2.3: Mere Christianity II

CS is back for more “philosophy” and “arguments” as we finish up Book I of Mere Christianity. We talk about moral objectivity, the supernatural, and God’s keen interest in every last bit of your behavior. You better watch out, you better not cry …

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  1. @disagreeable me

    Natural selection made several bold predictions that were later verified, for example:

    – there is a biological mechanism for transferring information from one generation to the next
    Verified by the discovery of DNA

    – there is a physical mechanism that can fuel the Sun for at least hundreds of millions of years
    Verified by the discovery of fusion

    Requiring a test that can support natural selection without also supporting Intelligent Design is non sensical because ID is non-falsifiable by definition.

    Also, why don’t you get Leighton’s brother back to co-host?

  2. Hi Ernst, that’s a good example.

    I’m probably wrong in my initial argument, but I still feel there’s something to be said for a philosophical justification of Darwin’s ideas.

    His explanation seems to me to be necessarily true.

    Even if evolution were not found to work by the mechanism he proposed in terrestrial biology (e.g. aliens did it) we might still expect to find that life elsewhere in the cosmos evolved by Darwin’s mechanism, or that genetic algorithms could be used to automate the design of computer code.

    Anyway, I’m not really arguing the point any more. Just trying to justify why I think sometimes you might have reasons to believe something on the basis of a sound argument even without direct evidence.