2.9: The Gospel of Mark

We now embark upon a critique of the four gospels, beginning with Mark, the first one written. Matt and I discuss a little background history and context, then launch right into the content (or lack thereof) of the good news itself. How does Mark compare against the other synoptics? Where is he edited and why? What strange healings and miracle stories do we get in the earliest written account of Jesus? What about that strange story of the herd of pigs or the fig tree? Find out in this episode.

Also, more skunk dicks and iTunes reviews. And here is a link to the youtube video mentioned in the podcast: Jesus and the pigs.

52 Responses to “2.9: The Gospel of Mark”

  1. Chuck,
    If Matt isn’t available to co-host — go make Bob Price co-host the witches show with you.
    Best regards,

  2. Horatio says:

    Wait a minute, weren’t there more Gospels? Wasn’t there the Gospel of Biff or Bubba or something? I know there’s the Gospel where Satan tells Jesus that he’s his father after cutting his hand off, right?

    Chuck, Matt, I’m confused… Please enlighten before I start worshiping a golden calf… again!