2.13 More Matthew

Part 2 covers Jesus’s triumphal entry on the back of two donkeys, what is now known as “the fig tree incident,” Jesus’s trial, crucifixion, death, and resurrection, and also the little-known and not remembered Zombie Apocalypse of 33 AD.

Also, Skunk Dicks, iTunes reviews, and lots of random blather.

EDIT: Here is a link to the Shirley Phelps-Roper interview mentioned in the podcast, which I do not recommend to anyone who values their brain.

30 Responses to “2.13 More Matthew”

  1. Yay! Random blather!

  2. This episode reminded me of Chuck’s penis. Too short.

  3. FYI, Arabic for skunk dick is قضيب قضيبالأمريكي (pronounced “قضيب قضيبالأمريكي”).

  4. And in proto-indo-european it would be something like dusbhregros bhngnhus (bad-smelling dick).

  5. The family should have had that magical compass they had in the Book of Mormon.

  6. Oh, so “skunk dick” is an expression? Always thought it was a literal penis sported by a skunk.

  7. Although I’m not happy with you abandoning my namesake, Tylers circumcised penis of the week, this podcast has really found it’s groove man. I take back my comment saying this podcast has crashed and burned, you guys have really come into your own. Excellent episode. Chuck wasn’t bad either.

  8. Could you post the link to the episode of your interview with the westboro baptist church that you mentioned? I must have missed it, but I’m sure theres a lot of people that would like to hear it.

  9. Wally Weaksauce says:

    So Jesus rode in on the back of a donkey and a colt stretched between them? Man, that’s what you call a catamaran, but a land one. Like a landamaran, man. He invented that shit. And you’re going to talk smack about him?

    OK, granted, you’re not going to get much in the way of speed with a donkey on one side, but I bet when those lovely ladies were chanting his name, I bet he was doing that thing where they hike way out and lay their heads back and drop it in the water. Except, instead of water, it’s probably more like donkey shit on those old road, but he didn’t even care. Like a primeval honey badger.

  10. I’ve been listening to “Thomas and the Bible”, which is a fine podcast, but he’s pretty much just commenting about stuff he’s reading as he goes, while you guys provide background and research. Would you guys consider doing the whole bible?

  11. Citizen Wolf says:

    Another solid episode guys.

    I agree with Chuck; what a dick that Jesus guy was (Hypothetically assuming he existed).

    That news item about the messiah was funny. Next pet sheep I get, I’m gonna put a bell on it and call it messiah. Then I’ll sit back and watch all the other sheep follow it around.

  12. Discord.agent says:

    Random is my favorite kind of blather.

  13. Another excellent podcast! I love that Matthew included a night of the living dead in his gospel. I just wish he had developed the idea a bit more with some gut-munching gore…

  14. *Reposting Ty’s request*. Where’s the episode or link for the Westboro interview. I’ve listened to every episode of Irriligiosophy and can’t for the life of me recall it happening on the podcast. Thanks much.

  15. Edited the post above to include the link to our terrible interview of crazy woman Shirley Phelps-Roper, which I do not recommend anyone listen to, ever.

  16. You know I found that interview by simply typing “Phelps” in the search box but I am a programmer and we know about these type of things, I guess.

    The interview was somewhat interesting until Leighton, for some reason, mentioned he had been raped as a child. Shirley insinuated that it was his mother’s fault which upset Leighton. After that it got too weird for me and I stopped listening…

  17. I was all about listening to it, even though you said not too. But then you said Leighton was in it…may be too much to handle now.

  18. It was a failed interview and a learning experience. The interview is unedited because I couldn’t put myself through listening to it again at the time. I haven’t listened to it since, and I still have no desire to. The exchange with Leighton about his childhood trauma is just painful, and it reveals what an absolute monster Shirley Phelps-Roper is.

    The only other thing I recall from the interview is Shirley’s insistence that Christ’s return was IMMINENT (although she repeatedly refused to define the term). Three years later, the dude is still nowhere in sight. I do not think that word means what she thinks it means.

  19. I did like it when Leighton would ask a question along the lines of “How do you explain this bit of monstrosity in the bible?” and Chuck would then make a very good point: These Westboro people don’t believe in the sanitized god most Christians believe in. They believe in the literal god of the Bible who is a complete monster.

    I particularly liked Chuck’s imagery of god as a big baby who creates a bunch of creature, gets mad at them, and then kills them all off. Most Christians need to do mental gymnastics around that stuff but not the Westboro folks. That is exactly the asshole that they worship…

  20. Fivegoldenrats says:

    Didn’t Shirley Phelps-Roper say in the interview that Christ will return when Fred Phelps dies? Or did I hear it in Louis Theroux documentary “The Most Hated Family in America”? Anyway, Fred Phelps is 83 years old so i guess it will happen soon enough.

  21. somewhere in greece says:

    I never listened to the Shirley Phelps-Roper episode, I couldn’t find the strength.

    I loved this episode, especially all the info about how Matthew got the OT references wrong

  22. Discord.agent says:

    I loved the interview with Shirley. I always hated how she skirted by the don’t kill commandment when you guys tried to show how god commands people to kill.

  23. The thing about Shirley is…. Oh, how do I put this kindly?…..She’s a fucking idiot.

    Normally I wouldn’t be so harsh on someone who’s been heavily indoctrinated since the moment they were squeezed out of a vagina, but this one knows so little about the outside world that you would think she’s still surrounded by uterine walls.

  24. Craig Phelps says:

    Your Messiah is so fat;

    When he rides on a donkey and a colt, he rides on a donkey AND a colt!

  25. Your Messiah is so fat;

    His followers have been eating his fat rolls for over 2000 years!

  26. Phelpsy the wonder hamster says:

    Your Meesiah is so stupid;

    He thought all that shit he preaches was for reals yo!

    Also, he spells messiah wrong.

  27. Herb (Apostle 2.0) says:

    I am certain the reason the podcast is delayed is because no one has complained that it’s LATE. I see what you did. The podcast finally hits a sweet spot and you leave us begging for more. Well…MORE, dammit!

  28. Is that what it is? I half suspected that they were editing the next episode as fast as they could and demanding more would just make me an asshole.
    But as long as I’m not the only one….

  29. The Shirley Phelps interview is the worst. It’s like the E4F debate, the guest(s) are just so obnoxious and annoying it winds up pissing me off.

  30. Herb (Apostle 2.0) says:

    I’ve been around these parts long enough to complain. That’s the way we roll around here.