[chuck]The CoA guys had me on to ramble about stuff I don’t know a whole lot about: female reproductive cycles and anatomy, females getting abortions, and females in general. But hey, it’s a nice break from the never-ending talk of male circumcision going on around these parts.

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  1. cricket says:

    That was a welcome surprise when I started listening yesterday.

    Did not realize how safe the procedure actually was. In Parochial school they told us the having an abortion would basically make a woman an emotional basket case with a barren, broken vagina. It is disturbing the stuff that is touted as true in such institutions.

    BTW – what could the complications be from pre-abortive fetal circumcision?

  2. Kind of grossed me out, but I choked on my coffee when you said you recommended them to all your patients. Love hearing you. Thanks.

  3. I have to say that I’m am absolutely offended by the lack of penis/foreskin-related talk on this one.

    Though, I have to admit that I’m a personal friend of the authors.

  4. Chuck was so wrong about ectopic pregnancy. There are regions in the USA that have higher rates of ectopic pregnancy and it is therefore not rare at all. As an ObGyn in a major metropolitan area it is not uncommon to see 20+ nonruptured ectopics a a year, and 5+ ruptured ectopics that need to be treated emergently in the O.R. That’s just my experience at 1 hospital, and I’m on staff at 2.

  5. Yeah, sorry. I should have said, “rare in my experience,” which suffers from the selection bias of being a family doc. For me, it’s a rare cause of abdominal pain in females (although it’s always in the differential diagnosis for women of childbearing age) in a relatively rural area of Utah — certainly OB-Gyns would see it a lot more frequently, especially in major metropolitan areas.

  6. No problem. The reason why incorrect information about maternal health drives me crazy is because as people really push to repeal abortion laws it will effect routine medical care for women. Treatment for molar pregnancy, ectopics, preeclampsia is now debatable by non-medical religious fanatics that have no idea what they are asking for.

    I’ll keep listening,
    Still in the closet Agnostic
    African American Female
    OB/GYN Doc

  7. Bit surprised that no one mentioned that most of the abortion pictures the protestors wave around are fake.

  8. somewhere in greece says:

    You know, I was always curious how do people who insist on “life begins at conception and that’s when we get our immortal souls” explain homozygotic twins and chimaeras.

    Also, ten minutes in a neonatal ICU are enough to disabuse anyone of the idea of a benign interventionist god and that terminating a pregnancy is always barbaric.