know. That might piss off the fans.

    Writer 1: fuck the fans! We’ll get new fans.

  9. iampostal says:

    you are back…i just realized this today and 4 new episodes to get me through 4 hours at work on my ipod…i hope all your old fans realize this soon too….i dont know what happened or why or if this is a one or two man show but you guys kept me laughing one way or the other and made me see that every time i thought i knew every funny stupid thing about mormonism that there was always something stupider and funnier to learn…thanks from vancouver canada

  10. I think you guys on the Church of awesome forgot one color from the emotional spectrum:
    the color brown representing disgust. The brown corps’ power ring can, for example give someone diarrhea for a year.

  11. Chuck im not sure if this happens on everyones computer but I typed in kirk hastings name on Yahoo and Chrome and in the drop down box the Irreligiosophy site was a suggestion both times

  12. Hi Chuck! I found you back in the Church of Awesome and now I discover that you’ve been putting up four new episodes of Irreligiosophy! That’s wonderful. Many thanks! I’ll listen to them next Sunday.