2.14 Kerry Jackson

Episode 14 is the first part of our interview with guest Kerry Jackson, X96 radio DJ, atheist, and host of the Geekshow podcast. In this part we discuss atheism in Utah, Kerry’s experiences as a youth growing up in Salem, Utah, and even his run-in with cancer and how that affected his beliefs and his career.

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  1. Damn, I wish I had something to comment. Better not – doing the first comment is probably gonna make me look like a loser that has nothing better to do and keeps checking this page every two hours…

  2. Waiting 3 weeks for THIS is such a let down. And there’s another part? Really? So we have to wait 3 more weeks to listen to another hour of the more boring man on radio. PLease break up that interview with another gospel, or both gospels. The last couple podcasts have been incredibly well done and extremely funny. Now this.

  3. Cunningham! says:

    I like this podcast. I listen to Kerry on his radio show and Geekshow podcast. Can’t please all the people all the time so fuckin’ deal with it, Ty. Fuckin’ crybaby.

  4. Felipe – Checking every two hours is clearly an exaggeration – it’s more like twice a day 🙂

    I really enjoyed this podcast. I always like to hear peoples’ stories of atheism and their atheist evolution, but it’s also great to have a break from all the heavy stuff (as appreciated as that is too).

    Perhaps you could do more light shows more often, as well as the heavier stuff. I think it’s also that I just like to hear these guys’ views on what’s going on in the world. It’s a relief to hear from people who think like you, as well as being fun, quality guys (most of the time 🙂 )

    Much appreciated guys.

    PS. Chuck, does your side of the family ever listen to this podcast? Do they come down on you for it? Does your wife listen? Do you ever feel pressured not to be as explicit because you know they’ll be listening? I love it but I don’t think I could handle the pressure from them. Argh.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NicfLmpYuy8 – fuck me in the ass because I love Jesus. Love this song. I was thinking of the same thing when Matt mentioned it.

  6. After spending Saturday on a wine tour (I don’t mean pursuing right wing web sites) , if nothing else Irreliosophy is a cure for hangovers.

  7. I was born id SLC and have moved to Seattle in the last few years.

    This interview with Kerry is the first thing that makes me homesick in a long time. I loved the RfH show and X96 is still the best radio station.

    I’ve found it was a huge disappointment that when I moved to the city of grunge I had my choice of The End and The End………

    I still stream you guys when I get a chance..

    I’ve always had my suspicions that Kerry was one of us, thanks for outing him Chuck and Matt

  8. I also dislike children and have no desire to ever have one. I think my religious family think it’s part of the evil atheist agenda. I’ll never understand why that upsets people so much.

  9. Why would you dislike children? You used to be one yourself unless you were squeezed out fully grown. I can understand not wanting children but disliking them seems a bit extreme.

  10. The obvious reasons and how is it extreme? Why do I have to like the way your kids run around hitting each other and crying and breaking shit?

  11. PS. Thank you Anders for answering my prev post on “happy” mormons.

    I think part of it is “ignorance is bliss”, but I think it’s important to remember that people go to religion to learn how to live better.

    Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence, or mindfulness (used by doctors to help people with depression/anxiety etc), both evolved under the banner of “religion”.

    This does not mean god exists, nor that it’s okay to believe in a god if there are positive consequences, but i think religion is a place to go to cherry pick learning better ways of being human (simply because that’s where people have gone to explore this in the past). If something’s working, it’s because it’s human, nothing else. I only mention it because I don’t think some skeptics realise this.

    I can easily imagine how eating healthy food and having an active lifestyle would change my life (Word of Wisdom – but really, healthy living has nothing to do with a “god”). I’ll take that from mormonism, and leave the rest I think.

  12. Greenmjolnir says:

    I can see why one would have a dislike of children even if one was one. I know if I could meet myself at 7 I would beat him with a tire iron. I was a little prick.

  13. Interview

  14. Herb (Apostle 2.0) says:

    I love children deep fried and on a stick. Yum!

    I enjoyed the deconversion portion of the episode. Most of the rest was too regional and far off topic.

  15. I found this to be a great episode. Normally all the local references would distracting, but Kerry really tells a compelling story. Oh Chuck and the other guy were interesting as well. Thanks guys. I am looking forward to your next podcast and will be checking out the Geekshow as well.

    Glory Hole… Wait that is that other podcast… Nevermind.

  16. Needs more skunkdicks.

  17. Is “skunkdick” a mass noun or a count noun?

  18. I’m way down south so I’ve never heard of Kerry Jackson, but I enjoyed this episode regardless. He seems like a pretty cool guy.

    You should have had a skunk dick segment and had him vote for one.

  19. “run around hitting each other and crying and breaking shit” Sounds like most of adults i deal with at work. So you just dislike humans then. lol