2.15 Logical Fallacies

Is there any other type?

This brand new episode — come on, everyone’s downloading it — is all about how not to argue. And that’s not all! To make sure you’ve been paying attention, we’ve included a quiz made up of all kinds of Christians (mostly Kent Hovind) making all kinds of screwy arguments. Can you spot the fallacy?

Also: Doctors Remove Fork from Australian Man’s Penis

43 Responses to “2.15 Logical Fallacies”

  1. Where is the link to penis fork pictures? I was told there would be links to penis fork pictures. 1 star.

  2. Mein gott that was a fast complaint.

  3. just so happened i was re-entering my podcast subscriptions into my phone after a reset, i prob entered and updated yours right as you posted it. And, when one is at work attempting to avoid any actual work, the promise of penis/fork x-rays fit the bill almost perfectly.

    Thanks for the update, and thanks for the great podcast. 5 stars.

  4. Citizen Wolf says:

    Poor review. 1 star.

  5. Citizen Wolf says:

    BTW, are there only 2.15 logical fallacies in this episode?

  6. The final 1/8th of a fallacy was committed by Kirk Hastings. I couldn’t bring myself to go any higher.

  7. @Citizen Wolf
    review unclear about which review you are reviewing.
    2.15 stars.

  8. I´ll just take your word for the validity of that fraction. 5 stars.

  9. That X-ray is quite disturbing. Say ouch. Sounding gone real bad.

  10. Citizen Wolf says:

    Fair point.
    Your review of my review: square root of -1 stars

  11. On the topic of foreign bodies in the penis – Moggie lives here. Pretty sure half the things on that list are from people telling her to make them a sammich.

  12. Citizen Wolf says:

    Oooo, the fallacy of reification. Now I have a name for it. Nice one.

    **even in this universe where no humans exist, if god existed he would still be able to count nine planets**

    No he wouldn’t. Pluto isn’t a planet. Eat that Kirk Hastings!

  13. Glue?!

  14. @ Citizen Wolf: No kidding. The god voice in my head is Hillbilly god from Cognitive Dissonance. “One.. Two.. Three, uh…. four… five… uh.. some other ones….”

    Either Pluto is a planet or god doesn’t exist. Pluto is not a planet, therefore no god.

  15. good podcast. Your impression of Kirk had me laughing for hours. LOL

  16. Nailing down the fallacy of reification, I encounter


  17. Good, pretty good, could have been better, should have been better, not good enough, pretty bad, bad.

  18. Important question from my facebook friends – was the glue in a container? Maybe he needed some glue and didn’t have any pockets.

  19. Does anyone know how to make agent nounts in proto-Germanic?

  20. Lucy Harris says:

    was expecting kerry part 2.

    -666 stars

  21. I have a family doctor. His name is Jesus. He’s my go-to guy when I get a fork stuck in my penis.

    Very informative show. Don’t make a habit of it. 1/Avogadro’s stars.

  22. Sadly I’ve learned the answer to “Why glue?” from my radiology tech friend. Many glues (in particular the so called “superglue” types) are exothermic. And they expand slightly. And people are fucking weird.

    Matt is slightly less insufferable than usual in this episode, +0.008 stars to the over all rating of -7.408 stars.

  23. Fallacies phalluseeeeeees!! Matt appears to be king of penis. Chuck’s OK, he sticks to the relevant facts. This episode is worth a listen or two or three.

  24. You know, I took a Logic class in 2007 and it was kind of the final straw in my Christian faith (those damn college classes making us all heathens).

    My first year of college, I went to a Christian university (on purpose, no less!), and it was at a school in California that requires a Bible minor–so I was taking all these Bible classes and unfortunately reading MORE about religion was making me believe it LESS. You covered Mere Christianity earlier on the podcast. That’s one of the books I had to read, and I was just stumped at Lewis’ argument, which in one chapter was basically “if you find yourself not believing in God, just keep going through the motions, and you will find God.” And I was like wait a second, are you saying “If you want to be brainwashed, you have to keep brainwashing yourself?”

    Anyway, so I end up at this community college the next year trying to get enough credits to transfer to a school that won’t return our world history books because it implies the world is more than 6000 years old (this really happened), and I sign up for a Logic class to meet California’s critical thinking requirement. I also sign up for Intro to Philosophy at the same time. Bad idea, I guess. We get tot his point in Intro to Philosophy where we’re going to spend a week on Intelligent Design, and I was like cool–I knew this was the main contemporary argument of the Christian movement, and I was like awesome, maybe I’ll get some revelation that Mr. CS Lewis wasn’t able to resonate with me. Yeah, no.

    Because unfortunately, I had already been studying fallacies, and I noticed a ton in the ID movement. First, the appeal to ignorance: WELL, we don’t know how this watch got here, therefore God. Second, the whole watchmaker argument is an analogy, which is an argument from inference which are inherently weak. In fact, if you are in an intro logic class, you rejoice when you spot an analogy because it’s the easiest of the weak arguments to point out! It’s an argument from unqualified authority because I mean William Paley is a swell guy and everything, but he’s a philosopher, not a physicist or a biologist.

    I already was on my way to disbelief, but after realizing that I, a college sophomore, could debunk the leading argument after 8 weeks in a freshman-level logic class, I just felt completely disenchanted with the whole idea of religion. It seemed to me if you read anything at all, including your own Bible, religion had so many holes, and people were clearly just not reading. I’d like to say I’m less arrogant now, but I’m not really. Sorry about that.

  25. Discord.agent says:

    Did anyone else laugh when Hovind considers aborting petulant children up to 18 years of age a terrible/evil thing? I mean has the guy ever read the bible? Didn’t his loving god command mankind to execute children that didn’t honor their parents? Or did I not understand the subtlety of Hovindology, and Kent was telling us in his own special code that the bible is bullshit/evil?

  26. What is it about Hovind’s voice when he’s preaching that enrages me?
    I can listen to other preachers and feel nothing, but Hovind just pisses me off. Is it the err of arrogance? William Lane Craig has the same effect on me for some reason.

    I took an intro to logic class a couple of semesters ago. This episode was a nice refresher. I often know when someone says something stupid, but then find myself at a loss for words as to why.

  27. Upon review, I discovered that I used the word “err” in the wrong context.

    Upon reflection, the sum off all the fucks that I give is precisely zero.

  28. Why would you add fucks?

  29. I think it should be Hovind’s “err of errogance.”

  30. I submit the “err of errgnorance.”

  31. Excellent podcast! I propose the name be changed to Matt’s Irreligiosophy with special guest Chuck. Matt has become the master of the penis joke and has even ventured into cunilingus jokes… He’s owning this podcast!

    BTW, you guys are from Utah… Is this normal over there?


  32. Susan, my deconversion story is pretty similar: I always had doubts, but studying philosophy blew gaping holes in any apologetics I tried clinging on to, and then the constant calls for evidence during medical school removed any tiny bits of lingering faith that might have remained.

    Horatio: that is frighteningly common here in Utah. I’m still waiting for our prophet, seer, and revelator to address it in General Conference.

  33. That article is awesome! LOL I feel as though Matt has been telepathically raping me since he has joined the podcast… CHUCK SHOOT HIM!

  34. Herb (Apostle 2.0) says:

    When Matt blurts out comments such as, “that’s so stupid!” I wet my pants. I wet my pants and I like it.

    Oh. I thought this episode going to be about naturally flat-chested women who augment their….err…bra size… You know: logical falsies.

    Wait? I was supposed to make a penis joke, right?

  35. Hypo-Calvinist says:

    just had this jpg come up as my wallpaper and thought other listeners might find it amusing (and apropos)

    if the link doesn’t work, just google
    “APA Philosophy referee hand signals”


  36. Herb (Apostle 2.0) says:

    Apparently, posting podcast on anything resembling a regular schedule is a logical fallacy.

  37. I don’t know, haven’t we always taken the month of October off?

  38. Herb (Apostle 2.0) says:

    No! I want a horror-themed podcast—perhaps a take down of The Conjuring. Those ass-munches, Ed and Lorraine Warren are portrayed as being salt-of-the-earth, caring, honest folk who only investigate “real” paranormal activity…and that fucking pisses me off.

    P.S. Chuck, I hope you’ve turned the corner on the horrors of the past and can enjoy the Halloween season once again.

  39. I’m taking my kids to a haunted house next week for the first time in 2 years. It’s all good.

    A takedown of “The Conjuring” sounds really, really good.

  40. My favourite moment of the e4f debate is where they are trying to come up with other things to go into the category along with god to avoid special pleading, and Kirk tries to offer something that the first item in the category is thinking of. The mind numbing absurdity of Kirks comment is simply hilarious!
    If that isn’t evidence for faith, I don’t know what is. Hats off to you Mr Hastings.

  41. Wow Horatio. Now I know what Todd Akin was talking about when he said, “if it’s a legitimate rape.”

  42. I’d like to add, I’m telepathically pounding Chucks ass right now.

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