[chuck]I know a bunch of you have been waiting for this one. The folks from Cognitive Dissonance invited me on their show to talk about Bill O’Reilly and the crazy Mormon Temple rituals. You all remember ANN? Cognitive Dissonance is what ANN should have been.

16 Responses to “Cognitive Dissonance”

  1. It’s hard to cover atheist news topics without sounding like an asshole, but the CogDis guys do a great job. Looking forward to this one! Thanks chuck!

  2. My problem with atheist news shows is that they are neither.

  3. Cogpeople everywhere!

  4. somewhere in greece says:

    Loved the episode, please start Unapologetics soon

  5. Yea your two podcasts are definetly my favorites.

  6. Great to hear your voice again!

  7. Awesome episode Chuck. Glad to see you are spending some time on a real podcast again.

  8. newdeconvert says:

    I recently started listening to Cognitive Dissonance and was glad to find out about the irreligiosophy podcast through this week’s episode. I am currently listening to the early episodes and think you guys are great! looking forward to new podcasts from you. consider me your official listener # 5.

  9. The Cog Dis guys are awesome!

    Thanks for doing their show!

  10. I found this podcast through Cognitive Dissonance, and I love it. Lots of useful information and pointers, I REALLY like your ‘precursor’ to Christianity themed podcast.

  11. Citizen Wolf says:

    Good to hear you on the airways again Chuck.

    Looking forward to the new Irreligiosopistemology podcast whenever you get around to starting it.

    Any news on Leighton these days?

  12. No news here. I haven’t spoken with Leighton since October of 2011.

  13. What actually happened to cause that chuck? Must have been pretty bad.

  14. Long story, but yes.

  15. Good episode, Chuck you were great, as always. I had heard of CD before however, I never bothered to check them out but listening to this episode prompted me to go thru their archives. Some of their stuff is really good and at times when they lose control and laugh hysterically I gotta say it reminds me of the old Irreligiosophy with C&L

  16. Chuck, I heard you on CogDis, and I was really impressed with the way you fitted in with those two wonderful chuckleheads (and I say that as their Australian listener #17). And I’m really looking forward to your ‘casts and to swell your, er, audience.

    Thanks for the hard work. Oh, and for some reason you REALLY sound like George Carlin to me (I have most of his books and a couple of vids). Just sayin’….